Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How many locals company are helping our Ministers hit their KPI

I watched yesterday channel 8 news, and I read about it on Today this morning.

The thing is this, I cannot get this out of my mind so I am going to blunt it out here.

Quote: "The PSD....Blah blah "a direct link" more blah, and the social-economic progress of average- and lower-income..blah blah.."

What it says is this, since I have helped you guys increase your wages, I deserve the bonus.

That's true.

However, it is interesting to find out that many company did not give out a pay increment overnight. In fact, what many manufacturing firm did is this. For any Singaporean worker that has a salary of $650 or lower, and who prefer no OT, was persuade to clock their overtime till it reaches $850. Hence the pay increment

Looks very nice on the book.

That's not all. They made this a SOP for all new employment. So they can hire more foreigner.

So now this particular group of Singaporean rejoices making more money, and working longer hour, as well as remembering the fact that they help our Minister achieve their KPI.

My silly thought. Lets wait for 2016.