Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crop Circle of internet browser Firefox

Fire fox corp circleThe crop circle of Firefox, created by the local fans in an oat field near Amity, Oregon. They planned for two weeks and completed it under 24 hours. Now, even the UFO will be confused when they see it. (Link)

World map of happiness (color coated)

Happiness mapAdrian White, University of Leicester produced and published this map, which was mentioned by the DJ of 95.8 FM of Singapore radio this morning.

This is the best version of the map I can get on the internet, if you have good eye sight, you may be able to spot the color code of . DJ of 95.8 FM says that the map indicated Singapore was not a very happy nation, coated yellow or something.

Solar system to add new members

Solar SystemSoon, the face of the solar system may change forever. More than 2000 scientists form around 70 nations gather to discuss the “new” solar system, many argue that Pluto should be excluded from the family, but still in debate.

The new family members would be Ceres, Charon and the hmm… warrior princess, Xena. This would make the total numbers to twelve, just like the numbers of Jesus’s apostle, what a coincidence. (Link)

Side note: Have you notice how the number “12” had repeatedly appeared in the course of Human history, not just in the Bible?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

End of the World as we know it

There are quite some talks on the internet now that the World is going to end on 22nd August in a nuclear holocaust.

So what are we going to do? Drop all works and gather in the mountain to pray?
Start to regret what you have done in the past and remorse for the rest of your life? Sorry hor! Earth and Human kind, I shouldn’t have damage the earth/wedge war/destroy life etc etc.

When I think about this, I just want to burst out laughing.

But, If the Earth really ends, I say it is Human who 咎由自取。

The World is not going to end, not today, not tomorrow, in my opinion, not ever.

My humble opinion

Someone leave a comment on my “no title” post on Feb, the comment goes like this:

“I read somewhere that Bird Flu is expected to arrive in the USA or Canada this fall.
It said it killed almost 60% of those who got infected.
Is it true?
What can we do to avoid it?”

Since there is no address or link, I don’t know how I can get back to you, so I will try to answer your comment here.

First of all, I am not sure are you serious in getting an answer, or generally wanted to comments, but I will treat it with my utmost sincerity.

You may have read somewhere on my blog and thought that I am somewhat an expert, or at least a learned person. I am afraid I have to tell you that I am neither.

I am what they call an average blogger, finding a space to vend my emotion.

The answers to you questions are, I am not sure whether will Bird Flu reach USA or not, but I am concern. If that avian killer landed in Canada; you will have my prayer, as I am doing it for many infested country now.

To the best of my knowledge, this winged virus kills 80% of their victim; correct me if I am wrong. You can do some google, and I am pretty sure Wikipedia has an answer.

Again, in my opinion, to avoid all this killer virus is like avoiding global warming. Whether we will step into the next century safely, very much depend on Human responsibility, that is, you and me.

I hope you read this post. Thanks for leaving that sincere comment.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunbath day – With nature, with wings

It’s been more than five years since the last time we visited this place.
We arrive at about 3pm, although we missed most of the show Jurong bird park have to offered, that didn’t cool the enthusiasm of my 2 boys.

We enter the park and were greet by the penguin parade, I think there are about 6 species altogether. The birds are still the same but outlook of the park has change quite a bit.

Boys of mine enjoy themselves most at the Lory Loft, many of the lories flew to their feet and they really enjoy the close contact with the birds. Me and wife, we are just worried about whether the birds carried any disease or not?

The trip tired us, especially me, half way through I have to piggy back my young nestling as he slowly give in to his sleepiness. We stop by a little café to stretch our tiring wings, in the mean time, catch the cool breeze offered by the world tallest artificial waterfall.

The sun left us to where we cannot see when we are on the way out.

We are half contented. It would be better if Singaporean got discount for the entry, and free train ride are welcome too. If the drinks sold here are not so @#$% expensive, surely would encourage more Singaporean to come and have a good time.

Luckily the Thai restaurant at Ginza Plaza is superb. We ate like birds and end our day with some close friends.

You can view some of the photos I took at Jurong Bird Park using my Camephone here.