Friday, January 13, 2006

Confused life

Reading many books in your life usually doesn't means you are more enlighten.
What it's generally means was you have too much junk in your head and hense for you need to blog, like me.

Although there are books and movies that are worth life time going over and over again, but most of them out there are junks, usually end up in nothing-less, just some electronic pulses accumulated in your brain, will deminish after life itself.

Just like what my accountant associate would said, any ideas that cannot make a penny are all stupid ideas.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Human experiment for medicine

Whoever you are from the faraway land, Thanks! If you really concern about humanity and history(of Chinese)please come back again, or come back whenever you want, you are alaways welcome here.
lostin is a human object of experiment from the world wide pharmaceutical company.

Every once in a while, he is very much fond of testing out different drugs, recently, he is testing vitamin C plus the essence of chicken compo.

Hard to find really good and genuine supplement in Singapore.

Evybirdy fall in love with this great voice

Wife fall in love the second time
I fall in love, without my insomia.
Raynor memorize Chinese character better, William falls asleep faster.
Ruth just open her eyes wide, seem like listening........

No need taquila tonite, the air also feels nostalgic

In-hygiene long trip bus

Is the world prepare for world bird flu pandemic?
Today lostin took the long trip bus lasting 1 hour or so.
That some one who stand beside me, God bless him. He keep *A-chui* *A-chui* *cough* *cough* *snip* *snip* right beneath my ear, the confine space on the bus was just too dusty, I guess.

I endure all the way, so does those unfortunate enough to be on the same bus.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alternative - try the dog pile

Claim to be the combination of all search engine engine.
Dogpile, discover today.
How will this new search engine going to fair?

The main site seem Cute, fresh and friendly, go test it out.

Sick weather

The rain keep pouring this few days, like the never ending piss with mankind.

Some said that there is something wrong with the envoirnment. I am just worry about whether the D-mozzie will come and attack my family, although Town council have send their 'man' twice to check around our place, but the phobia was still there, everynight, in my heart.

My clothing also cannot dry in time.

Monday, January 09, 2006

There are more evil out there than this

PLEASE DO NOT hit "F5", when you see this.
I just found out that asking people to repeatedly hit F5 on his site is consider is a felony, it is more serious than hacking into others server and steal something, and it is definitely more evil than, say,

Setting up a chain of own property, rent it out and start to increase the rental every year by doing some pathetic-nohelp-renovation, hitting "F5" is surely a step closer to becoming a blood sucker than this.

So, don't hit "F5" hor!

Raynor and his bronze swimming awards

Just for the record.
He is going for his silver 3 months later, which is much more difficult.
At the way I am seeing him swim, I feel a bit cruel, but he say he is enjoying it, so we let him continue his presue, he is all tan an dark now, darkest in his class.