Friday, January 12, 2007

Abstruse temple in Tanjong Pagar

Click to enlargeI have been watching this temple for years already, if you stay around here or always pass by . It is located near TP MRT and behind Amara Hotel; you may notice some very unusual things about it,

1. The temple is literally a military bunker of some sort; it is fenced with high wall and metal bars, reinforced with bulk wires. I am surprise there is no guard posted.
2. Visitors are sacred, even during special festive period.
3. In the midst of prime economic area, neighbor’s land and building has all given way to more important money making structure, but the temple still stood.

From a distance, the temple seem odd and out of place with all the tall financial building beside it. Unable to comprehend, I came out with some reason myself,

1.) It is an obscenely rich treasury vault or secret base of some kind.
2.) Some very very important people are behind it.
3.) The temple has great cultural and historical importance.
4.) It cannot be removed because of Fengshui.
5.) Spiritual reason.

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 3

RAM Saver Pro 4
Convenience tool, check your RAM, release them, and can also set manually

Burj Al Arabi
Dubai announced their 35 storey high Human like structure, can’t wait to see

CM Diskcleaner 2.1.7
Acts like all windows system tools into one, it even clean your registry.

Singapore spiritual phenomenon
On 7th Jan, many Singaporean spotted a bright blue green light dash across the sky

PStart v2.09
Organize your frequently use program so you can find them easily

Monitor your PC upload and download traffic, tool for Administrator.

Apple wave - IPhone
This will surely be the gadget talk for 2008

Know thyself, know thy enemy

O Click All Ye Faithful
Judith Zoebelein, the editorial director of the Internet Office of the Holy See, talks about the Internet.

Image Analyzer 1.26
Small, but very useful.

Karaoke on your PC, go try it.

Ejournal 1.0.6
Blogging tool, not exactly

Binary blanket

Binary BlanketAnd pillow, so you can transform yourself into RSI and hack into the Matrix. (Link)

Flickr set: Knit a Sushi

Knitting SushiI love these knitting stuffs; I cannot help but imagine squeezing one of this in my hand. (Link) and here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Congo may execute Human rights activist

Marie Therese NlanduMarie Therese Nlandu, Human rights lawyer, was arrested and charged with inciting insurrection on 11th Dec, although lack of “slam dunk” evidence, many fear supreme court of Congo may convict and execute her.

Human bodies’ bakery in Thailand

Click to scare the hell offThose who have visited this place, please tell me, how does it taste? Did you dreamt of becoming a cannibal after this? (Link) Note: Links on this post lead to some horrify images, not for the faint of heart.

All Euro dollar were contaminated by cocaine

Euro notesA research done by a PhD student on 45 Euro note, assist by a professor from NCSR. Jonathan Bones found out that all 5, 10 20 and 50 banknotes in Ireland come in contact with the deadly powder in some point, because Euro note has cotton structure that absorb chemical, the residues of the drugs can be easily pick up by a method involving chromatography/mass spectrometry, aka the forensic technique.

Bones also said,
“The most recent survey carried out in the US showed 65% of dollar notes were contaminated with cocaine. However, the 100% rate uncovered in this project was surprising.”

Via Truthdig – (Link) No wonder use of Euro dollar is on the raise, it’s so addictive, try not to sniff on the note.

Bolas luminosas!

Lightning orbs A team of Brazilian has brought magic into real life for the World, they created real electric bolts that spin and move around for a couple of second, enough to make the lightning ball looks magical. Watch the video here, and the definition here. The link takes you to the full report from New Scientist. (Link)

Report France is no longer a Catholic nation

France flagThe community of Catholic in France is shrinking, in the early 1990s it has about 80%, it drops to 67% in 2000 and 51% now. Report also points out that numbers of atheist in the country has increase vastly.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Incredible paint works done with women bare body

Take a look, their works is as good as this Chinese art, I think some of them might be Photoshop's work. I cannot tell, but I think these are one of the best. (Link)!! Photos might not be entirely work safe in some environment.
Nake body art Via Digg, and don't talk about the butterfly.

Alien Humanoid face metal sculpture at MRT station

Alien FaceI spotted this as I step out the main entrance of Woodland famous 7 level Shopping mall, I get closer for a shot, this is the first time I notice the structure can have a view like this. If you think that it looks like something else, please feel free to comments.

Nanyang Culture

Singapore basa malam street performance, in regards of Human nature, I am very curious on how uncle manages to attracts about 20 to 50 people, for them to just stand there and listen to his *ahem* bu**sh*t. Uncle will weaves around for as long as he could without actually coming to the point, finally he will say something like need your support lah, and start to sell his home made recipe.

I created a video out of this, man, this is better than David Copperfield. (Video)

Hitachi developed thoughts reading technology

BrainHitachi’s Advance Research Laboratory recently announces technology which enable machine to reads Human thoughts. By observing pattern of blood flow in the brain, machines could now interpret signals and act accordingly. This discovery aims to helps disable patient moving their wheel chair, doing thing they never dreamt possible. (Link)

US DoD discovered spies chip embedded in Canadian coins

Canadian CoinThe tiny electronic transmitter can use to monitor individual movement within certain parameter, but technologically it makes no sense, coins can be easily spent or given away. Quotes from the news,

“I think we can be pretty darn confident that the technology is there for the sorts of micro-units that would be required to embed these things in a coin”

“You could almost, by handing a coin to somebody, achieve the equivalent of the Mafiosi’s last kiss on the cheek.”

Dept of Defense spokesman also said coin could be use to identify special target.

Ugliest feline in the whole World

Ugliest CatThe human brain like face looks slimy and eerie, just makes me want to wash the toilet with my morning noodle. I wonder how it taste? (Link)

Update: Info from Veron, Thanks!
"Good lord, they look like minions of hell *shudders*. And I AM a cat lover. They are sphinx cats aren't they? Supposedly a really expensive breed. Rachel from Friends had one. "

(Canadian Hairless)Sphinx cat, or sphynx cat's information can be found here and here.

China guy with 2000 sliver needle on the head

Needle FaceThe world Guinness record of most needle on the head. It took him 20 hours just to place and remove those needles, this guy wanted to amaze you with his skill of Chinese Acupuncture. (Link)

Tiles flickr photos to your favorite picture

Click to enlargeFirst, you select your Flickr master photo, and then you choose about 200 to 400 tiles from any Flickr photos, submit and wait for the result to email to you. It will take a while before they get it done, look at my photo, this is in low res, you have to pay for the high res. I was thinking about tiling some Singapore themed photo next, what should I do? (Link)

Click on my photo to view a larger version

Water leakages form image of the one

Water marks ChristWhy? There are so many signs already and the World is still not changing? People are still moving towards their own destruction? Stop showing sign already! do something more practical, like stop racism, end hunger, eliminate genetic flaw in Human, etc etc. (Link)

Previous signs:
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Japan real Mech Warrior

Mech from JapanThis is month’s old news, for the benefit of those who didn’t know, there are few videos on the Internet available, one on Youtube here, one on PlanetVids here, and you can also read the news on here. There is also another steelworker who created Mech in his backyard.

Phaser on stun

Taser stun gunThis stylo non-lethal comes with 4 different colors; I wonder is it ban in Singapore? Good for both laws enforcing and criminal usage, 50000 volts can immobilizes police and take their real pistol away, don’t say I didn’t warn you. (Link)

Divine hack on Australia Seven Network

Australia TV 7Few days ago, many Australian experience a never before holy present on their TV network, for 6 continuous minutes, the audio on the TV was gone and replace by a voice, repeatedly says something like, “Jesus Christ help us all Lord, @#$%”. There is a Youtube full video on this here, turn on the volume to hear it! (Link)

Ya, sure, like someone is ever ready to record all this once it appear on the TV.

German libelous post got sued in China

German blogger got sued in ChinaDo you know you can get sue by other country if they think your blog is defamatory? Well China has just cross over border and ask a blogger to appear before a China courts. The story is about two bus design that resembles each other, Der Spiegel writes a story and posted on his blog with head lines “Chinese Steal bus design from MAN”. Numerous blogs are on this matter now, view them here, here and here, the last link got both the buses in view.

Update: Opinion from ChinaLawBlog,
"This is not new in that there have been previous defamation cases involving the internet reaching from one country to another, but it certainly will be interesting what China has to say about this. "

Very useful book mark

Book DartNifty little book dart for book enthusiasts, anyone know where I can get this in Singapore?

Metacafe: Cracked Spider

Cracked SpiderA hilarious video uses spiders as attempts to reflect on our modern society, the effect of drugs have on youngsters, alcoholism and families break down. Short, funny and mind ticking watch; watch to the end, watch a few times, I can’t help but laugh and laugh again. (Video)

I strongely recommend this to all primary school in Singapore.

British Army wants young gamer as Apache pilot

Apache GameI played my first PC game – Taipan when I was 15, times when adults are critical about video games, conservative ideas game as non-productive, immature kind of stuffs. Has the World change their view point now? Quote from Sunday Mirror, UK,

"The skill in flying the aircraft is to absorb large amounts of information from different sources without becoming flustered. The new generation of computer-game playing young sters glued to their PlayStations, Xboxes and Game Boys already have some of those skills."

They believe that young prolific gamers are highly focus and have enhance hand-eye coordination. (Link)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Photograph of frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen Niagara FallsFrom the Internet, this is very rare; it is also dated back to 1911. Digg has one; there is one here, and another one here. I wonder how authenticated is this picture.

Photos of X-animal

four winged chickenYou know, nature has really got a use for weird beast like 4 winged chickens, 3 horned cows, 1 eyed frog etc. Human, we just call them misfit of Science. (Link)

Youtube: Fiery rabbit chases away a cowardice snake

Rabbit vs SnakeYou have to watch this, it is guarantee to be better than WWF, see how the cute furry creature takes the front, and then goes behind. Finally the wimpy crawler decides that the rabbit was too big for its mouth, it literally “run” away with the rabbit on its tail, damn funny! (Video)

Match sticks Eiffel Tower

Matches Eiffel TowerImpressive matches work display at EnglishRussia, the job must be pains taking and mind blogging, just picture the amount of detail you have to watch when undertaking such a project. Look at the photo shot in the dark, you don’t have to visit Paris anymore. (Link)