Saturday, August 13, 2005

poem of August - suicide water

drink lah!! and smoke lor coz
next year everything cannot liao.

君不見, 黃河之水天上來, 奔流到海不復回? 君不見, 高堂明鏡悲白髮, 朝如青絲暮成雪? 人生得意須盡歡, 莫使金樽空對月, 天生我材必有用, 千金散盡還復來。 烹羊宰牛且為樂, 會須一飲三百杯。 岑夫子! 丹丘生! 將進酒; 君莫停。 與君歌一曲, 請君為我側耳聽。 鐘鼓饌玉不足貴, 但願長醉不願醒。 古來聖賢皆寂寞, 惟有飲者留其名。 陳王昔時宴平樂, 斗酒十千恣讙謔。 主人何為言少錢? 徑須沽取對君酌。 五花馬, 千金裘。 呼兒將出換美酒, 與爾同消萬古愁。

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Tsunami baby

coming soon

I am not a toddler. I am a wave.

You can hide behind a blog, but you cannot hide from me!

Sunbath day: Will power

sliver light, 50% sunshine.

dive and think at the same time.

Friday, August 12, 2005

tell me this is not what I think

propaganda? brain washing?

while watching Raynor play this seemly innocent game...

I am really shock to find this icon in the game. More than shock actually.

someone prove to me that human spirit doesn't exist and I'll end my life right now.

preaching again huh!

(damn I spend hours to rid this icon off my PC registry. After so many years of LKY fighting them, at least I learn that they are bad!)

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good news!! good news?

more time for national production?

"everywhere we go oh! people want to know oh! who we are? where we come from?"

old song I use to sing when I am in the service, deep buried inside my brain the old times.

since I need not worried bout MOB or whatever I shouldn't concern. But than this is economic you know, good policy.

one prophet blogger has orredy foretold this.

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president man 马后炮

face reading: no cutting

This picture was in my flickr for some time now, something stop me from doing a post.

Now more a less I can confirm that feeling.

He will not be our president, this is just a show. PAP has taken him on seriously, that should give a good sign for anyone that wanted to complete as a president in future.

Unless you are elected by them, usually you don't stand a chance. Am I right?

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

way back home

the future is mine!

"敢问路在何方? 路在脚下."

bringing up children was never easy, but this burden you cannot share with other, count it as a blessing.


No revision ever
Recently there is some debate about whether to introduce creatism or evolution theory to schools in US?

no need lah!
We Chinese have our version of the universe.
the 盘古开天 and 女娲造人.
that beats all doesn't it?

Intelligent design or not?
you are still responsible for your own life. Start to think of how to pay your bills, credits overdue etc....

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

unfinished homework


what a mess! so many things left undone.

is 'gene' really so diffcult to change?

Wicked landlord

Can get cheaper or not?

discover this card game while googling, say is popular in 湖北.

but this tatic has been ancient orredy!

You face this everyday here and wouldn't question it...

if you have the monies -
you purchase a piece of land at cheap price,
collect high rental,
use the profit to buy more land,
build road,
charge the farmer for using the road,
sit at home and think about what to buy next...

that is, provided you have the capital.

I hope someone know how to play this game here, should be fun to play the farmer.

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Singapore to me is also about feeding my HDB.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National road

Today lostin try a dangerous stunt,
like this follow the clouds thing.

Crossing the national road without looking at the traffic light.

High way leads to Marina south close from 6th to 14th Aug for the artillery to move in.

National day just slip by, hardly notice.