Saturday, November 19, 2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

worth a try?

My gmail has reach 2.5 Gig or more already, but look at what this fellow offer.
30 crazy gig! so daring, huh?
Please go a take look, I certainly will.

small dream comes true

See what uncle Jeff has bought for me.
No COE, no road tax, no petrol, no insurance.
And off course, park at home for free. If like that I alson want.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cyclist on the right and pedestrian on the left

lostin cannot help but envy the resident in Tampines as he look at this path way make for them.
lostin stay in Sembawang area and everytime his family is walking on the pedestrian walk, he have to be always on the lookout for bicycle.

lostin guess staying in an old estate like Tampines has got its benefit, but there is not much bicycle activities he can tell as he walk all the way from SAFRA to MRT.

That is not the case in Admiralty, While the number of resident cycling here is getting more, the number of children is aslo increasing, everytime when he walk home, he can see cyclist and walker was fighting for the rights of way.

So, lostin is not quite sure that when the MP is going to take a serious look in this area and make one for us too.

Maybe after the GE, or maybe after lostin grow old old......

Can there be no peace among us?

The local KPO rumours chinese newspaper got something new to say about NKF.

When the internet said until don't want to said oredy.

Good morning! this is last night news hor!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Evil faces lurking inside the bodies

Remember I have post a picture of this beautiful virus some time back?
Now via link from Boingboing I got this photoshoped picture, hope by posting this here wouldn't have any copyrights issue. Anyway I dunno jack about creative commons.
Offcourse, it is no longer pretty by the look now.
It will be very good if evbirdy can see them under the microscope, that would really change a lot of people's life.

a can of drink cost 1 dollar in Singapore

I am so poor today.
Never expect 1 day I would have to ask "uncle, this one how much huh?" before buying.
There is only one dollar left in my pocket, life is quite tough sometime in Singapore, very often you have to be "斤斤计较".

This kind of life are suppose to make you smarter, don't they?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

home maker wisdom

Last night a plastic scissor got stuck under the door, I broke the whole thing but a tiny little piece just refuse to bulge, the door won't move even a inch, I am desperate....

Then like ants on the frying pens mode I try everything I could find, soap lah, oil lah, hammer lah, all also cannot...

When I am ready to give up and sleep with the door open for that night, (most likely post myself there as guard, W/SARs1) the tiny little bugger disintegrated and the door is free to swing once more.

So far for the night, I still can enjoy a while of gaming.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Singapore funny road sign - not actually

You know our Gahmen is very the strict one, they are quite careful not to let our nation become the laughing stock of the world, so this kind of "accidental" road sign are rare, Longlive heh!
No downloading of illegal things here ok?
In case you dunno Singapore is a fine city.


Moshi, moshi!
You hear me? Can skype me if you want.