Friday, November 11, 2005

Nightmare is here!

From 1 to 4, I am still not able to resist this "just 1 more turn madness".

look like my friday midnite are all going to burn away, sorry hor! Mummy, Raynor and William.

where are you during office hour?

I don't believe what my boss has just ask me to do.
But, some part of me do enjoy it. Anyway is not every time you got to do this.

Manga: Ron 38

Is here, in this part the fight for the jade which could lead to atomic bomb intensify.

It is not known that which nation will get the jade, although we all know finally US invented the MDW, the story gets very interesting by involving many underground services which does not actually exist.

As good as a story teller like Murakami Motoka, you still cannot change history, nor even rewrite people opinion about history.

The series now stretch to nearly 40, which is more than I anticipated, by the look it can well reach 60 or more.

A lot of plot is involve, it has the best story in manga I have ever encounter, it is even better than Da Vinci code the book.

By the way, this manga is an award winner in Japan.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

only got money then you are call human

As a human I cannot help but wanted to share..........


"A Long Way from Revolt?
Eberhard Arnold

Even the blind can see that economic progress entails the oppression and murder of thousands – that big business rules by sheer power and deceit... A capitalistic society can be maintained only by lies. But we are a long way from revolt. Most pious and even many working people think, “Rich and poor have to be.” They ignore the fact that it is impossible to amass any kind of fortune without cheating, without depriving and hurting others and destroying their lives. They fail to realize that, concentrated in a few hands, big business can steer hundreds of thousands toward certain ruin through unemployment. Why do these facts remain hidden from us? Only because we ourselves are also under the rule of the god who blinds us, which is mammon.
Source: E. A., public lecture, 1923"

Perhaps this is why Paris is burning.

and question?

Creative Singaporean

lostin always believe Singaporean are and will continue to be creative for years to come.

This is a MacDonald donation box ------------------------------->

See what those kids donate to the charity, it reminds me of how my boy use donate coins and paper clips and many funny funny thing into my A: drive.

Creativity usually are destructive at first.

Thats why man needs moral.

totally posion

3 babies, active directory, microsoft exchange, database management and web master all by myself.
I now take this posion shot evyday.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

what a warm welcome!!

One of the server kong today, need to stay and retify.
It must have like me so much leh!

great writer in the make

Raynor first short story writing, no comma, no full stop.
Crocodile head, octopus leg and dragon warrior body, imagination too good or perhaps play too much of computer game.

no break time

they have delicate a big room for pantry.
It is always quite empty, except for antie, who is always there.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Everybody light one and soon this is all we need

This the picture I took with my Nokia 6260 while I am at Pasir Ris last Sunday.
I am quite amaze by what a bunch of kids age between 4-10 can come out with. They are lighting the candle while the song "pass it on" is being play and a group of teens age 16 sang along.

The 45 minutes or so was very enchanting, spirit totally lifted.

Quite a memorable moment.

my boy again

When I saw my boy wearing this, I sort of can tell myself how much I am being affected by the movie matrix.

I think not only me, but a lot of people also were deeper impress by the idea of messiah in cyberspace, not only did this show leave a idea of whether we are living in a real world, but also some "Zen" question.

What is our life really worth?

How is this world going to end?

Will there ever be real happiness for humankind?

What is the will of Heaven?

Sometimes I really envy a fish.

joke from the creator

Or is this a joke from mother nature?
This is a B'nut pumpkin, the shape is like er... funny. I go google but cannot find the actual name, maybe this is somekind of cross hybrid breed.

Anyway gals, it is legal to stare and hold, but please don't start to imagine hor!

I am so lucky Raynor is not with me, if not he would probably shout and ask,
"Hey! Papa, this look like **** leh!"

How to answer you tell me?

Monday, November 07, 2005

first task first

Old Big question:
Can God create a rock so big that he himself cannot carry?
Did I create a dream too big that I cannot reach?
I am too old for this, But my Midnite oil must once again burn.

New beginning

Landed, feel like a spationaut on new moon, cold, strange and lonely. No more jeans and casual polo T-shirt, but also no more unwanted phone calls, sure I can adapt.