Thursday, June 28, 2007

Youtube: Super Blending Tech, true or hoax

BlendtecBlending machine from Blendtec can almost hyper chopped anything and mixes them together. Actually, the video looks pretty scary than impressive to me. (Video)

Flickr set of patches from fish empathy quilt

Fish HurtI eat fish everyday, and I love them all because they are Omega 3 rich. The only swimming thing I pity is whale. They are literally hunted down and every part of their body is made into something, something for human to enjoy life. (Link)

Also visit Fish Hurts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lord of Scientology banned in Germany

Tom CruiseThis time, Germany beats Singapore to it. (Link)


What The Fuck!I pass by this shop which sell video game the other day; I was doing window shopping when I spotted this. My heart says WTF as I step nearer for closer look.

Nowadays even game teaches us WTF already, great society we are living in.

It is actually not what you think, guess again.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to deter mosquito

CitronellaTonight rainning in the north. Singapore dengue cases goes down, but will it last? There is natural methodthough, citronella plants are natural mozzie repellent, get some and you can have a little peace of mind.

I am not promoting any product, mind you.

How to kill bear with a log

Bear are friend, not dart targetThis former marine teaches us a valuable lesson, be careful of what you throw at harmless animal, especially your brother. You may lose them forever. (Link)

Humanity note of the week

Read this article, WAH PIANG!

Which direction our World is taking?