Friday, November 03, 2006

Image of “Jesus” on potato chip

Jesus on potato chipOh! This time you can eat it and pray along for some serious holy spirit to enter your physical body. I would go a snag a pack of chips on my way back, so maybe I can auction them off on Ebay for 1 million, and then retire. (Link)

Blogger compromises, blog banned got lifted

Mahmood Al YousifAfter having a serious discussion with the Information Ministry, Mahmood Al Yousif agreed to remove all of his posts related to Salah Al Bandar case, his blog is now back to normal. Where he says,

“I am not happy with the outcome, but I have got to accept their request,"

He also wonders how many nations in the world where citizen can go meet high people, discuss issues in calm and open manner, finally lifting their own banned. (Link)

So good hor! After banned still can discuss one. In Singapore, banned means banned oredi, it is permanent like chewing gum sticky permanent.

Beautiful Singapore night sky glass art for sales on Ebay

Glass art of Singapore night skyIt is eight pieces of glass art actually. I find the price quite cheap. The art is well suited for those who stay in a high rise condo. (Link)

Global privacy report for Singapore

Eavesdropping toolsTen pages (Pg 44 to 54) of the report cover many privacy practices of Singapore government and private sector. It also touches on some human rights matters about our government. I haven't finish reading it yet. Once I have will try to post some update here. (Link)

The second white marble statue of Singapore great man

White marble statueVia Singapore Donkey, a white marble statue of our senior statesman Lee Kwan Yew, will be erect, well, somewhere. I am quite skeptical though, if it is true, we can all go there and pay our “proper respect” to him, lol! (Link)

Sidenote: Off course, this is kidding, but deep in my heart, how I wish this is true.

An exciting moment for a nation

Kyrgyzstan15 thousands gather in front of the presidency, asking The man of Kyrgyzstan to resign, because daddy never delivered his promises. Such is the age of children. (Link)

China fake google Mp3 search site shuts down after real Google intervene

gugemp3: click to see the search resultsDays ago, there was media coverage about this MP3 search site that looks and feels like Google. Google China investigates and now the site is closed, the site master apologizes and urges netizens to continue their support for the real Google. (Link)

One funny thing, turn on your speaker volume when you visit (, make sure you are not at work.

Religion persecution in China

Everyone knows that China do not treat religious people right in their land, I heard that they even censored the revelation parts of the Bible. Fellow believers should read this story, and take heart.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hybrid Religion Shrine

Hybrid Religion ShrineAs you can see, the first level is a probably a figure of Buddha, second is obviously Jesus on a cross, and third, figure of Shiva!!? The peculiar one is the top statue, I can't figure out what's that? This photo is taken in Thiruvananthapuram, the southern tip of India main land. (Link)

Google launches “The Literacy Project”

The Literacy Project
Check them out! (Link)

Singapore Google Zeitgeist for August 2006

Just what did Singaporean Google in August 2006?
1. youtube
2. friendster
3. mercury interactive
4. online games
5. master's thesis
6. wikipedia
7. onshare
8. starhub
9. singapore airlines
10. singapore pools
11. soccernet
12. sms gateway
13. street directory
14. paris Hilton

The accuracy of Google Zeitgeist is debated, however. You can try to do some Google if you want.


China, Blogger and me

Click to enlargeMany visitors from China point out to me that they cannot view my blog from there. Could it be China is blocking my site? I don't think so, probably is blogger China is after. I am hardly worth noticing for them. My blog hardly worth notice by China.

You will be shoot if you proclaim my name

In Jerseyville, a 17 years old teen - Roger Holyfield, was shot dead when he carrys a Bible and shouts: "I want Jesus", despite warning given by the police. Two shot from the stun gun later took his life. Chief examiner of St. Louis however, suggests that the boy suffer from a mental state call ''excited delirium.''

Snip from SunTimes:

"That highly active mental state could be brought on by mental illness or drugs. ''If it was excited delirium, he could have dropped dead,'' without police using the stun gun, Burch said. "

Bible, two new Chinese versions

Chinese BibleVia Logos Bible software blog, 2 new version of Bible are launched. The Shen Edition (Simplified Chinese) and Shangti Edition (Traditional Chinese). Visit the blog to find out more if you are interested. (Link)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Singapore first sex education magazine received low publicity

loveairwayThe answer to whether Singaporean is conservative has been answered. With 50% of ethnic Chinese; plus information so restricted and media so controlled (except the internet), Singapore is a place where things will warm up very slowly.

Good or bad?

How an Engineer explained women

Click to enlargeI got one of this in my email, went Google and found the source site. The view point may offends some women, but it is soooo true. (Link)

Ghastly anti smoking video from Philippines

videoThis lurid video has same effect like ads against drunk driving, but there is no way you can smoke safely. (Link)

Google takes down blogger's blog by court's order

Charlotte WyattCharlotte was born premature follow by multiple complications; the hospital finally decides that it would be of best interest to stop providing for her. Darren blogs about it, hospital files complain, legal court rules, Google finally removes the blog and post a notice here. The blog now migrated to wordpress. (Link)

Cornell impractical robotic chair; falls apart and reassemble itself

Cornell Robotic ChairAlthough the chair has no practical usage, but the AI is quite astounds. First the chair breaks down into pieces, and then the scattered parts find each other and assemble itself into the whole chair again, like magic! The chair is currently on a world tour now. (Link)

View the video on youtube here

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mass killing at a Pakistan religious school

Mass KillingWhy this news? Because while the hue that enter and killed 80 militants, they claim that it is a terrorist school, but the local said, those “terrorists” they slaughtered were kids! 15 to 16 years of age only! Wah lau! I hope this is not a racist matter. (Link)

Ron (龙) 41: Two Suns

Click to enlargeThe second sun is unleashed by a gay who flew over Hiroshima on 1945. US Little boy killed 140 thousand civilians instantly when he landed at the centre of the city.

Today friend you, tomorrow friend you not

Click to enlargeSpotted this durng my day off with 2nd prince of my house at a nearby playground. Those kids are very mature hor! So young they can decide this oredi! I think we can reduce the age eligible for teach them who to voteing also.