Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Youmankind, the tale of us, destroying ourselves

YoumankindFirst time in history, we are force into a system of inescapable interdependency, blind to the consequences of our action. It seem that any move we make in this fragile global system.. result in chain reaction we cannot control…

And, we still think we can figure it out…

Are we sure we won’t perish in our own hand?

(Video) Youtube, Youmankind. I don’t want to spoil your holiday, but we cannot ignore the truth. The answer is inside. (Via)

Monday, December 22, 2008

8 cats kept an abandoned 1 year old baby alive

Nuff said.. read the news. Quote follow,

Alicia Lorena Lindgvist from Argentine says,

"I was walking and noticed a gang of cats sitting very close together. It is unusual to see so many like that so I went for a closer look and that's where I saw him. The boy was lying at the bottom of a gutter. There were all these cats on top of him, licking him because he was really dirty,"

God bless those cats. (Link) News,

How much do you love your elder?

My link/friend LieZi posted an ancient code, it is not taught in school, and cannot be found on book anymore. I really appreciate it very much. Some quotes strike me again. I will attempt to translate them here.

亲爱我 孝何难 We have no problem showing filial piety to loving parent
亲憎我 孝方贤 True filial piety never changes even if they despite you
亲有过 谏使更 Advise your elder when you see their fault
怡吾色 柔吾声 Be gentle and clam in your persuasion
谏不入 悦复谏 If it don’t work the first try, cool down and try again
号泣随 挞无怨 …..

I am not going to translate the last part. You can study them in 烈子 - 弟 子 规. highly recommended.

And this, my friends,

用人物 须明求 倘不问 即为偷
借人物 及时还 后有急 借不难

Is why you still keep your friends…