Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Chinese book series at Popular

I am friend of Popular Book Store. I mean, I love their stuff. They re-designed, evolved in the recent year, into a book store which never failed to provide good books for locals.

I got this recommendation from a friend last week. Great series, Confucius teaching with simplify Chinese and Hanyupingyin (汉语拼音).

3 points I think you might enjoy this series,

You have kids and you want to teach them Chinese better than French.
You want to learn Chinese that is beyond the local TV.
You think Chinese is cool.

To further your enthusiasm, these books are sold at below SGD10 each, includes a CD, and Popular book store no frill packaging. It is running out fast as I type this.

David the Chinese dressed up king

Current Internet censorship in China has sparked a little Netizen campaign themed “Dressed Up the Famous Art”. This is my favorite. All benevolent, no nude. Happy?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remarkable photo of a man running away from some kind of explosion

This is a photo rumors from Gaza, which was blasted and blasted. Can anyone confirm? (Original source)

Punny HowTo: tips for using a squat toilet.

Although I have stopped using since 16, I can still remembered how difficult it was to get use to one. It was just unnatural. You will need to followings,

Strong thighs
An ability to hold your breath
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer gel

This is a hole in the ground that may or may not include a flushing system. You have to practice famous martial art like taiji to master the technique. Just hilarious!

(Link)Wiki HowTo, How to Use a Squat Toilet.

Why are we still asking these ancient questions?

Down at SammyBoy forum(Sexual oriented), someone ask this,

How did God come into existence?
Which God is it?
Does this God care for all Human Beings that are essentially good people?
How does god manage to cater for the tens of thousands of small children dying daily and painfully from starvation and thirst?
Also does it matter what religion these children were going to be indoctrinated with had they lived?
Do all animals have souls, or is this the exclusive right for the human animal?
Is God a English, Chinese, Jewish, Indian or any other race?

Serious? You go SammyBoy forum to look for the almighty. Well, good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009





多湾的河流 总会达到港湾
多遥远的星相 也会有个太阳



Monday, April 13, 2009


先讲一个宗教笑话。有个年轻人,情场商场皆失意,人财两空后,想到要求神拜佛。他来到了一个庙,看到很大尊观音菩萨雕像前面,跪着一个人,双掌合什,闭目而喃喃。年轻人好奇的问:“噫!你不是观音菩萨吗?我来这里是求神帮我的,你来做什么?” 观音回答:“我也是来求神拜佛的呀!” 年轻人更好奇了:“你。。你不就观世音菩萨吗?” 观音笑道:“求人不如求己嘛。”

还有一个历史笑话。有一天汉高祖上朝,看见满朝文武百官,东一堆,西一群,都在窃窃私语。他很奇怪的问张良,张良不动声色:“大王,他们正在讨论造反。” 刘邦大失所色,忙问为什么。张良正色说:“大王正位后,分封不公,只对自家族系特别优厚,大家当然不满。造反是迟早的问题。” 刘邦急忙请教。张良就献上了一策。










Scientist discovered flight theory that can reduce drag on cylinder

Evolution vs DesignedIt turn out, wing of bird was very well designed, er, evolved. According to New Scientist’s report and Journal of Fluid Mechanic, the vibration of some convert feathers on bird’s wing reduce drag on the wing significantly by sticking up at right angles to the surface. This finding, allows researcher to create synthetic feathers as rigid keratin bristles 4 to 6 centimetres long and 0.5 millimetres in diameter which can reduce drag on cylinder by 15%. Quote fro NS,

“With the feathers, the low-pressure slipstream does not form, and the vortices affecting the cylinder are weaker.”

(Link)NS, Fake feathers could take the drag out of flights.

Ben 10 Final Alien mockery

I love this final alien of Ben 10, where he transforms into the most powerful being in the whole universe. This omnipotent 3 in 1 cannot get anything done. Rage and Aggression is against the extinction of dinosaur. Love and compassion sez, “I am sad about Earth is going to be destroyed”.

Ben Tennyson (The voice of reason) sez, “You guys are useless, you don’t do anything! Let me out!”

This Alien X, is just another cartoon hor? No subliminal message hor.

(Video)Youtube. Ben 10 Alien X. You don’t get to hear the final conversation.