Friday, February 20, 2009

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 10, after a long time

The World talks about how Technology advances with Internet, and how people from different part of the Earth change their way of communication through the use of Web. This we already know, already happening and many also predicted what direction it may go.

Where is Internet actually going to go? Is there a place for it in after-world? gives you direction (Link). Not really.

Some seek for God (Link)? Other Purpose of Life (Link). Information on the Internet confused us, doesn’t really tell. It is like trying to find which rabbit hole is deeper if you compare Darwinism and Godism on the Internet, It just gets deeper.

The World never stops seeking.

95% of the Internet is driven by what I deem trash of humanity like porn, spam and others. In fact, it is made of tubes. My wife have had many experiences when she tries to find something for the kids, she hits porn with keyword like “Power Ranger”, “Pokemon” and many kiddy stuffs. Internet became her dread for search things. I know many parent feared the Internet more than some virus that threaten to wipe humanity out.

I remember many occasion, out of frustration, I posted ‘sex’ pictures and articles, wish wildly that they can deter this great wave. Alas! It is like in a fantasy game, where a warrior charges towards a gigantic windmill monster with his pathetic sword.

I realized, with many sleepless night, Internet cannot be fight.

The recent decade development of the Web, however, brings countless merry to my heart. With the coming of Bloggers, Internet suddenly becomes possible to mold by groups, tribes or individual. Everyone can be heard as long you write well and find a way to get attention.

We saw in the recent light, National opinion was shaped by Citizen of Internet. Didn’t we?

I have a fat hope. I dream of when word is entered in search. A vast opinion will be presented before you, from World to Individual, span across all minorities. How would you like to know the sexual aspect of Religion, Art in naked form, and a non religious method to become a better person, all in the light bettering humanity? Such is my mind every time I search online. 

All my Previous Odyssey... (Link)

Friday Ent: Intro Kyle Landry, Acoustic of video game and Anime

I listened to his performance whole of last night and felt incline to post here. Kyle was banned on Youtube before because of Copyright issue. Other than feeling retro, I can’t help but reflect upon my childhood. Powerful piano music, emotified me.

(Link)Youtube, Kyle Landry Channel

Note: I study his fingers and notice something interesting. Did you notice?

China boy has better night vision due to eye Albinism

Night Vision Boy
He cannot see better in dark, really. This is a defect, not X-Man evolution. Father of the boy was happy only that his child was not in other way affected by his albino eye.

(Link)CCTV, Night Vision Boy(China)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What would penis think?

Tales of Mere Existence on Youtube has this interesting illustration video on how you can avoid using your sexual organ when you ought to use your head and heart. Very, very intriguing, use the analytical side of human evolution, not the other which we usually used.

(Video)Youtube, What Would Penis Think.

Update: This is interesting, we should embed it here. Whataya think? Here..

Pictures of trash slum in Cairo

Trash in CairoJust a couple of photos to show you how many trash are there in Cairo, Egypt. You may not want to know how many are there in the World, and how they are maintained.

(Link)O the CHIVE, Count your blessings

Thai temple built with 1.5 million recycled bottles

Temple of Beer bottlesWalls laden with glasses and painting in bottle caps, I would call this ‘Temple of ten thousand drunken’ (万醉庙). Incredible go green feats!

(Link)Dailymail, The Buddhist temple built using 1.5million recycled beer bottles.

Adult Naruto gif that is going to spoil my lunch

Adult Naruto gifThis is an absolutely most subliminal picture of the week for me.
(Link)NO THANKS! I wouldn’t keep this.

Subliminally intrigue me

Youtube warning on a possible woman dictator in East Timor

Amivi Gama, according to this news video, is a fearsome Mother who is slowly and surely gaining power. East Timor has the lowest Human Development Index in Asia.

(Link)Youtube, First Female Dictator Hailed As Step Forward For Women. Via

Update: It is THE ONION!! LOl!

Uniquely Singapore News Round Up, right after morning kopi.

I read a lot of local news lately, in chronological order.

Temasek Holdings declares 39 Billion dollars paper lost, right after CEO changes hand. Usuriously speaking, this is due to bad luck, only.

SP AusNet share dropped 31%, which some companies in Singapore owned significance stake. I heard, is hardware maintenance negligence, due to outsource.

GIC in Singapore lost US33 Billion dollars, which is Seppuku in some nation. I blame myself for selling SingTel share.

Last but not least, ‘Why I Say Yes’ by President S.Nathan. ST headline. It is about time…

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Many locals sector kena Obama virus today?

Obama VirusA friend told me, I Google and asked around. The confirm hit is at SGH and IRAS so far. They got no Internet access today. Time to switch browser after you catch up with your colleagues.

Decoy wallet

Mugger's WalletWikiHowTo shows you how to rig up a mugger’s wallet. It is especially useful if you frequent J.. er.. neighboring country.

(Link)How to Make a Mugger's Wallet

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Mario father and son board game

Super Mario as Board gameGameOver, so you can spend more time with your son, or does girl also love Mario?

(Link)Super Mario as Board game, GameOver.

Internet Blackout N.Z, for creative freedom

New Zealand Internet Blackout is a movement to protest the St** law of ‘Guilt Upon Accusation’ section 92A, where your Internet can be cut off without notice, trial or evidence upon accusation of copyright infringement. Below is what they will do, if you want to do it,

Join the Internet Blackout!
Show your support for the CFF by signing the petition.
Spread the word!
Friend them on MySpace.
Join the CFF Facebook group

The current movement is blackout photo on your FB, Twitter, Wewblog…

(Link)The New Zealand Internet Blackout.

(News)ReadWriteWeb, Black Out Your Twitter Photo: NZ Copyright Law Protest Goes Viral

Church of Scientology banned in Karaganda

KazakhstanKaraganda s the capital of Karagandy Province in Kazakhstan, second largest city in the Kazakhstan republic, locals are mostly German. Court of Karaganda ordered the banned of Scientology due to it’s illegal entrepreneurship and profit-making, it is said that the organization made more than $200 thousand in the recent years.

Illegal entrepreneurship? Is it like what some merchant used to put poison into their food stuff like that, or is it like the National Kidney Foundation like that… ?

(Link)Interfax, Kazakh court bans Scientology organization in Karaganda region

Monday, February 16, 2009

Current hot test on the web. Are you racist?

If you Google a lot, like me, you will know that many took this test. The test, however, merely suggest. My conclusion, you know yourself. I tend to have a strong attitude towards people who is but said they aren’t.

You also may like to know, my opinion on races are not limited to just skin color.

(Link) Project Implicit, Take the racist test, and ask yourself, what you call race? Skin color? Political differences? Worship methods? Or you have prejudices against their parent?

Toothpaste solution for young couple

Butterfly Technology has this neat solution for you newly married couple, so that you wouldn’t have to fight over to do it from the top or the bottom. Nifty!

(Link)Butterfly Technology, via I New Idea.

Video game wallpaper in contemporary art

Video game wallpaper in contemporary artVia LifeHacker, these wallpapers are going to stay on my wall for sometime.

(Link)deviantART, Videogame remakes.