Friday, June 02, 2006

Riddle of the Lamp - Fervent Hope



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I am angry

I am born in the blood of the brood. My appearance and habit does not different from you, but the public doubt my heart. Wherever I go, people look at me as though that I am some kind of freak, they fear that suddenly a monster will creep out of my body and attack them.

I walk the free land without freedom. I have friends that I pay through my blood, but I fear that one day they would want my blood.

The trial I went through was nothing for me, but I can barely stand in the thoughts of my children who will walk the same inevitable path of prosecution.

If I really have the strength, I would perish together with this world.

My only joy was the moment at the pond, where a 2.24 meters sturgeon was finally caught after a long struggle. I forgot the purpose of my path at the time.

There is still a long way to go.

My name is Ryu – we shall meet in Breath of Fire IV.

lostin Motivational poster

Delicate to those who like this kind of poster, and thanks to Boingboing
It is not what you said, but who say it. (Link)

Fear not we're just pesky flies

Actually, I agree with Dr Lee Boon Yang. The internet is extremely Evil. Not only we need to regulate it, we need to prosecute those dissident. The gahmen need to catch them and punish them in public. (Link) and (Link)

Especially, those who post naked photos, violent materials, abhorrent languages and fictional religion informations.

Of course, this does apply to the MSM, which are free to publish anything they deem appropriate, even if is anyhow said.

Huh? what? this is not about moral well being of our people har? Oh! is about the gahmen scare too many people kena sway by different political view.

I am sorry! I thought they are concern about something else. Pardon me and ignore my post please.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What BlueTooth ID are you carrying?

I feel little impish during lunch time, so I start to scan for active ID in the food court. This is what I got:

"横财就手-D (3163)"
"海豚~海豚 :)"

What the heck!!

Which X-Men (3) character are you most like?

Yesterday I watched X-Men 3 with Raynor

Which X-Men character are you most like?

You are Professor X!You are a very effective teacher, and you are very committed to those who learn from you. You put your all into everything you do, to some extent because you fear failure more than anything else. You are always seeking self-improvement, even in areas where there is nothing you can do to improve.
Take this quiz!


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Now I know, I am dead. What am I still doing here?

Loser that talks about Da Vinci all the time

Recently there are too many Da Vinci post on my site. So many, in fact I also feel its lame.

But I want to clarify; my talks about Da Vinci were just coincidence. I did not plan to cooks up anything religious. I know that there are still many people talking about Da Vinci out there. Well, I still think Da Vinci is worth talking about.

I understand among all, Catholics are the people who feel most unpleasant talking about the topic. I truly understand, after all, it is your life time faith.

So far, I have not received any warning letter or threaten mail. I assume either my posts are but small ripples, or no one care.

I still wanted to say this; any posts about Da Vinci here do not mean to offend anyone.

Japanese acoustic expert recreated Mona Lisa's voice

鈴木 松美, a Science researcher and Psychologist, works for the criminal department of Japan. He helps them to recreate voice from skull, and assists in their crime investigation.
He measured the hand and face of Mona Lisa from the famous portrait, then added an Italian accent to the voice. Now you can hear her says: "I am Mona Lisa".

Dr Matsumi Suzuki also created the voice of Da Vinci himself, although he is not very confident about accuracy as compare to Mona Lisa. He says because the work was derive from only self portrait of Da Vinci. (Link)

In case you are unable to watch the above video, you can go Reuters. (Link)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am your boss, your opinion is irrelvant

What is your complaint? I think I can answer that question
Who wrote the law? Who do you think shape you life and direct you sense of belonging? I am growing and will devour you real soon. (Link)

These people hor! just cannot tell who's the boss.

Old Military tech convert to help fight against breast cancer

Military use this tech for their night vision device.
They convert it to thermography scanner and use it to moniter breast treatment. (Link)

Defect or revolution?

via Boingboing, China couple gave birth to a three arm baby
Jiejie also accompany with others defect like single kidney etc.
Such is a difficult situation to be positive with, although the fate of the baby is not determine, one finds hard to overcome reason with emotion. (Link)

If only Science can offer a explaination.

Rights to belief

Stuffs and thingy I use to perform satanic rituals was removed by my XXX. Reason being I am not supposed to burn candle, especially the white one.

Hello! you still know that this is my place, no?

Don't I have the rights to choose and practice whatever I want. Although you do most of the works here, that doesn't means you can tell me what I can or not believe. I am not a 16 years old kids nor am I your puppet you know.

In the Constitutiom, this is call the freedom of Religion.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

4 categories of Humanity

Next year Will is going to nursery. As usual (actually no choice), we register P$$P PAP for him.

During the registration, the very kind lady teacher, explain to us about the procedure and ask about which category is Will. She goes further into explaining the different Cat.

Cat 1: (Meo-ooOw)
That you will jump all queue and enter directly.
Condition for the meow – Children of (RC) residential committee member, or sibling currently study in the same centre.

Cat 2: (Me-oow)
Normal ballot and queue, usually also enter without much problem.
Condition – 1 kilometer within centre premises, and that's all. Really.

Cat 3: (no meow)
Wait all you want, we will only insert you when there is left over after the above 2 cat fill up.
Condition: If you just migrated from Hougang or Potong Pasir, you belongs to this pathetic cat.

So, I want to ask Mr Low and Mr Chiam. Would you treat me tha same if I mirgrate to your place?

Wasn't that a great way to differentiate Singaporean?

I also do some home work and think I should limit the people entering my place. You should know I calculated, there are approximately 500 people wanted to come my house every year. I have no choice but to limit the people that come.

Cat 0 – You can come and go as you like, stay as long as you like. I will also serve you free foods and drinks.
Condition – Must be a member of XXX church and hold my surname.

Cat 1 – Make an appointment and you can come.
Condition – Friends or relatives of XXX church's member. Any surname.

Cat 2 – Make an appointment, I'll call you if I am free.
Condition – I have seen you once, maybe twice.

Cat 3 – You definitely cannot come and don't let me see you on the street.
Condition – You are cults and my enemies. @#%$$!

How? I think my differentiation is better, at least I am being blunt.

How will we shape the world with our deeds

Seen this at Post Secret, touch me.
Reminded me of a story happened in Singapore. We are just small fry.

What a mind game

I wonder how much this game would cost?
Inventor Lester Clancy suggests that you get some pretending workout by hopping over the "invisible" rope that he invented, what a great invention! mind over matter especially if you are clumsy at these stuff. (Link)

I also have one, my house is like a jungle and both my kids imagine that they are the king of the forest.

See nothing on the image, use your imagination, stupid!

Something wrong with the World

Artist concept, jets of material shooting out from the neutron star.
Is it me, or the artist is dirty minded?

Da Vinci franchise roundup

U.S movie box office number 2, estimate gross 224 million world sales.

U.S New York Times best paperback fiction seller since 2003.

Google has created an online game base on the novel.

China, Hong Kong developers invest 2 million to make ‘tour of the code’, for tourist to visit all places in the novel.

The novel brought 100 thousand tourists to Scotland Rosling church in October 2005.

Owner of special castle in France outskirt that appear in the show, collect millions from tourist.

Sales of PC game for the code ??? (will update once I got the figure). The game is still selling.

China Columbia picture has authorized some jeweler to make the Da Vinci watch, which will sell at 20 thousand U.S Dollars.


Monday, May 29, 2006


You said we were friends. You have opps to make money but keep to yourself, when you are loaded you invite me along for happy hour, and make me spend more $$.

This type of friends I call 猪朋狗友!!

Sunbath Day - Raynor's Sliver award

100 M breast stroke under 5 minutes. 200 M backstroke, 200 M side crawl. 400 M breast stroke with midway diving under ring at 1.7M. Stand water 5 minutes with removal of pajamas plus making of float.

I swear, I almost suffered more than you do, Raynor.

I cannot go Iraq

One coach, 2 athletes were stop, ask to step out before the local religion extremists shot them. They were killed because of the shorts they wear which violate the local "Islamic" law, claim the extremists. (Link)

I swear, I will not go there.

Sure they will attract more people to visit their country, smart move!