Saturday, September 22, 2007

Subath backdate – oversoaked

The Sun is so bright today that we soak for an extra hour, mind wanted more but body starts to give way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yartsa Gunbu – site of famous Chinese worm/herb

Yartsa Gunbu peopleWe generally know it as cordyceps or 冬虫夏草. I used to believe I know so much about them, this opens my eye to another part of the world.

Here, visit (Link) for rare photos and experiences on Earth, credit to Daniel Winkler, excellent blog!

Also, visit for wiki for this, don’t people say good, you just follow.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Some bothers, others ignorance

I wrote an original Chinese riddle some time back which one young man, I assume, manage to see through it. I am quite impressed. If you read this, I will come out with more.

How to travel in Singapore MRT with programming language

I am sure majority of local need this, for the sake of dummy I only use the structure, not the actual language.


if handicap(wheelchair) or handicap(stroller) or handicap(heavystuff)
{ lift(use) }

{ if hurry use(right)
else Keep(left) }

{ if exist yellow_line
cross(not) }

{ giveway(alighting_passenger)
Enter_before(alarm_stop) }

{ if destination(one_stop)
Else move(centre) }

{ if cabin(crowded)
squeeze(out) or printf: “ccnbccb! skews me.”
else work(late)
iIf platform(crowded)
squeeze(out) or printf: “ccnbccb! skews me.”
else work(late)}

goto escalator(congested)
goto lift(hadicap)
goto scan(ezlink_card)


else human_brain(use)

Ah, if social behaviors are so easily programmed.