Saturday, September 17, 2005


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Stone stone also must go inside water.

Friday, September 16, 2005

what secret do you not know?

Recently I really neglect spending quality time with Raynor, my sister-in-law received a secret post which he wrote:

I hate DI-Di!
I hate PA-Pa more!

Tell me something I don’t know.

Dawn of Hope? or not?

Whoever those that make this happen, good work!

And for those who think we are living in a dark age. The world that you know it would not end in any disaster or war; there is no End of Days.

Gaza is the first step of the Middle East Peace Initiative. Soon we can expect Thailand to quench the southern rebel. And the final and crucial piece of work would be the DMZ at the 38th parallel. They said this would be the last struggle.

Do you believe?

What about Singapore? Will we still live in our comfort zone?
We also have our invicible DMZ? and rebels?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happiness now!

everything in this country is fine and I am happy!
EVERYTHING in this country is FINE and I am HAPPY!!

I tell you hor! sure can work one!

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Without sedition

The weather is good today.
wakeup and go to work today.
MRT is fine today.
kopi shop auntie so nice today, I buy bao she give me TODAY.

After sedition act all my post will become like this all day.

Meaningless bubbling through the day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


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Why? As if we turn on de 4th tap we have a lot of water to spare!

Please save water leh! This not your money know!

Nothing but blood and flesh only

lostin received call from the maid agency today.

“Mr lostin, you can come and collect your maid tomorrow.”

Huh!?? What? Which post office branch izzit?

Don’t confuse me leh!

Power is you answer

Last night I read to Raynor the Bible - David and Golila, David won.
Golila is 9 feet tall and at least 10 times stronger than David.

No matter how you look at it, David cannot win.

It must be a Myth.

This morning I woke up unusually fresh and calm.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Your hardware cannot change

Your hardware cannot change
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720rpm, 200000mb.

I fast fast run back to home. Tonite cannot sleep liao!

TODAY: the 4th reason turn on

Finally turn on liao! That sure make a lot people bery happy. Also found out 30 million gallons is only 10% of our daily usage, industrial or resident or whatever.

But I still stay bery scarely leh!

My public utility bills will go up or not?

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Martyr huh? Just another blog lah!


This time Singapore cannot claim that we are No. 1 oredy, Iran did it first.

When you see a group of money keep jumping around and making a lot of noises, they are out of control oreddy! what do you do? Gather them together and slaughter a chicken right before their eye.

This tactic works 2 thousand years ago and sure! It must work now.

Will meh? Wait and see lor!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

True Jounalist = heck write whatever you like!

Maybe I should not use this big word journalist, blogging would be more appropriate.

During my primary school time my teacher has told me that a writer is a ‘无冕皇帝’, a.k.a Crownless Emperor , which in term means you rules and influence people without being recognize. This is still very true now.

I am referring to recently famous she blogger kena left right center from her blogders and some blogger. She was quite down now and I hope that I am not adding any salt to her wound.

She is too “kind”.

You tell me that you can walk across wire rope hang between 2 high raise building, good! I can accept that. But it will be another story when you ask me to walk along with you, risking my neck for you. Is your cause even worthy at all? When you come out here to face the public, be prepare to take it alone if you have to.

Hell than not like lostin. He can write anything he likes. Cheerio for the clueless farmer, at least he don’t have to worry about 树大招风.

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