Tuesday, May 30, 2006

4 categories of Humanity

Next year Will is going to nursery. As usual (actually no choice), we register P$$P PAP for him.

During the registration, the very kind lady teacher, explain to us about the procedure and ask about which category is Will. She goes further into explaining the different Cat.

Cat 1: (Meo-ooOw)
That you will jump all queue and enter directly.
Condition for the meow – Children of (RC) residential committee member, or sibling currently study in the same centre.

Cat 2: (Me-oow)
Normal ballot and queue, usually also enter without much problem.
Condition – 1 kilometer within centre premises, and that's all. Really.

Cat 3: (no meow)
Wait all you want, we will only insert you when there is left over after the above 2 cat fill up.
Condition: If you just migrated from Hougang or Potong Pasir, you belongs to this pathetic cat.

So, I want to ask Mr Low and Mr Chiam. Would you treat me tha same if I mirgrate to your place?

Wasn't that a great way to differentiate Singaporean?

I also do some home work and think I should limit the people entering my place. You should know I calculated, there are approximately 500 people wanted to come my house every year. I have no choice but to limit the people that come.

Cat 0 – You can come and go as you like, stay as long as you like. I will also serve you free foods and drinks.
Condition – Must be a member of XXX church and hold my surname.

Cat 1 – Make an appointment and you can come.
Condition – Friends or relatives of XXX church's member. Any surname.

Cat 2 – Make an appointment, I'll call you if I am free.
Condition – I have seen you once, maybe twice.

Cat 3 – You definitely cannot come and don't let me see you on the street.
Condition – You are cults and my enemies. @#%$$!

How? I think my differentiation is better, at least I am being blunt.

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