Friday, December 29, 2006

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 1

Japan very popular vblog
Japanese XX

Steamwire Quiktool
Nifty converter

CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.116
Quite a useful too, can make amendment to the ISO directly

Spell checker software; useful for writer

Uninstall Tool 1.6.6
An mini uninstall tool that doesn’t need to be install, one click and it get the job done

Pop-It Dead 2.0
Wow! Pop-up also can manage one

Memory Washer
I am not responsible if you are brainwash, ok?

Holy skin, Holy relic

An unexpected holy grail of Christ

VDownloader 0.3b
Download and convert Youtube's video at the same time, and no need to install, what are you waiting for?

Until next time, Happy New Year!

Internet’s stories of a Human with super endurance

Dean KarnazesDean Karnazes was a a normal HR clerk before he turns 30, he drank heavy and a lot, then he decide that enough is enough, motivated himself through extremely painful ordeal and now he is known as the ultramarathon man on the web. Wired recently profiles him.

Read my roundups if you are incline to search on him,

1. He completed 50 marathons in 50 days.
2. 200 miles non-stop running is a leisure for him.
3. He ever suffered from dehydration, hillucination and collapsed during his running.
4. A new laceless track shoe was born because of him.
5. He eats lot of junk food like hawaiian pizza, cookies during his running days, and carries a GPS HP for ordering them.
6. Dean Karnazes sleeps only 4 hours a day.
7. He have a a special watch that measures his speed, distance, calories burned, and elevation.
8. If he ever have an open wound, he would seal them with glue.
9. He learns to urinates and runs at the same time.
10. Stop hard drinking, he says.


Environmentalists urge Australia's army to dealt with rampaging cane toads

Cane FrogCane frog was introduced into Australia's east coast on 1935, in hope to control the over growth scarab beetles. The cold blooded reptiles are not only over populated now, but have also evolved into bigger and faster creature, approximately two hundred million in numbers; they are slowly but surely destroying the ecologies of the continent. If their march westward is not dealt with, they would also kill all the native snakes, goanna lizards and quolls there with their poisonous nature. (Link)

Sound like they have to introduce another animal to control it again. What is it this time? maybe a mutated king cobra which immunes to the frog's venomous skin.

SinGeo claims Singapore Street Directory Censored Google Earth imargeries

Google earth Singapore Street directoryThis is a piece of image I got from SinGeo, which shows that many parts of Singapore maps are deliberately covered up by Singapore Street Directory. One of them was the Istana. What are the rest? If you ask me, I would guess it might be military bases, including some of the ultra sensitive one like, howitzers, missile, navy battle ship and some aircraft deployment. Your guess is as good as mine.

I also can say, Singapore Street Directory WILL NOT confirm this. (Link)

Update: From SinGeo Blog,
recent updates and improvements to the satellite imagery of Singapore in Google Earth have been replaced with older imagery.... (Link)

I wonder, is this some kind of cover up by Google Singapore for security purposes....
if my blog got 10'000 hits daily, they may require to clear this up. I guess not now.

China “胡子男” Photoshop phenomenon

胡子男A little narcissistic China Engineer posted his photo on the web, received 3000 over comments and later, his picture got PS by China netizens. This Photoshoped picture sparks a marvel over the WWW, his picture got PS over seven hundred over times! I believe it broke the record of Internet PS on a single picture ever.

I Baidued and got this back, some of the PSs are really quite creative and well done.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mysterious claim from Internet purport Youtube's JS flaw

Click to enlarge
A stranger, I suppose, posted a plain text/html message with code, says,

“The following URL will cause java script to execute in the context of Youtube”

Click at you own risk, following the URL at your own peril, if it is true, Youtube will find out soon and patch it. I have a very strong urge to just copy and paste, but I am too old to fall for this kind of temptation, however, I wish some geek can clear this wind out for me. (Link)

Hand weapon that fire magnetic force

Gauss PistolFrom the looks you might think that it is cool and powerful, but the site claims that this weapon is build for educational purposes only. For those of you who want to find out more can visit the site or click here, here and here. The pistol fire invisible gauss energy through coils, magnetic power generated from batteries, which somewhat limits it’s Lethality. (Link)

I am very keen to hear what sound it will makes during firing.

Adopt a jellyfish and watch it grow on your site

Go to the Pet Station, where you can create an avatar, but for more fun, pick a jellyfish, get the code for your blog, give it a nickname and watch it grow on your site. The site is new with only 3 applications now, but try it out; the little jelly creature will level up without any attention. Fun! (Link)

To a great shoes maker and others

It is only during heavy raining season in Singapore that I learn to love my pair of Hush Puppies, the shoe's heights 4 inches but when I walk through 2 inches deep water patch, water didn’t get into my socks. Even when I carried an umbrella half of my body gets wet excluding my feet.

This is the best pair of leather I have, ever!

Others rants, heavy rain did not create any flood in Singapore last few days, but take heart, it may cause more mud slides and soften many structures, houses near hill and slope might get hit first, Civil Engineering people should be able to confirm my opinion.

Concrete, is not all that natural structure.

Update: Jing..xx says,
“Take it from a civil engineer, yes, slopes should be checked to determine that they are safe. Just a question of who should pay for the check to be done?”

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Taiwan's quake takes down half of Asia's Internet

Taiwan QuakeFor about 8 hours, I cannot blog nor surf the Web, Singtel, Stahub and Pacific ISP technical helpdesk's calls rang like hell just break loose. Finally I delivered this news to you, 8 hours too late, for minutes I thought it was the end of the World, unfortunately it was not.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wikia Amazon plans quick rummaging search engine

Jimmy Wales, founder of you know what, visions yet another search engine, hopes to rivals Google. It should be very, very interesting to watch. (Link)

And, if you are pro Wiki, click the link and help out.

Update: Jimbo Says,
The project has nothing to do with Amazon, though.

Update: No, this cannot be Jimbo Wales, there are too many Jimbo on blogger, and why would he want a profile on Blogger? When he got one already.

Baha'i Faith believers officially became outlaw in Egypt

Baha'i Faith LogoEgypt's supreme administrative court has passed the rules, as a Baha'is Egyptian now, you have few options. First, denied your faith and lives happily among 90% of the Sunni Muslim there. Second, dig an underground place big enough to accommodate about few hundreds or maybe thousands Baha'is, or stand fast, live like dogs without education and medical aids from the government. (Link)

The choice is very clear, isn't it?

Taiwan radio pirates protest and burnt copies of Constitution

Pirate's ConstitutionNCC(National Communications Commission) of Taiwan, which was declared unconstitutional on July by the Council of Grand Justice, set the threshold for operating radio so high(familiar tactic) that independent radio station would not be able to sustain. Protestor spat at NCC member’s photos and they are still fighting now. A very interesting remark by one pirate radio’s operator,

“They have no rights to silence us, they are unconstitutional themselves.”

The root of Taiwan government is quite unique, in such a way that it affects their subsequent behavior.

Politic, has no place in the future of Humanity.

Staffs of Shenzhen's hospital wear combat helmet at work

Warrior MedicAll doctors and nurses in a China hospital(山夏医院) put on helmet fit for war at work for the last couple of days(see picture), plus they may have borrow the head gear from military for standardizing their uniform, they all look like warrior medic, That guy on the bed doesn’t look impress. If you understand Chinese, click on the link to read why. (Link)

China people are gallant, I tell ya.

Northwestern University's research makes two futuristic techs possible

Robotic whiskersThe University has recently breakthrough in 2 technologies that we only hearc from Science fiction stories. Combinations of organic and non-organic materials lead to possible invisible electronic, which means VGA display on glasses, fascinating! Another breakthrough in sensor, researchers developed robotic whiskers that can sense a 3D environment, and detecting speed and direction of fluid. (Link)

Philips plans new copy protection method for DVD to safeguard our rights

Google In view of hackers has been hacking into current DVD Region code embedded onto disk, Philips recently plans a new matter to embed code onto DVD, this time, copy protection code will be encrypted in the same way the movie is encoded, so hackers will have to tear down the whole movie to system to hack the code, thereby subject to the whole copy right law. (Link)

Although I do not understand this whole geek stuff, but is this not some kind of DRM?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Sunbath: Complex Life

Complex LifeIn trying to repair our defective hotpot, I striped through every wires and screws, and found out the rubber seal of the cover was danaged.

My Christmas Day 2006! Thanks hor!