Saturday, December 10, 2005

We all will remembered this day

For this is the moment women can claim that they are the greatest creature on earth.
They went through a 1 degree higher than human pain torelance, which is grade 10 of pain and human are suppose to pass out, but instead they take it and give forth a new life. the heart of Angels.
Ruth has arrived, 1 week plus earlier than expected.
Mummy wash up, and daddy too, get ready to receive our third born. Now she is out at Mount Alvernia hostpital, waiting to join her new family. I, restless and cannot sleep, think life is that passing on the seed and nourish the world. I try my best.

The spirt and senses are heighten, except wife is exhausted from the extreme pain and after birth joy that we as a man will never got to experience in our life.

Tomorrow will be a great day for me.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Thankyou belly belly much

Although I am not in to all this blogger fame sort of stuffs, but, If you are the one who come and read my post and check out what happen in my life avyday, I so thankyou very much.

Forgive me for my Engrish, I am learning and I know they still sucks.(some say my Chinese also sucks)

Forgive me for my critical view point on whatsoever topic, I don't have the answer to anything although I am very stubborn.

If you mind my web design, I am changing it soon and I am also looking for a good and free hosting so I can start on wordpress.(heard is good, but not sure also)

almost every blogger appreciate readership, the more the merrier, although most of the times that doesn't change their life and also doesn't really means anything.

Once again, thankyou!

Drop by again.

Eiffel tower

Just not what I expect to see when reach home
Suppose to be that.
But he said is "Temple of the elemental of Evil", so close to Papa that he even know what RPG game I played.

BEHOLD! I send thee forth into this family, amidst the wolf

I have had tweaks on my left eye for a few days now already.
I am so nervous and tense that I even had dream of her birth.
I am not talking about the second advent, this is about my third born daughter, who is going to arrive in about a week or so....

I prayed very hard.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

really need to do this meh?

I read today's Straits Times about this few people who lie about their medical status.
I know HIV is deadly and they are expected to face this one day, but....
We really need to announce this to the public meh? Singapore is very small you know, that means they must migrate oversea oredy!

Might as well tattoo a mark on their forehead.

Singapore shop space now expand to multi-storey carpark

I believe this is the first in Singapore, so I approach the owner and took a photo. They look at me strangly, off course, typical Singaporean reaction.
We talkie a little, but I didn't told him that I am going to post this here because he doesn't sound so friendly.

The shop's name are some Bible versus, which I didn't bother to check out, come on! any shop setup using the name of Christ should be cool, shouldn't they?

The owner also told me that they got "special" permission to setup this bicycle repair station here, definitely must be "special" enough to make some resident staying in Pasir Panjang to come all the way here to repair bicycle while our's sell their nonya kuei hiding around at every corner of MRT they can find.

Singapore business are really fair and competitive huh?

(update: I check out The Bible, The shop owner obviously didn't read or was not a believer, there is no John 33:3, but John 3:33 writes "The man who has accepted it has certified that God is truthful". Maybe that was the intention afterall, misdirection, good!)

wanderer in woodlands

Today I woke early and saw this young man sleeping in the shelter with his 六玹琴
Is rainning and is cold, why is he not home?
Pity young fellow, dream good dreams for Singapore.

as usual blogger during US peak hour

Cannot post picture, cannot upload anything.

I guess the picture would have to wait, the guys must be very busy at Google.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

old or new keyboard?

Had anyone seen one like this?
Dunno to call it new or old?
Tell me I am not old fashion.

Monday, December 05, 2005

small car for small people

We get a remote sport car each for Raynor and William, they had lots of fun.
S$7.50 each from TAKA, which was a good buy.
During my generation remote control where got so cheap, not to say that it was quite rare.

Today I am not feeling all that good, rest well, drink a lot of water, docter's advise.