Friday, March 27, 2009

Mathematic equation for Singapore Good Governance

I read the headline – Can Singapore Fail? And got freak out by the title. Frankly say, I thought everyone started rushing to migrate out of Singapore, permanently.

If you haven’t read, here – (Link). Wayang Party’s Brotherhood also sez, Can Singapore fail? Deih Kishore! Singapore already failed already lah!

I am engineering trained, so I did some calculation to psycho myself.

If S = P, P =L and L or P failed, then S = Failed.

This logic is flaw. According to the chart, and universal logic, it is more like,

S > P, P > L. L or P Failed and we just lost a part of S. We still got W and SD. We can also replace P with something else.

Not all is lost, unless of course, P is greater than what we think.

This makes me think about some humanity issue. We are always a part of something bigger, being the best of not, we can never be the only one. Example, you are in the largest (fill in the blank here) organization in the world, having the sole theory that influence the majority of the entire populace.

Does this mean the world would not progress without you?

History will Move Forward, with or without you. Period.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Near week-end fun How To

Simple bar trickI don’t go clubbing anymore, but here is a trivia trick for your week-end clubbing fun, and earn some extra cash. Just remember Cinderella’s time expire at midnight. And, don’t drive when you drink.

(Link)WikiHowTo, Perform a simple yet amazing bar trick.

Free Mathematic lesson on Youtube, for Singapore kid also

This is worth mentioning. And Khan, kudos for your great work. Can I check what inspire you huh?

(Link)The Khan Academy, Free Mathematics lesson.

Don’t miss the Bail Out lesson.

Israeli popular T-shirts use to mock Gaza killings

Israel Gaza killing T-shirtSnip from Sky News,
The revelations centre on t-shirt designs made for soldiers that make light of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers and children and include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques.

Lets put aside the Humanity stuff first, these T-shirt are very well designed. I wonder will it come to Singapore? It can be use for double meaning education..

On Youtube - (Video)

Intriguing gesture interface from MIT

A slightly bulky device wore around your neck, enable you to access computer, take photo, make phone call, and check out book on any surface with just your finger. Remember how cyberspace was access in the movie Johnny Mnemonic? Something like this.

Watch the video demo here – (Video)

(Link)I New Idea Homepage, SixthSense wearable data interface from MIT

The only down side is wearing that seemingly stupid color tag on your fingers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CT scanned images of cultural object

CT image of iPhoneSee here is a Computed Tomography image of iPhone, scan by Satre Stuelke. Over at his site, he scanned and display cultural stuff like toy, fast food, electronic equipment. CT images never been so beautiful before.

(Link)Satre Stuelke, Radiology Art.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Children's Immortality search, surf with caution

If you Google for children's immortality and see this picture, continue to scroll down if you like. CAUTION! The site offers something I cannot comprehend, plus some not so nice photos deem disturbing to parent like goatse. I will offer no link here. Site creep me out a little.

I hope you come to my site first before go there.

If you study the whole site, Please tell me what it is about?

Battle of Red Cliff Geography/History lesson on Google Map

Someone put up this geographically accurate map of China during the 3 kingdom era. Aim to guide people who wanted to find out more about the Battle of Red Cliff. The site has thus received few hundred thousand hits since released of the movie. Ask your Chinese friends to translate those words for you.

(Link)Google Map, Battle of the Red Cliff.

Recent photos taken from a fallout city

ChernobylSeen here is the city of Chernobyl, and more from the link where it came from. The City is inhabitable after the nuclear explosion 20 odd years ago. These photos resemble many scenes in one of the recent computer game I played.

The disaster created Red Forest and radioactive lake.

(Link)Grcade, BLH’s tour of Chernobyl.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New proposed Act gives more powder to our police, you should feel safer soon

I keep wondering. Why HDB recently installed CCTV in my block’s lifts, without even a simple FYI to the resident. It is of course, for security purposes. Silly. Mas Selamat is still at large. He is very likely… still in Singapore. We should keep our eye open.

Thinking of this, I can totally understand why there is a need to regulate outdoor activities.

News - New Act Aims To Give More Power to Police.

Hmm.. more power to police is a good thing. You can never know. Nowadays, fanatic are very resourceful, they can pass immigration undetected, disguise as good, obedient citizen and then organize a seemingly innocence fellowship at East Coast. Just waiting to disrupt our social order. Good thinking.

I am also intrigue by the coverage of this Act - “The order can also be issued pre-emptively, meaning police can intervene if they assess that an offence is about to be committed.” Strike first, prove later. Very efficient. Something like ISA. Right?

Link to the proposed Act here – (Link)

But I must protest here. I like to take video at my children’s school leh! With the new act, it may not be so convenience for me.

I have a suggestion. Why not make all proven good citizen wear an “innocence” hand-band so police cannot anyhow spot check them. That would make us safer.