Friday, July 10, 2009

We are really so different that peace is impossible between us?

Watch upcoming D-9. District 9 is a different kind of Alien movie. Where it was no longer about how human fought against invading Alien, and miraculously gained final victory. It is instead, about Alien seeking refuge among us, and how it ended.

District 9
- Enter as Human or Alien

Stop Motion Donkey Kong clip done with large Post-it

Here is a awesome Stop Motion Yotube video of retro game Donkey Kong, for those of you who never got to play it. Guy, you don't know what beauty you missed.

The Awesomer - Pixels & Bricks: Post-It Donkey Kong in Raleigh

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

World first synthetic Human sperm. Next, world first synthetic baby from it.

Synthetic human spermProfessor Karim Nayernia and his team at New castle may have a break through. To grow human sperm from embryonic stem cells alone. The Synthetic sperm swims with head and tail, with some of the biological characteristics of real sperm. However, a change in the law would require, because the use of such in-vitro derived (IVD) sperm for reproduction was banned in Britain by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act last year.

From Times Online,

"Professor Nayernia said the IVD sperm have key traits of real sperm, including a haploid nucleus that has 23 chromosomes, instead of the 46 found in non-reproductive cells. “These cells are haploid, they have tails and a head, and they swim,” he said. “The only cells in the body that are like that are sperm.”"

This solved a millennium question of whether the chicken or the egg exist first. But science would only be possible if there is already a law exist in the nature.

'Synthetic sperm’ from stem cells raises hope for male infertility

Monday, July 06, 2009

How to Live with your Grandpa/Grandma

How to Live with your Grandpa/GrandmaOver at Dumb Little Man, Ali Hale has some wonderful tips on how you can help your Grandparent with their retirement period, and at the same time prepare yourself to get old. I especially felt the second point is a golden rule. Avoid Political/Religious Discussions...

How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Grandparents on DLM