Friday, February 09, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 7

An IM program base on P2P concept, very fast file transfer

Top 10 magic tricks tutorial

VirtualDub pick
Capture video on desktop

The Daily Model
Tons of chios photos, absoluely SFW

MediaPortal 0.2.1
Turn your PC into a multimedia centre

Global Warming, the cool, hard facts
Is GW really coming? Is it really human's fault?

Trend Micro System Cleaner V.02 Nov
Back dated softeware, but still a powerful anti virus program

Google: Discover your links
Very interesting read for all blogger

Screen Record Pro V6
Record everything on you PC screen and make it into movie

Link to some more links

Free RAM Optimizer XP
One button frees your RAM, watch out!

How To Burn More Fat, With Less Effort
ScienceDaily school you on how to work out properly

2xExplorer R7xZ1 (Chinese)
Something like your desktop explorer

The BIGGG Tesla Coil
Very cool Tesla coil you'll see

3D Canvas
Free 3D tool

Video subliminally arouses you

Erotic kiss(M18)This may look like someone enjoying ice cream, but scene can increase heartbeat for both sexes. You try not to look hard, but you could not. The video is not erotic but suggestive, very good educational clip for young couples may increase national productivity also, Haha! (Video)

Previous M18 posts,
Subliminal picture of an apple
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Pokemon sex education

Few National flags face changes due to recent stars discovery

Australia's FlagScientists of America recently discovered three more new stars in the Southern Cross; effectively changes what we know about the constellation. Few Nation’s flag were also affected; those national symbols may face a makeover or total face-lift. Flags affected are New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Brazil. (Link)

2 Christians arrested after handing out Bible in Florida

CrossThey are from Gideons International, organization which uses witnessing tactic of giving away Bibles in hotels, sidewalk etc. Quotes from Baltimore Explorer,

“Officials cannot use fear of arrest as a means of bullying law-abiding Christians into silence,” Cortman said. “These men broke no laws when they decided to communicate their message on a public sidewalk.” (Link)

Off course, we would not feel the pain until it burns us.

How to make lucky voodoo underwear

Voodoo UnderwearToday on Youtube most viewed, you will be taught how to make this. A special guide for you to win your mahjong session every time, no, serious, all you need to do is some lucky bean, horseshoe and rabbit fur. (Video)

Oh, I forgot, witchcraft is banned in Singapore.

Call and message oversea free with Fring

FRing is a mobile phone application that enables you to call and SMS via Internet, bypassing oversea provider if the other party has that same thing. Off course, an AP must be available or else you can pay through your nose via GPRS. The setting is a bit tedious, but is all worth it once setup, go and try it. (Link)

Addition information,
To get the MAC address of your Nokia NSeries phone, key in *#62209526#
To view the firmware version, type *#0000#

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fish with eerie human feature on the back

Eerie fishI seen this somewhere but cannot recall where. It is not the previous carp with human face; an angler from Russia caught, and ate this fish. It mourns like man and rolls its eyeballs when first encounter. (Link)

There is also a video, double the shocking factor.

Update: Via Discovery News. It is a Guitarfish. (Link)

The wolf in Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Color Wolf doctorA rookie doctor in TTS was sacked after caught filming nurses bathing. After so many years of medical training and discipline, all he becomes was peeping tom, something even a Bangladesh worker will not do. The hospital’s work is too free is it?

Hey dude! If you really need to see, why not go Internet?

My quarterly girl and the insolent bitch

We spent wonderful nights together. She leads me to many great adventures of my life and turns me into insomniacs. Every night I can’t wait to see her, she is one of the best I have had so far, however, every time before seeing her I have to face this @#$% bitch from SF which makes my otherwise fun moment into long frustrating wait. Many say this is also bad for health.

Get this impudent bitch out of my life!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Photos of Battle for Stalingrad

Battle of StalingradIf you like to read about history of World War II like I do, these vintage pictures taken during the Battle of Stalingrad should appeal to you. From EnglishRussia, Russian kids were taught about the war in a very different way we knew. Read the comments and get some historical facts. (Link)

Records of Shanghai city sinking into sea

Shanghai CityThe great and beautiful Shanghai is submerging into sea each year; China has dump massive engineering effort in, only to slow down the process by bits each year. They plan to maintain the rate of sinking at 7 mm each year.

Between the years 1990 to 1999, it was more than 16 mm annually
2000 – 12.1 mm
2001 - 10.9 mm
2002 – 10.2 mm
2003 – 9.5 mm
2004 – 8.7 mm
2005 – 8.3 mm
2006 – 7.5 mm

In fact, many costal city around the World faces the same problem

China to launch massive aircraft carrier by 2010

China new Aircraft CarrierQuoted by some media, that this is for the sake of greater good, or as we know, World Peace. The carrier is 40 thousand tons; costs 390 million dollars to build and can house 54 fighter aircraft and 13 anti sub gunship when complete. It is more than enough for any Peace project. (Link)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scientist discovered material stiffer than diamond

New World stiffest materialBy mixing 300 degree C molted tin with ceramic material barium titanium, researchers from US and Germany are able to make this unnamed metal 10 to 20 stiffer than previous world champion. (Link) I wonder whether Diamond would lose their commercial value later, if they could make it as beautiful.

YouTube: Wii Vs PS3

Wii Vs PS3Nintendo launches a commercial against PS3, the result is obvious in the real world, with themes like “fun” and simplicity makes me feel very old fashioned myself. (Video)

China lecturer hip-hop in class, didn't impress the school

Uni Lecturer Hip-HopHe dances, he rocks, and he tries to rap through his lectures, students are not very interested and local culture communities did not like it. As an old saying go, it is so lame! (Link) to China news (XinHua)

Gathering of PingPongers

1st GOP at PitStop Cafe1st GOP at PitStop, you guys rock the café man! Appreciate the photos; check out the 3 minutes video I took. (Video)

US Army uses Xbox controller to test firing system

US Xbox firing systemPicture from Joystiq, seen here Marine of US hook up their combat system with Microsoft’s toy, and conduct their first firing. Quote from the stiq,

“What?! The military didn't budget for wireless controllers? That's, like, sooo last-gen...”

(Link)Look like those boys are having fun

Monday, February 05, 2007

NASA image of flamed spot in South East Asia

Fire points in SE AsiaYou cannot believe how many fire are going on until you seen this, I thought I am looking at some fake image, every single red, you get what I mean. Aren’t all this also contributing factor to global warming? (Link) If this could only be the amount of tree grow every year.....

Youtube: Internet Ethnography

We are the WebVery interesting hypothesis about how we shape Web 2.0, and in turn the giant machine used Human to advance to sentient. Will we one day learn to rely on machine so much that it rules every aspect of our life? A mind bogging video, very zen like. (Video)

Beautiful comic girl swallow goldfish alive

Live Goldfish EaterI am pretty sure she is Japanese, when it comes to weird absurd stuff like this, none beats them. They keep surprises me all the time. (Video)

Hello Batty- The black Kitty knight

Hello Bat-KittyVia Bat-Blog again, superbly cute I would call her Hello Bat-Kitty! (Link)

Cummfy banana world’s fastest furniture

Moving SofaThis moving sofa was just plain wacky, imagine how people will stare if drive across Orchard road, first get permit from Home Affairs. Also check out their beds, great honeymoon idea! (Link) via No Sheep

Pics and news of Malaysia anti toll hike protest

Anti Toll hike protest in MalaysiaThere are dozen of photos and quite some detail reports from Present Point Power, I can guess that although the protest never turn riot, quite a scene broke out. If only Singapore drivers were half as serious as them about our ERP hike here, we will have something like this to watch. (Link)