Thursday, April 09, 2009

X Men Origin – Gravity woman

X Men OriginElena Kovaleva is a gravity woman. She can glue many object hard to her body with concentration. Scientist explains this phenomenon is a display of Earth gravitational force at 1000 times the strength. reports,

“The parts of the skin, on which the items hang, remain as cold as ice after the things come off. The woman said that she discovered her gift of magnetism at age 45, after an accident.”

It was a lightning incident that transforms her. It will be very interesting to watch her descendant. There is not mention about her emotion impact with this ability.

(Link), Magnet woman holds any types of cooking outfit on her body. (and more)

A perfect handkerchief for stock broker at this time

Cry for stock handkerchiefI New Idea Home has got this sweet, or should I say sad hanky to remind you guys whom are watching zig-zag down line as you still drew commission from your clients, if you still have them. Change your job man!

(Link)Cry for stock

When all else failed, Ctrl-Alt-Del pillows

Ctrl-Alt-Del pillowsA perfect laid back for the IT pro who knows that there is always a fall back plan

(Link)SlipperyBrick, Ctrl-Alt-Del pillows for a style reboot.

FaceBook as a new age Cult.

FaceBook as a new age Cult.ReadWriteWeb has this provocative writeup about FaceBook. Are they brainwashing user, molding us into a social pattern that fits their theory. So far, FB has ignore plead for changes, stating that all these changes are for better user experience. Etc. Snip from RWW,

“The company has forced millions of people into accepting big changes to their social environment despite protests, the social and identity data we create there is held captive and doesn't play well with other sites and Facebook says the end result is that the average person is now more connected than people are through "traditional communication." Every change to Facebook is a change in the social landscape for millions and millions of people - unless we stop using the service, we are at their mercy.”

Is this like a frog that is slowly, unknowingly cooked up in pot? Those who have similar mind controlled experience can tell?

(Link)ReadWriteWeb, Is Facebook a Cult?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Moobath day – Resolution

Raynor struggles for his survival now. Since I am giving him extra push, I should also push myself a little more.

Original Schindler's list comes to light in Sydney library, 801 names on it.

Schindler's listYou have watched the movie. From BBC News,

“This Schindler's list was found sandwiched between research notes and German newspaper clippings gathered by Australian author Thomas Keneally.”

(Link)BBC News, Schindler's List found in Sydney

Man with a terminator eye

Bionic eye cam Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence is World first man to be fitted with electronic cam in his eye which not only records everything he “see”, but the eye also shines with red light that resembles the killer robot from the movie Terminator.

(Link)New Scientist. Bionic eye cam to shine a light on society

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hand of God, reaching for impossible

Colored blue structure causes by high-energy X-rays emanating from nebula. It seems like a struggle to save something dying, desperately stretching out his hand.

(Link)Xomba. Hand of God.

Previously here - Eye of God.

Monday, April 06, 2009

NUK Baby products under investigation for asbestos

Below is the list of the 11 baby products announce by Korea Food and Drug Administration,

1. Daebong LS:Alo & lu Baby Compact Powder
2. Lakhee Pharmaceutical:Lakhee Baby Powder  
3. Sungkwang Pharmaceutical:Cutie Mamang Baby Powder
4. UCL:Babyra Baby Compact Powder
5. UCL:Babyra Baby Powder
6 .Boryung Mediance:Nuke Baby Powder
7 .Boryung Mediance : Boryung Nuke Baby Color Compact Powder
8. Boryung Mediance:Boryung Nuke Baby Compact Powder (White)
9. Boryung Mediance:Boryung Nuke Clinic Baby Powder (Powder)
10. Korea Monica Pharmaceutical:Monica Baby Powder
11. Korea Kolmar : Laqube Baby Powder

(Link)Hong Kong Liberty Times. Now China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are on NUK’s tail.

Tz Blog of Note: 101 excuses for not giving up your sit

101 excusesI have to admit. While this is not entirely funny to look at, it didn’t just happen here. So, while you mention less Singapore, please find the excuse here for everyone you see.

(Link)Via Ultimate Insult, People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches. Every excuse is valid.

HIV vaccine by 2010. Good news?

HIV-resistant Ugandans found.A small group of Ugandans were found to have natural HIV resistant. Quote from New Vision online,

“They have special white blood cells that can only be produced when the virus attacks the body. However, even with the most sophisticated tests, HIV could not be found in these individuals, implying that the virus had tried to infect them but the immune system kicked it out.”

But wait, there is no breakthrough yet.

(Link)New Vision Online, HIV-resistant Ugandans found.

Obama plays Wii, or whatever you want to interpret

Obama PalmI just hate people interpreting sign. Where they see demon, I see fun, where others said there was an Angel, I saw nothing but twisted images. Chinese idiom: You cannot fathom a man by his look.

(Link)EnglishRussia, Obama has Russian curse word on his right palm. Hot Internet topic now on one sixth of the world.