Friday, January 06, 2006

Singapore TV really sucks?

Singapore TV really sucks?
It is true that some of the local Chinese show and some program they put up on TV5 are dying.

But recently I have notice there are some changes to it, for example, there is quite a face lift on TV12 or as we know Central, specially ArtsCentral. Hellsing, The Twelve kingdoms are all not lousy animation. Critics pick they have Sopranos, and recently The Shield, which are not bad either.

Although many of TV5 and TV8 program sucks big time, but the news part have gotten a bit more interesting lately, maybe because of the internet competition. I can see an increase of variety; they even got the Middle East’s news faster than Google news last night. These sure make me stick my face back to the TV and observe for a little while longer.

Check it out for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Hellsing is nice. i watched before. u should try gungrave also. btw the ovas for hellsing coming soon...but central got the tendency to keep repeating animes again and again. 12 kingdoms also repeated show...