Friday, August 04, 2006

Special Bible sold at

The contents: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Satanic rituals. One of the quotes from the book:

9. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as it has kept it in business all this years.

(Link) Oh! off course this is just another fictional book, don't take it literally.

What do you blog for?

Blogcritics runs a poll for American to find out what blogger blog, among the poll many mostly blog for personal things, meaning they usually don't bother about interesting topics, but just keep blogging. I wonder about , but think is about he same. (Link)

What blogger blog about:

11% of bloggers focus on politics and government.
7% on entertainment.
6% on sports.
5% on general news and current events.
5% on business.
4% on technology.
2% on religion, spirituality or faith.
Additional smaller groups focus on a specific hobby, a health problem or illness, or other topics.

Rewrite the Bible

Isaiah 46:11 - You can mess up the fishing line how many time, I will clear it up and teach you how to fish again, and again, and again.Until all fishes are in the net, than we shall feast.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Picture of man showing off his hardware at Pasir Ris

Spotted at Pasir Ris Blk 100 plus to 200, you can see that he is smoking while doing his "job". Wow! this guy is so desperate, maybe he wanted to pre-celebrate our coming National day. Or maybe this is a protest to IMF.(Link)

Gosh! Singapore so stressful meh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wafa Sultan on Youtube

Those who followed my blog would remember I blog about Wafa Sultan in May this year, now you can see/hear her speaks on Youtube.
This lady is surely firebranded, what does she hope to achieve? Maybe she had a really bad experience with the Islam.

Rare yellow lobsters caught near Whaleback Island

Scientists there say that catching a yellow lobster is one in a few millions, it's that rare. (Link)

It is harder to strike than Singapore TOTO or 4D.

Nicely designed Singapore site

Designer web site Kinetic Singapore, nicely made with very creative design, cartoon and animation lover should go and take a look.

Flickr set of beautiful fishes and more

Tons of photos about fishes, natures and all, fish lovers this way.

Taxi that fly Singapore flag

I swear, next time if I see a Singapore taxi that fly our national flag, I am going to take a photo even if the taxi uncle protest.

Hey! Uncle, you should let me anounce your love for the country, why feel shy?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rich Singapore patriots

Do you know something? If you try to look for hotels around Singapore Marina area during National day, you notice that they are all fully booked, by Singaporean! to watch the NDP fireworks.

Gosh! My wife told me that if you are rich, you would love Singapore, now I believe her.

Everything Skype free ride

If you drop by the capital city of Estonia for the next couple of weeks, you can see that Skype is offering a free ride through the city. The setting is quite nice, all things are Skype, from the buses, the sits, down right to the bus conductors, you can enjoy a full Skype experience. (Link)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Singapore great indoor protesting hall

Because of my working timing, I usually got to read TODAY on Saturday only.

This piece of news catches my eyes. Government delicate a in door venue for the IMF protestors, also for the first time since I was born in this fine country, we prepare ourselves for a riot.

Ya! We always prepare ahead, be it whatever, the gahmen here always sees it first.

But than hor! I think I have a better venue for the IMF protestor. They can all go to MacDonald; it is the same, in doors, permit required, and no shouting and throwing of things around. But, at least Mac serves you coffee and burger, with a fee.

Yes, if you are thinking what I am thinking, I am suggesting a birthday party @ the Mac.

Another Dell Laptop exploded

This time is in Singapore, well, that only spell one thing for Dell, for us, we have one less choice to make when buying Laptop.

More photos here.