Friday, February 10, 2006

Who is watching us?

There is a debate of about whether Google will fall like what Yahoo did, or will they stand firm as their "do not be evil" directive till the end.
Some say that this security warning will somehow be it.
Heard also that the local authority can demand a no warrant search on Google database, anytime, for forensic purpose.

Like, no matter what you do, there will always be someone watching... closely...

I also heard from Some sources that Singapore CID (Crime Investigation Department) is expanding their IP (Interllectual Property) Department, so they can clamp down on illegal software, MP3, movie etc, more effectively.

IDA has also issue a few warning out to some home user for downloading MP3.

Beware! Tread the internet with caution...

How to?

WikiHow is quite a interesting site.
What better is, you can edit, share your knowledge of 'how to' to general public.

There is this how do I specially like:
How to Urinate Discreetly Outside While Bar Hopping Late at Night


What happen when you never study Chinese properly







Way to go, Dan! thanks for the poem.
I tell you hor! this guy is a genius.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Encourage creativity

Thats what happen when you allow freedom of expression in your family
I am a liberty king, if I rule this country, even City Hall's wall will be fill with ar *ahem* vandalism, and so long... green city.

And, here goes my clean slummber land thinking and video watching couch....

Blog: inspire to be a better man

Blog recommendation:
We all have fault and we are all not perfect, not matter what we pick up on the way of our life, there are always hope for us to be better tomorrow.

How to Stop Bad Habits

Engage help of the Almighty

Since Our housekeeper has left the situation has worsten, our room is a mess now and nobody do the laundry, ironing and cleaning the floor etc.
Better still, we have 3 kids and gonna work....
We desperatly seek a part time helper, so we go Yahoo Classified and found this

A Group of Christian doing house keeping services.
for a reason know only to themselves, and raising church fund.....

They only charge S$8 / hour, and belongs to the **** Christian Church group, this is an answer from the all great 'Creator', who cares what will come to my house and say, just get all my house chores done and I'll praise the lord.

But, wait till they come to my house, we have a little surprise for them... wait till they find out who we are.

Dilemma: to give or not to give?

It is like the way we treat our kids
We give the freedom and you misuse it, say anyhow and anything you like, if we don't give, you complain and say there is no liberty.

Human are so.. like that sometime.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Only the pure hearted shall see my dress

Some said the children have pure heart and they sometimes see things we don't...
I agree, whole heartedly
William pointed at the window in an aberrant manner,
"Scare, scare..."
"Who?!! how many?"
Our heart almost jump out from the mouth.

"Koko and Chiechie, bit me..."
"Go away! go away!"
"Papa mummy here, ok? no scare, no scare."
We spent the next 1/2 hour fighting off the invisible 哥哥 and 姐姐, and he finally agree to sleep but still doubtlly staring at the window, as if the shadow will come back anytime.

We, salted the whole place and begin to chant.

Wizard and Sorcerer,
Witch and Warlord,
I place this 结界on the floor,
to ward off all evil,
this nite I shall not be disturb.

Left over CNY oranges

What do you do when someone send you a box Chinese oranges evyear at Chinese New Year?
Ans: Send it to someone else, like, your mother-in-law.
Or eat until you mum "no! no juice" in your nitemare.

Hail the good news!!?

They may develop a cure for HIV, possible?
Whether this is a good news, it is really hard to say now, but I fear that this kind of cure, like, releasing the demon into the world.

Fear, could be a good thing sometimes, if there is no hell, why would human strive so hard to go to heaven. I now present you with the remedy to avoid hell, it is just an injection away, now you can go round having casual sex with anyone you choose.

I feel, it is still better that we keep hell intact, so that we feel sorry.

Not what is said, but who said it

I like today Quote of the day from my Google Personalized Home
"I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good."
- Seneca

In real life we all know that this is not the case, it it definitely important that something is being quote by someone instead of me.

If I say it, it is rubbish, if Jesus said, it became the truth.
If you said this, no one will listen, if our gahmen say, than you LL also have to follow.

Real life sucks, rule by only power and money, not by moral standard or deeds.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Question everything you see or hear

Only till now I have a chance to visit Ask Yahoo,
And while at it, come across some dream interpretation online,
Dream Central from

Gnosis - don't understand the language, too bad

DreamMoods - also take a peek.

But, I perfer the BrainBoost by, which not only is a fast fact search site, but also is a free online encyclopedia, I also notice many of Wikipedia post have very similiar entry at

Here are some comparison

Wiki Chromosome & Answers Chromosome
Wiki Jesus & Answers Jesus
Wiki Singapore & Answers Singapore

Answers never fail to duplicate an entry by Wiki, which I think Answers is more comprehensivein in this sense, try to offer more view in term of what could be the true answer.

Search engine choice of the week: Clusty

How many search engine will sprout during my age time?
Someone has use this search and found me, so I how how also must test this search engine out.

Clusty inco-operated many into one too, they even have Wikipedia on their search main site, sure save a lot of time for people who like wiki.

This will be my search engine research for this week, please join in hor!

When is it going to burst?

This piece of news may not concern many people I know, but with such a multitude of blogger talking at the same time out there, it is really very difficult to discern the rights from the wrong.

Sooner or later, the wall will come crumbling down.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The goddess in my family

Google was sure a wonderful search engine, this moment you are the top, next moment you will be overtake by others, what a challenge!
Anyway, I now have a new interactive toy at home whom I play with evyday, so the analogy...

When you is happy, you thinking is less critical, you is less critical, you is become lazy and less creative, and hence forth a spare tire slowly creep up you body....

What is life all about?

For most people who like to read blog may have notice, %99.999 of the blog that you come across got something to do with "Life is freekin UNFAIR!!" kind of meme

My gahmen lah! my job lah! my girlfriends lah! my damn freeking 'black' neighbour lah!
God is unjust!! Allah is unfair!! Buhdda is sleeping!! How I wish that someone with his finger on that nuke can hit the button and end all this for us.

What is your complain?

I also notice that recent Singapore blogosphere has been a bit quiet, o-oh! I think somebody know someone is scheming something, thats why many blogger is rather quiet lately, especially those prominent one.

But than, generally none bother.

What the Duck are you talking about?

The more I listen to you, the more I dunno what you are trying to say,
For those who want to make you word heard, you can try this out, those who really dunno what the **uck I'm talking about, you can use the duckspeak translator instead.

*quack* *quack*
*quack* *quack*

Please come to your senses leh!, give me more simple things to read lah!