Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finally, now you can wakeup late on Sunday

Pottstown Bible Church podcast, every Sunday sermon will be updated in mp3 format. What are you waiting for? (Link)

Merlion was not very happy here

In spite of the good Gahmen we had, the progress we achieved and the level of comfort we have provided by the technology, Singapore came in 131 out of 178 in the happy Planet index by the New Economics Foundation. (Link)

Point to note: US is 150 and UK 108. Hooray!! We are at least better than those dude. Keep it up! Singapore.

Famous muscian's site shut down due to copyright infringement

Prince Rogers Nelson, also known as The Prince, The America infuential artist's official site NPG Music Club was shut down on July the 3rd. It is said to infringe some music's copyright. Click on the (Link) and you see only the void.

This guy writes, composes and produces most of his works all by himself, I wonder how he feel about his site shutting down?

lostin quotes of the day for Singapore

"Any nation that give up a little liberty for the sake gaining a little security, will deserve none and lose both."

-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

Japanese professor penalized for seeking spiritual help

A professor from the National Astronomical observatory of Japan, after two years of development on a telescope, fear that it may not work, seek help from Japanese “ancient wisdom”. He uses the development fund to purchase a talisman from a renowned temple, hoping for some spiritual protection. The talisman cost Japanese Yen 8000, equal to S$100.

The organization is investigating into this now. (Link)

Even Scientist turn to something they don't understand sometimes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What the guys really want?

You know what the guys are thinking when they say something like this to you:

“Was your father a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.”

“Didn't it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“You must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day.”

“The only things your eyes haven't told me is your name.”

“Mind if I get drunk with you?”

“Do you like to play a game of Pearl Harbor?”

“Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good.”

Stop cleaning up the sh*t they bring, says "NO" to this kind of irresponsible request.

Peculiarly Air New Zealand terminate flight to Singapore after Prime Minister visited them

There will no more trip flying from NZ to Singapore anymore from this October. I understand they have substain great loses flying this trips since,
but why wait for a few years? and right after our Prime Minister visited them in June this year. Is there some "secret" dialogue that we missed? (News Link)

Maybe I think too much, there should not be any connection between freedom of press in Singapore and this matter, they are seperate entity.

Silly me! this is just a coincidence.

Dell wages online war with blogger

Jeff Jarvis, author of Buzzmachine claims:
That he has encounter so many problem with Dell, their products, services and attitude suck big time. He has also makes so many unanswer calls that he finally go online, and start a direct confrontation with Dell.

Dell, on the other hand, did not sit still, they retaliate. (Link)

Another fine example a single blogger takes on a big organization.

Hidden among us

The worst are not those fake one, they will be spotted eventually, but the one that did it in rightful names. (Link)

Who is to define what is true beliefs?

Blogger sucks meme

I dislike meme. Never thought I would start one myself, but I have to admit this really strike my heart. (Link)
We are mean and suck.
We criticize without being politically correct.

We are shrill and extreme.
We post racist messages that hurt others feeling.

We are arrogant and ignorance.
We distort facts and post fictional story.

We are violent and disregard humanity.
We attack everyone and fight among ourselves.

We are heretic and diabolical.
We strip naked and seduce netizens online

We are dictator.
We say what we want to others but disallow unkind remarks.

We are blogger, we doom the world and they condemn us.

Should I go or not?

Crazy Horse send to me this morning, the interior of the restaurant just looks superb, the set lunch also not too expensive. Maybe Mum and I can go there for our coming anniversary.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soft toys with enlarge sax organ

The Erection Collection has a series of animal softtoys - "Weenies babies" that has very "obvious" male saxual organ!! Look at patriotic Peters!! (Link) maybe NSFW in some conservative environment.

blogger notes: There is no coyness about the saxual material that I had posted on this site, I just find them interesting.
Uncle rant about Singapore and tells me a joke.
If you toss a rock into a crowded coffee shop, you are likely to hit:

1.) A university graduate
2.) A taxi driver
3.) Both. (the same person)

Haha! (Link)

Google test run online storage space

The name is Gdrive, They never call it Gdisk for an obvious reason. Industrial experts said that this would forever change the way we look at a storage space. The idea is meant for office user, and I think it will work hand in hand with Wirtely. (Link)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Singapore silent protest

Wow! 30 people leh! Like real meh! This was like Singapore first ever "big" scale public demostration, our home affair police must be bery scare, they where got see this type of "action" before? (Link)

I say hor! now Singaporean Singapore bloggers are getting more and more "courageous".

Gahmen also dare to threaten, neber die before issit?