Saturday, April 28, 2007

Youtube: Amazing Math Methodology

I have never learned nor heard of this method in solving complex multiplication, maybe it is a secret kept by some elite college. This method made multiplying numbers, even the most complex one look like a walk in a park. So incredible I can't wait to show my children. (Video)

Update: Youtube removed this video, but someone soon put it up again! Kudos! ( Link)

Update: Insight from Dennis,
If this is "invented" by student and shown to teacher, I think it is good. But if this is by teachers, who tries to skip teaching maths and just to show non-mathematical ways, in this case by drawing lines, then I think it is bad.

Update: Third time YouTube removes this video for violation of agreement, me start to think that fingers are NSFW. :D (Video) updated

Friday, April 27, 2007

Degrading Singapore morale

Feel like jumping onto the track every morning when it is so near to hell. Almost everyone I met didn't speaks well of the situation here. As if they can't wait for another election.

I look into his dull, lifeless eyes with anxiety. I swear he will fall if I didn't watch him.

Malaysia Government to setup counter blog unit

Malaysia GovernmentA special unit in the government with will be establish. The sole purpose is to bring facts to Malaysia netizen. Quotes from Terranet Portal,

"This special unit will be purely working to disseminate information, explain correct information and counter the misinformation on government policies,"

It is like Malaysia Government just declare war on blogger. The good one.


Youtube: Stupid tech call

I actually make myself believe that they did this on purpose. That you will never think about calling all their identical technical support hotline. The line is so hot that it makes you want to piss warm chrysanthemum. (Video) At least this is funny to watch.

Site of ID Arts

Greatest ArtistThe greatest Artist in Human history is the creator of universe himself. (Link)

Incredible tattoo makes you sick

Bloody TattooThis is an example of tattoo worthy to be skinned and kept as art display. So kids can learn that tattoo is not fun, and not cool. (Link)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two thousand dollars high tech GPS jacket

GPS IO JacketA jacket fit for James Bond, or goon maybe. Why the hell would anyone want to be trackable by satellite? Expedition? Warfare purposes? Espionage? Give me I also don't want. (Link)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Youtube: DNA map of East Asia

East Asia means China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and such. What I cannot figure out is the color code. Anyone who has insight please comment. (Video)

DIY USB powered machine gun turret

Do you think this is illegal in Singapore? If not. I am going to get one and place it right outside my PC’s window. I will pull the trigger on anyone who passes my house corridor after midnight; especially those who don’t understand HDB wall was not build to be sound proof. (Video)

Vulva smoking pipe sculptures

Vulva Smoking pipe sculptureThe arts of Billy Pacak. Using women's private as art subject was not one of its kind, but to see such smoking pipe is just the first for me. Women's figure can somewhat becomes questionable art idea. I know your wife can never come to agree with me. Ya, as long as it is not my wife/girlfriend/sister/mother, it is ok to see. (Link)

Tearjacking photos from the Pulitzer Prize winner

Pulitzer Prize photoSilent, monochrome as it seem. Watch the journey of a mother and her cancerous child in these photos. The fight for survival has never been so touchy. Wake up tomorrow and face reality, again. (Link)

Invigorating soap with coffee

Caffinated SoapI tell you. This caffeinated soap will sell like hot cake in Singapore. Have you notice how people look during the morning train? Singapore is so tired in the morning. Everyone is dieing for a seat to work during traveling. Import the soap! Import the soap! (Link) Via TheekGeek