Friday, May 18, 2007

Cloudywind and her Mum

CloudywindI read about the rumours wanbao this morning. Cloudywind, your mum and you have my full support. Those employer are the evil breed of Singapore. They should be rip off their license.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wacky Howto: Calculate your age by amount of Coco you ingested

Chocolate and your AgeToday in Wiki How to there is this out of this world mathematic craze that just blows my mind off. Below are the steps. Hey kids! No cheating hor, be honest with yourself.

Let say you glutton 15 chocolate per week. X2
15 X 2 = 30

Add 5
30 +5 = 35

X 50
35 X 50 = 1750

Add 1757 if pass birthday if not add 1756
1750 + 1757 = 3507

Minus your birth year
3507 – 1971 = 1536

Here are the amazements. The first 2 digits is number of Coco you eat per week. Last 2 is your age. How it works? (Link)…… Fun with Maths and Chocolates.

Life imprisonment for software pirate

Life imprison for software pirateNot only you cannot download, but you can't even think/try it. The new law will render even the slightest act of copyright infringement a criminal offence. This is by far the brightest idea I have come across, provided they can build enough prisons to accommodate billion of “copyright” thieves. (Link)

Passed copyright infringement counted or not?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robotic patient aid Doctor

Robotic patient in JapanAh, this is much more useful than sex doll. They bleed and even died if you did wrongly. So those C ward patients don't have to be annoyed by rookie’s doctor. (Link)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Your pets are animal, you are not

Dog shit in HDBDear dog lover, if you so love you pal, please do also pick up their left over. After that, whether you steam or fry them. I assure you they will only hurt your stomach, not you conscience.

Remember, ownership is not only about exercising authority, but taking responsibility.

The most truly presented Last Supper portrait

The True Last Supper of Christ
Via Boingboing, the most correctly drawn Last Supper of the Christ. Evar!

Reverse alarm clock keeps children alseep

Reverse Alarm ClockJohn Zimmerman, an associate professor in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design and Human-Computer Interaction Institute, has developed an unconventional alarm clock every new parent needs, Quotes ScienceDaily,

"The moonset and sunrise calculator controls a "sky display," illustrating time in a way that young children can understand by using images of the sun, moon and stars."

This is a great invention for us people with many children. I wonder how effective it will be.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Super World of Warcraft Mario Brother Movie

WoW Super MarioI never play Mario game in my life. But this Super Mario set in WoW clip surely have me watch again, and again. I guess WoW has never been this kiddingly before. (Video) This makes Super Mario Brother more entertaining than WoW.

Ship of 50,000 books dock in Japan for 10 days

MV DoulosThe 6,818 tons and 130 metres long Doulos was built in 1924. Now it carries more than 350 volunteers from over fifty nations. It will be open for public till 21th May at Hakata port in the city of Fukuoka. Oh, don't you wish it comes to Singapore again. (Link) They also have a site currently under construction. Also check out the voyages of this great Humanitarian ship.

Manga becomes mainstream oredi

Graphic NovelsWhile waiting for wife, I spotted this newly added section in Popular Store. They make it sound so nice and also upgrade the social status of Comic. But, why only the English one huh? Chinese one lower class is it? Most of the Mangas I read are ten times better literature than all this add together. Check them out. Just a suggestion.

Lostin movie selection of the month

My DVDs choices of this month are,
The pursuit of Happyness
The last King of Scotland
Anger Management and
Night at the museum

Two good titles I give up due to budget are American Zion which describes the early life of Mormon's pioneer and Color of the Cross that portrait a Black Christ. I will get them if they are still around next month.

Anyone interested in a DVD exchange program are always welcome to email me. For Singaporean only.