Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunbath day – With nature, with wings

It’s been more than five years since the last time we visited this place.
We arrive at about 3pm, although we missed most of the show Jurong bird park have to offered, that didn’t cool the enthusiasm of my 2 boys.

We enter the park and were greet by the penguin parade, I think there are about 6 species altogether. The birds are still the same but outlook of the park has change quite a bit.

Boys of mine enjoy themselves most at the Lory Loft, many of the lories flew to their feet and they really enjoy the close contact with the birds. Me and wife, we are just worried about whether the birds carried any disease or not?

The trip tired us, especially me, half way through I have to piggy back my young nestling as he slowly give in to his sleepiness. We stop by a little café to stretch our tiring wings, in the mean time, catch the cool breeze offered by the world tallest artificial waterfall.

The sun left us to where we cannot see when we are on the way out.

We are half contented. It would be better if Singaporean got discount for the entry, and free train ride are welcome too. If the drinks sold here are not so @#$% expensive, surely would encourage more Singaporean to come and have a good time.

Luckily the Thai restaurant at Ginza Plaza is superb. We ate like birds and end our day with some close friends.

You can view some of the photos I took at Jurong Bird Park using my Camephone here.

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