Friday, January 06, 2006

Singapore Places on Wikipedia

If I nair read, I also dunno about this.
Someone has really put great effort into creating this.
The List of neighbourhoods in Singapore.

The part for Woodlands was aslo very comprehensive, blow me off.


"The standard of living in Woodlands is far higher compared to other parts of Singapore, which might have started development after Woodlands did. All households were connected to water, power and gasoline supply and nearly all households have access to public television, telephone and cable services. Assistance regarding public utilities and services (such as lifts and public lightings) were constantly available."

How can I stay here for long!? No wonder I work and work also not enough...........

Singapore TV really sucks?

Singapore TV really sucks?
It is true that some of the local Chinese show and some program they put up on TV5 are dying.

But recently I have notice there are some changes to it, for example, there is quite a face lift on TV12 or as we know Central, specially ArtsCentral. Hellsing, The Twelve kingdoms are all not lousy animation. Critics pick they have Sopranos, and recently The Shield, which are not bad either.

Although many of TV5 and TV8 program sucks big time, but the news part have gotten a bit more interesting lately, maybe because of the internet competition. I can see an increase of variety; they even got the Middle East’s news faster than Google news last night. These sure make me stick my face back to the TV and observe for a little while longer.

Check it out for yourself.

Ron 39 - 冓火

村上纪香 - 龙39 - 冓火
故事剧情已接近尾声, 龙带着生还的五十多骑马贼部队,越过大兴安岭,将面临前所未有的一战。



No spoiler, the series is worth it, this is the best Murakami Motoka ever had.

Highly recommended, 5 out of 5 stars.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

IR and my life to be

Oh! how I wish I am really there now
With the nybble amount of money I am earning, I am not gonna retire at age 45, not even at age 70.

Now all that I hope is the IR can quickly be build, so I can have a more healthier lifestyle....


introduction to my family

From eldest to the younger
Raynor, William and Ruth
1992 till now, 14 years worth of getting to know each other.

Time really fly!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What is the future of an IT person

I have discuss with some of my friends, even my wife, about what is the best profession in the whole world, they all agree my analogy. I would have post it early already if not for all the seditous thingy and racist, but think about it.....
Where would an IT person go in the future?
Read about this, link

Is it all too late for us?

The definition of good and evil in life

As I surf the internet and ponder about the definition of good and evil on the internet
I came across my mind this old Hong Kong song which I like it very much, I can still recall the lyrics.

That was about 20 years ago...

对抗命运但我永不怕捱 过去现在难题迎刃解
人生的彩笔蘸上悲欢爱恨 描畫世上百千态
控制命运任我巧安排 看似梦幻凡人难尽了解
人间的好景给我一朝破坏 荣辱爱恨任分派

努力未愿平卖 人性我没法贱卖

Now I still haven't change a bit, stubborn and some what a square head.

Thy heart narrow, thy blog shallow

What my parent has taught me and I wanted to remember, and I will pass it down to my children.

尊重人权, 不可伤害他人的心情。
Respect Human right; do not violate the heart of others.
존경 인권은, 다른 사람의 심혼을 위반하지 않는다.
إحترام حق إنسانيّة ؛ لا ينتهك القلب من أخرى.

Do not misuse public’s trust.
공유 신탁을 오용하지 말라.
لا يستعمل جمهور ثقة.

Abstinence before and fidelity after marriage.
절제 결혼다음에 전에와 절조
امتناع من قبل وحالة إخلاص بعد زواج

Conscience as the nearest and greatest teacher
가장 가깝고 가장 중대한 교사로 양심
ضمير كالقريبة ومعلمة عظيمة

Love and cherish everything you have
너가 있는 모두를 사랑하고 품으십시요
أحبّت ودلّلت كلّ شيء أنت تتلقّى