Monday, November 15, 2010


我知道很多人, 尤其是年青人, 都爱听西洋歌曲. 其实我也相当爱英文歌曲, 不过总觉得它们仍然欠缺华文歌的那一种深度.

那天在唐人街拾起了黄宏墨的借唐朝再燃烧, 心中对那间老店有展示本地品牌有种莫名的雀跃. 朋友在一旁却频浇冷水,

"这在搜X音乐盒就可下载到了, 干嘛要买?"

一面说, 一面以一种尤其我是资深网民为什么还需要买这一类东西的眼光看着我. 我只是一直挂着笑容, 不置可否. 朋友大概看到我脸上傻傻, 眉间似有似无的深意, 也没多说了.

执着, 许多时候是能令人快乐的.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Picking up disgrace, live with it

I shared this on my Facebook, and I am going to own the DVD. But I don't think I am able to accept this in my life time. There can be no reconciliation between us.

How about you?

Friday, October 29, 2010


给大家介绍一首歌, 由方文山词, 洪荣宏, 周杰伦主唱. 它的旋律并不是特别动听, 歌手的声音也只是稍好, 歌词简明, 易懂. 凑在一起其实是一首普通的歌.
不过, 歌里有一份情感. 它不是在颂扬父爱的伟大, 而是把赤子思念父亲的情怀, 以单纯且温柔的方式表达出来. 词优歌美, 听起来扣人心弦.

歌中优有丝丝安慰父亲的言语, 如家书, 如祈祷, 如潜藏每个人内心深处想向爸爸说的话. 哀而不伤, 是一首好久才能听到的好歌. 不妨多听.

“阿爸” 方文山词, 周杰伦曲.

我们在长大, 守著家,

守著那温馨的, 烛光下, 沉默安静的对话.

回头看, 阿爸是山.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


几天前在工作时忽然接到家里打来的电话. 听筒的另一端传来小女孩的声音, 我听出是小女儿的声, 以英文逗着她,

"喂, 小妹妹, 有什么我可以帮到妳的吗?"


"是我, 妳还好吗? 在家有没有乖啊?"


接下来的几十秒她没说什么. 我耐心的等着. 大约一分钟后, 我正待出声....

"拜拜!" 她说完电话就挂了.

后来经妻口中知道原来小女儿想起我, 想听我的声音, 就打了这通电话. 当天, 我有一股想请半天假的冲动.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web Blog delicate to lame Chinese character tattoo

A friend pointed me to this blog.

I laugh along but am otherwise, speechless.

Because I vowed not to laugh at other's ability of language.

In case you ask, 菜 also means lame. In geek term we call nub.

Thanks, Joseph, if you come across this.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What is Diu-Na-Ma?

雕娜马 is a recently emerge holy beast of Internet, invented by Chinese, mostly Hong Kong(Golden) forumer. But it is in fact, a polite way of how Cantonese greet other's mother.

It can't be kept as pet, nor can it be tame.

Try to print it out as a post-card and send it to someone you admired. When they ask what is it you simply say the word diu-na-ma fast.

No offense.

Monday, October 04, 2010


假如有一个人不问收获, 全心全意的爱你, 信任你, 你该害怕吗?

应该的, 因为伤害他人的心比伤害自己更可怕. 伤在他人身上的, 看不到, 也感觉不到, 很容易就被人所忽略. 有些心头上的伤, 是一辈子也不会愈合的.

我看到许多人对陌生人客客气气, 对亲信却随随便便, 有点要不得. 比如说, 弟弟是一位有水准的水喉工程师, 却常常要他来免费修水喉. 好兄弟不是更应该关照关照?

再说好友吧, 你有没有些好友一有'好'东西时, 都会想介绍给你, 希望你也能拥有同样的'幸福'呢? 不过不幸的事, 这东西恰好别处没的卖, 只有他的独一无二. 也是最好的. 巧不巧?

以此为例, 我时时警惕自己, 无论产品多好, 我也不会美言几句. 我也常常扪心自问, 倒底我抱着什么样的心情介绍着东西, 只要是我从中有获利的, 我一概不言. 我是斌着这种心走过来的.

写到这里吧. 照了, 照了.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

由新加坡人写的, 给予新加坡人的诗

你如果到网上搜刮, 还挺难找到新加坡人所写的诗词. 小弟微才, 不自量在这儿现丑几首歪诗.































一个有精神病的人, 通常自己蒙然不知, 以为除了自己外, 所有人都是疯子。

人类有许多毛病, 也类似神经病, 当事人一无所觉。

傲慢, 是一种由金钱或地位所感染的病, 染病者一般认为自已比任何人都重要。偶而关心别人, 马上就会恢复那不可一世的态度, 非常难医。

当然, 没财富名誉的人也会由他人身上感染这种病。病情虽然较轻, 但却更难医治。骄傲的病患者年龄通常界于二十五到三十五岁之间, 四十过后若不根治, 则终身无望。

Friday, September 24, 2010

I love this song, but I have no time

I am sharing this song with you, thought you'll like it. But I think you got no time. Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yes, this is what evolution is

Evolution: When you lay egg, you are a lower sentient. Higher being give birth to young live. As well as walked on 2 legs.

Article, Reptile evolves, now more than 20% of them give birth to live young.

Maybe God is trying to create another being to replace Human. We are hopeless.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Excellent Manadagrams for Understanding Chinese Words

I stumble upon this site today and think that many Papa Mama in Singapore would love this.

Although I am not Singapore's 10-thousand-hit-per-blogger, I very much would like to recommend it to those parent who want to teach their child Chinese in an creative manner, or struggle to find way to teach Chinese.

On the left is the example, here is the link. I did some googleing and found a Chinese site too, here.

Please help to spread this around if you love Chinese as much as I do.

I wish they can come out more of these aid, they are good.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Human ancestor is worm, not monkey

According to this report, a major part of a marine ragworm's brain is similar to a minor part of human brain, scientist believes that this might be be the initial part of human brain evolution.

I always say, PC game developer are a bunch of enigmatic visionary, but no one listens. See, they made the discovery earlier than the scientist.

Now you know how your ancestor look like.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Evolution made giraffe neck long, and only giraffe

I think, evolution must be pretty clever and selective to make giraffe neck long, because since only giraffe needs a long neck to eat from tall tree.

And elephant has long nose, and monkey can climb tree.

Alot of work, don't you think so?

I would have give all animal a long neck, that would be simpler. I hate to think.

Credit to this comic's artist, I forgot where it comes from. I blame evolution.


最近频频在地铁里面闻到一股怪味道, 类似从身体里面放出来的那一种, 又有如死鱼腐肉的味道. 那臭味冲鼻而来, 车里的乘客纷纷掩鼻, 面面相觑.

起初还以为不知何方的高人在练气功, 吐呐之间, 把身体里的废气都释放了出来, 我们只不过是受到他内功的波及, 非战之过也, 非战之过!

后来怪味如春雨后的竹笋般, 到处可闻, 有时在马西岭, 有时在坡底. 我料就想, 哪来的这么多高人, 四处放气, 逼着我们也练得面红耳赤. 我这时猜想可能是附近的废料处理厂.

但就在今天, 我在莱佛士站时, 车门打开的那刹那, 一阵臭味由下而上, 迎面而来, 我这时发现它来自地底沟渠. 但我还是不能肯定, 哪里的沟渠.

真的是沟渠的话, 哪关谁的事? 我左右望望, 新加坡可能太累了. 这些人怎么能每天对着臭人, 臭事而无动于衷呢?

哎, 明天再看看, 如果还有臭味再打算吧.

不过, 你今天读我的主题已知道我要说的是屁话了吧. 说说就算了, 明天再看吧.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Eternal Cheeseburger

This video is not for the faint of heart, and those who visit fast food regularly.

A cheeseburger from McDonald, New York left untouched for 137 days, still fresh. Dunk in hydrochloric acid, no problem. I am not sure, did they try electrocuting it? Maybe it's only weakness is Kryptonite.

This is The food they should pack for a nuclear fallout.

Stock it now! in case the price of gold drops, or you can sell them back to McDonald when they run out of burger.

Will MaxiCash accept this huh?

Source: McDonald’s Hamburgers: Almost Entirely Indestructible

Thanks, jymster.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The kid knows more Internet lingo than me

Since when you give a kid a PC, web connectivity, and they master the language of the web faster than you can anticipate.

I got him this t-shirt, I Gun N00b, for his birthday because he constantly beat me at any game which requires flexibility.

His PSLE is around the corner, so he is refrain from playing game and focus on his study.

We love you Raynor, and happy Birthday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agora, Clash of Religion

I know not many have watched this movie, I also know little will consider owning the DVD. But I want to recommend to friends who believe, or don’t believe. Or think that science and logic is everything that this universe is, there is no God.

At roughly 301AD, King Tiridates III proclaims Christianity the state Religion after he was cure by Gregory.

100 years later, Christianity flourishes throughout the west, Jewish is scattered. Background story in Roman Egypt, where the Great Lighthouse was built, and evolves mainly around Hypatia, the famous Philosopher who was stoned to death, and torn apart. She is a martyr of Science, called a witch.

This is a serious film, you can see in many parts how beliefs was debated, like it is today, many scene how Religious leader cleverly use their knowledge of the Scripture to mislead crowd, and how Science and Religion misunderstood each other. Later in history many scientist was burned, staked, or crucified as heretic, many golden centuries of Religion was marked in this way.

I watched, like this film and then later found out that it won awards, but has difficulty winning crowd.

I watched again with subtitles, part of me was moved, part sadden. It is still what we see today, although not obvious.

But then again, I also enjoyed it very much. We should have more movie like this.

Go get the DVD, or come get from me. If I host a movie event, this is what I will show. 5 star.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunbath day - breathless in your presence

I was breathless in the water after my few day struggle against this.

I am so glad the sun is shinning brightly above me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A short board game session with my kids

Father love is, playing military strategy board game with your boys, and on the way teach them humility, and that battle can most of the time, be won through peace.

Hahaha! I now got two boys that enjoy playing game with their not-so-old old man. Another item taken out off my bucket list.

Fancy a game? You have to be my son. Hehe.

Friday, August 06, 2010


国庆日在不知不觉中逼近了. 近日来茶饭不思, 寢食不安, 有几次直觉得生命力几乎流尽, 一种非常宝贵的经验. 哦, 不过别误会, 我不适跟担心国家大事无关, 我好像还没有这种担子在肩上.

我是得了支气管炎, 现在还在受苦, 不知过不过得了国庆日....

开 玩笑得.

不过, 支气管炎也并不是好玩的. 第一晚睡觉时, 一呼一吸之间总会无法控制的猛干咳, 整晚犹如在坐水凳, 透了几口气, 又被按入水里, 不停的重复, 又重复. 全身不痛不痒, 就只呼吸管道抽搐了又放松, 放松又抽搐. 我一夜都在枕头里告诉自己这是一种精神锻炼.

小孩子在家里不要乱乱许要变坚强的愿望. 坚强的性格, 没有捷径, 也不是天生的.

第二天, 医生给了我一些特效药, 松了我的夜晚, 暗地里颇觉得有点失望.

这件事倒给了我一些領悟. 个人支气管炎事小, 几副药, 几天休息就没事了.

组 织, 团体, 国家支气管炎起来呢?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The new generation, the new textbook

I snap at my son's comic school textbook for fun.

Ok, it is not for fun. I actually resent my primary school teacher who did not inspire our English learning with such interesting pictorial story book.

See la, mum, I told you Green Lantern can encourage interest in learning English, art, humanity, etc. But you don't buy for me, now I not only poor in English, cannot find a better job, also some Singaporean look at me like I am a third class citizen.

Now is Chinese language turn already huh?

Monday, August 02, 2010

False Prophet

Below are philosophical views and thoughts, if you are the kind who may simultaneously combust out of too much thinking, you should stop here.

How fake can a human being be? I mean, how can you tell a fake human, unless you know a real one personally, there is no reference you can rely on.

An example, someone tries to be, or pretend to be one kind when he is in public view, but leads a very different private lifestyle. It is contradictory, isn’t it? But how do you know this is not what a human being is originally meant to be?

I once read an article that someone synthesized egg which consists the yolk, white and shell. It can be break, cook, fried, and taste exactly like an regular egg. Hell, it even has a cheaper cost than a real one. Chemically, it is no different from a real one, only it is not laid by an hen.

Further to this, does a exact copy of a real one constitutes a fake? And be given a lower value than the original?

Walk around Singapore China Town and you will see those fake bums they were selling, I always wonder how many woman bought it, and how many man likes it. It is ironic that we fake in every way in our daily life we can but we dislike fake stuff.

Thanks to Technology, particularly the Internet, you can fake anything but it will reveals it’s true form once it reaches the web. I bet, an evil man may even grow horn on his head if he stays long enough on Internet.

There is a kind of person who screws everything in life but only good in one things he do, he hates it’s every moment, it tortures himself daily and he struggles every moment living in it. But, he is good at it.

What should he do? Pretend to be the false prophet for the rest of his life?

I borrow this photo from Post Secret to put more impact into my article. Is this the time already? I hate to pretend.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to re-animate a dead frog's leg

The Kitchn has a intriguing video of dead frog's leg dancing with a little touch of salty magic... I could only say, very intriguing.

This must be a wonderful prank from whoever on top

Even we cannot proof why this can happen now, it doesn't mean it is impossible.

With the power of science, anything is possible. Right?

(Read) Nigerian Couple Stuns Genetic Experts, Give Birth To White Baby Girl

Maybe the hospital make a mistake, did you check or not?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is what I call the standard of Singapore private sector

You know, I don't read newspaper at all.

I just happen to sit beside him, think he is unlike many other Asian leaders I knew, is man enough to admit he is wrong, and comply to the real standard of a private organization.

He can stay on my site for good.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is this anti smoking or safe sex ads?

I know what is this! This is a international pride campaign to raise the withered population of humanity.

Smoking is worst than casual sex! I got the message.

The Lovely Bones, my review

I haven’t read the novel prior to writing this review, but my thought here, it couldn’t get better.

Fans of the movie Ghost may find it a familiar scene where Susie was murder, but I want to argue, it was brought to the audience through more suspend, and remorse, after the director left details of the murder to your imagination. You will find that Susie’s spiritual world contains many symbolic messages.

Saoirse Ronan is beautiful, more beautiful than I would have thought before I came to know about the movie, and it is also because of this the tragical atmosphere in the movie is even more tense. Saoirse acting was young, but her every act in the movie was natural, maybe she was being herself. However, I sense that she cannot grasp the hatred of Susie the character, but who can. She already did a good job.

In most part of the movie, it is like a lucid dream of Susie, but she cannot wake, nor intervene. Scene switches between Susie spiritual world and her family’s life without her, connecting each cause and effect, or karma, I suspect the author is trying telling us, in a seamless way. Finally, he who loves someone the most can feel their presence.

But the best part of the show, or the part I like the most, is when the safe box is rolling it’s way to the bottomless crack of the earth, the finally moment that Susie will be free. I can assure many thoughts and mix feeling will come to you at this moment if you are paying attention to this movie.

Will the killer be caught? How was Susie finally free? All so well plot, great movie, excellent story. 4 stars.

No spoiler, I can tell you the killer gets what he deserves, but revenge and hate is not what it’s telling.

(Did Alice Sebold ever visited the other world? I like to think so. There are lots of symbolic stuffs in the movie which I kind of hope they will be better describe in the novel. But this part is not the review of The Lovely Bones.)

Be a Jedi with Star Wars force trainer, it's real!

Check out this Star Wars Force trainer from ThinkGeek, it really works, how?

It's quite simple. depending on the amount of Midichlorians you have in your cells, each of you possess differing abilities to control your brainwaves. Using dry sensor technology, the Force Trainer can determine the differences between the alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain.....

ThinkGeek - Link

Thursday, July 08, 2010


我年轻的时候对耳机一族有不浅的反感,嗯,就是那些整 天以音乐,不,噪音轰炸自己耳朵的时尚一族,常觉得他们是一群不知音乐为何物,好高骛远的年轻人。

没想到,今天的我也跟着戴上耳机,嘴边轻轻哼 着,哼着,旁若无人。

觉得自己好想越活越小,有时更觉得自己有点可 笑。

小时候也没有电脑,电视之类的游戏,最好玩的, 莫过于爬树捣鸟巢,嬉水抓青蛙,还有毛着生命危险在河上的木桩来回跳跃。


现在,哦,我不允许我家的小朋友这样的玩法咯。 我有时候也在问自己,是对自己的小孩没信心,还是对现在的社会没信心?

以前住在没房没厅的组屋区,楼上楼下,左邻右舍,都夜不闭户,大家虽住在不同单位, 但好像是住在同一家里。不分彼此,有邻皆善。现在,我们在网际网络上萍水相逢,不是朋友,而是假想敌,你虽没开罪我,我也不会主动交你这个朋友的。我有一 句英文的说法,You are skunk of the Internet, we are presume enemy until we are friend. 那是种奇异有矛盾的现象。

有时我要说,人类的科技一直在进步,人类的沟通与交流也在以一种前所未见,没有隔阂的方式在进行 着,人与人之间的感情关系,却好像还停留在古早蛮荒洪流的时侯。


Monday, May 24, 2010









Monday, May 03, 2010



我可以肯定,小孩子的伤心才是最 真的。他们没有无名的悲痛,说不清的难过,以及遥远的忧虑。我非常的羡慕他们。他们永远是我快乐的启蒙老师。

当我的老二兴高采烈的在豪雨 后行成的水塘里嘻戏,我舍不得告诉他水已比十年前更脏了。我也狠不下心跟他说,在我的年代,雨停了,池塘的水也满了,蜻蜓成群的飞来产卵。满池都是蝌蚪, 每天抓也抓不完。现在要看青蛙,只能到动物园。


赤子的伤心,其实就是他们的 爱。他们只为爱而伤心,为爱而奋怒,为爱而每天努力的活着。

我的小女儿,有一次曾经以她所有的红包钱来交换我的一次拥抱。那时她才四岁。 让我又感动,又惭愧了老半天。


那是我们 的希望,即使天地都逝去。

(I want to take this post and welcome my new found friend, who you may notice I link her at my blog. Please enjoy your stay here. I can't express well in English. Pardon me.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to snipe your neighbor

DIY Sniper GunActually I am researching how to DIY an auto sniping rifle that can fire 3 rounds in a second when needed, but I guess as long as my 6 year old son think it's cool it would suffice. I am already laughing thinking about how the cat next door would react after it was shot at. No, thats not me talking, it is my inner child craving for attention.

Anyway, here you are, DIY sniper gun

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am suppose to write a Chinese review. But I got so many Korea culture shock from this movie that I decided to write a bit in English. You know, I never really watch a Korean movie, but the title and the casts, and reviews from the web push me to watch. I was also mistaken in many occasion as one who dislike Korea. I do not. I admit I was so much intrigue by Japanese culture, but after this movie, I can say Korea can be as fascinating as you want it to be.

There is this thing about their language, if you are Chinese who speaks good Mandarin, I swear you can understand Korean by just listening it for many times. It's a strange feeling.

Here is my Chinese review.

妈妈,韩国电影 (Madeo)。如果你想在这部戏里找感动,不要迟疑了!我重头到尾只稍微感动了五分钟。希望你能找到更多。

不过,这是一部好电影吗?当 然,我只是觉得它轰轰雷声响,却下毛毛雨。不够过隐,也不足回味。要是重看,我绝不重看。

戏里倒有几个纳罕之处,比如说,原来韩国的车辆没 有警报。有一幕晉久,演正泰的那位,飞腿把一辆豪华型轿车的望后镜给踢断了,那辆车哼都不哼一声。也就是说,没有防盗警铃。想来是偏僻乡村,运输困难,所 以全部的车都懒得装。另外,我个人觉的花文字幕,翻译会比英文来准确,我当然不懂韩文,这只是单纯个人的感觉。你看过了就会明白。

从开始 到戏结尾,妈妈故事桥段都篇排的不错,没有冷场,剧情一步一步的解开金惠子如何解救的儿子。整场戏的重头,其实就是金惠子。元斌演的弱智儿子也瞒好的,就 是不哭不笑也不怒。这角色难演。

我蛮喜欢戏的开场,它说明了这部戏是带点轻松幽默的,而戏也办到了。你有是会让戏里一些搞笑的韩国文化惹 得微笑,如果你哈韩的话,更能体会。


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother, the Korean Movie

Mother The Korean MovieI am watching this tonight. Saw it on the shelf of Laser Flair, did some work on the web, decided to purchase. I kinda wish the cinematography is as good as the told story. You should watch with me. I will be writing a review, in Chinese off course, later. See ya!

Oh, almost forget to mention, it is rated M18 in Singapore. You know lah, Singapore MDA rating.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Piracy is not theft, poster of Havard.

Civil Dsobedience downloadThey said it all, nuff said.

An accurate anatomy guide of all human races for artist

Not all, but almost. This is by far the mot detail illustration of human body for artist I came across. Click to enlarge, click to the actual page. Via Stumbleupon.

Monday, April 05, 2010


只要你的身体留有点滴华人的血,就应该认识孔子。不认识他的学说,也应该认识他本人。不然你可能需要去验一下血,看一看它到底是什么颜色。说不定它和蜻蛙 一样,是蓝色的。

认识的孔子应该知道,他有个英(文)名叫Johnny。不过仲尼一点西洋水也没喝过,就有如戏里扮演他的周润发一样。正 所谓英雄不问出身。

除了英文名外,有句非常的话,也是出自孔子之口,那就是“以女子和小人为难养也“。这句话轻视了女人几千年,却成为了 让人们更认识孔子的话。


非常欣 赏制作人没有采用电脑特技来美化这部戏,戏里的山水,美不可言。比起欧洲的华丽山水,戏里中国的山水多了一种肃穆,沧桑的感觉。这应该居功于选择场景的 人。单看戏里的山水,就值回票价了。

这部戏有个体贴的地方,凡第一次出场的历史人物,都会有一段小字幕,介绍该人物。让观众不必废心思去 猜度,可以专心观赏电影。不过我本人还是认为,即使有字幕介绍,在新加坡还是会有多数人看了也不知道。非常的可惜。

周迅可算是生错了时 代,在这“唯女子与小人为难养也“的春秋战国时期。她前前后后出场不到十五分钟,充分的显出了当时的封建制度。女人,只不过是花瓶。不过,因为她出场时间 的长短是所有女角色之冠,女主角之誉,当之无愧。呵呵。不过老实说,我也是看完戏后,才了解春秋战国时期原来是这么开放的。戏中南子不但企图色诱孔子,整 场戏露颈露肩,大腿手臂也毫不客气的露出来,害我差点以为这是部黄晶的戏。

整体来说,这部戏制作严谨,演员认真,故事有序,场内外景的选 择都到家,唯独写实面不足。这是一部好电影,值四颗星。

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spiritual food increases throughout ages

The Last SupperReligion & Ethics News Weekly has this very interesting piece which says food served to Jesus and disciples increase over time. Duh! What do you know, Jesus is real after all.

" Two scholars compared artistic depictions of the Last Supper and found that the portions served to Jesus and the apostles became larger and larger over time."

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What happen when we get older

Everyone gets younger once in a while. For me, I have to stay young most of the time. Literally. I mean, I try to be serious and all, and behave like an adult. But man, how can I?

Despite of all those unforgiving white hairs that start to crawl on my temple, my companions refuse to let me grow old.

We scribble on empty paper together, pretending to draw a better world, while trying to guess what the others try to express. We laugh at that ugly monster, we love it, and then we frame it up. It becomes the painting of the house, for that week.

There is no time for tiring affairs, as if we fear that the whole world would be gone in split seconds. Why would we waste time on other love when you know you already own it all.

They always are news of the day, there for you to immerse yourself into a kind of love that you wouldn't want to call it quit. And you know, no others can come between.

How to know such love exist, and last forever? When you wouldn't want another, and you wouldn't want to exchange it even for heaven.

It becomes so sad when you come to think about there is still so much to give, and wanted to give again. Every year we were refresh, knowing that there is another year to give. We ask to let us give, we want to.

You have only one family in a life time. Like life, there is no turning back. Make it count and worthwhile. We pray for your well being. Godspeed, for hope, for you all.

Monday, March 08, 2010




英文名“Bodyguards And Assassins"却马马虎虎。让人觉得不爽,好像是找不到好名,随便便阿猫阿狗的凑上了。敢情是觉得这部戏,反正洋人也看不懂。也不用多废唇舌,对牛谈琴。






Tuesday, March 02, 2010










我 也发现一点,西方国家的人们,记性可好。他们常爱拿历史出来做比较。某某事好像又再重蹈覆辙,必须警戒,某某人好像在做某某历史人物做过的事,就批判他一 下。等等,等等的。新加坡人,今天新闻的头条,明天就忘了。水电费稍涨价,公共交通费无理调整,甚至于什么灾难,下个月拿薪金时,大选来时,通通忘得一干 二净。不在乎,不愿记,实在有点阿Q~!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

An anti teenage pregnancy video banned in Hong Kong

I have to be the last Chinese to know about this video. Very cim video, allow me to translate. The decease is the unborn, which is represented by a very, trust me on this, very clear ultra sound photo. Teens in school uniform come to pay their respect to it, *ahem* Not It. Grandparent in grave look, everyone looks grave in fact.

The best part, a nurse as a 'Baek Kim' collector, make sense, without teenage pregnancy most of them will be out of job!

All of Chinese taboo in one video, this will be ban in Singapore too. Watch it here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010













How to be a Free Thinker

Free Thinker, is someone who thought is free from all outside interference, that include Religion, Culture, Philosophy etc. In other word, Self-Centered thinking. As if the World is not already fill with enough selfish people, above is a Youtube video as a short guide for you to become a complete porcupine. And probably attain enlightenment. Great!

How to be completely Self Centered - WikiHow

You don't have click the above link. Think for yourself.

Thursday, January 28, 2010



古哲学家所形容的“我思故我在”(I Think Therefore I am)也不过如此。









Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Singaporean's geek

I am by definition not a geek. The pre-acquisition of a Singaporean geek is you must at least own a iPhone 3Gs. I carry a traditional Nokia.

Even the cleaner who work at our HDB block owns one. It doesn't matter if you know only 2 buttons, and only listen to mp3 on your phone. Owning a Apple iPhone product is a stylish thing to do this day.

Actually Singaporean geekdom kinda piss me off. Few days ago my friend show off his new Nexus One to us. After playing with the naughty little track ball I scrutinize this still in beta beautiful handset, Only to realize that my fingers still linger with that sensation.

I swear to kill the geek in me that night. I cannot find him at home.

I fire up my Firefox this morning to find it flooded by the word 'iPad'. I am sure my face blushes by that Sexy-naughty name. Unaware that it was not a lady's product, I scramble to close my browser. Later, I was told that it is Apple new tablet PC which seem to be the only kind of worthy news my tech friend is reading then.

Question remains, the day that it is launch in Singapore.

I can imagine everyone showing off their iPad on public transport, in shopping mall and everywhere.

The news headline reads, "Do you have your own iPad?"

The sound of people tabbing their iPad while doing business in the toilet....

I think I will avoid Facebook for a while, else I see photo of iPad on every single click.

That will be a horror..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sex. is the number one act that can save humanity

When I first hear the news, I thought I heard wrongly. Singapore Ministry of Health early secure their worker early to encourage them to have sex, ahm.. to make more baby for the country. The first thought that comes to my mind was, man! why Ministry of Health? It should be HDB, even Singapore Town Council.

Let me explain a bit...

You see, Singaporean are strategically placed, sorry, most of us live in a high rise flat built by our government. Or many of us know it as Housing Development Board(HDB) flat. They don't turn off the light. Never. Not at Earth most desperate hour. Nay.

They also installed CCTV at every lift of HDB. I personally believe my country has the most CCTV per square feet in the World.

I talk too much off topic. Nevermind.

After some desperate Google I finally come to my senses, disappointingly inform wife that it was actually a far off eastern peninsula that have this incentive. We can only hope, and maybe learn to master a foreign tongue to enjoy it. Alas! We cannot.
BabyWe are not catching up but our age are. I mean we have 3 children, but our circle of friends, have an average of 4 per family. Joke aside, in fact I thought our gahmen was kidding when they first announce to give away baby bonuses to encourage sexual.. making baby. We just couldn't see the issue, and we still don't.

Why oh why Singaporean refuses to make baby. Or even get married.

I remember a famous man, I can't remember who, told me that humanity would perish in a 100 years if everyone refuses to make baby.

I like to close this article here and turn off our light early. We would like to have another baby.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



有一次我一面吹着口哨,一面在抄写一篇文章。妻略带玩笑的望着我:“今天心情不错嘛!” 我停下笔来,正色的看着她:“只有心情好才能吹口哨吗?难到我不能吹悲伤的乐曲吗?你没听过夜行人的口哨吗?” 我不懂乐器,所以以口哨代替,舒发一下情怀。