Friday, January 09, 2009

TGIF, don’t forget to use your cap

Click the video link for a guide on how to use caps to create sexy music, for your Friday clubbing night, and the sake of your soul...

(Video) Youtube, Sexy caps music.

Malaysia, you cannot put the word ‘Allah’ as God in your newspaper

is differentThe Herald, the country's main Roman Catholic newspaper, was banned for printing the word ‘Allah’ as translation for ‘God’, is now allow to publish again. Please don’t do it again…


'If they stop printing the word 'Allah,' they can publish anytime,' Che Din told The Associated Press. 'You can use another word. It's permissible for us,' he said, adding that the decision would be conveyed to the Herald by Friday.'

Please don’t do it on your blog also hor.

(News) Topix news, Malaysia: Catholic paper that used Allah can print

Previously, Malaysia Bans Catholic Paper for Use of 'Allah'

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sorry, no profane word is allow under Google rule

I recently curse and swear a lot. While creating a Blogger poll, I playfully inserted a swear word ‘f**k’. Yes, the actual one. Blogger, being so considerate, displays picture you see above. It says “This poll does not exist.(or was deleted)”

Feeling wicked, I modify 1 letter. Viola! Now you see. Thanks hor, for protecting my readers. Now, if you can do the same for comment and ads section.

A brief History of Internet, Youtube

Interesting video posted few days ago illustrate how Internet developed. We may not be familiar with words like ARPANET, IMP Subnet or so. This video can be use to educate IT pro wanna be, or, hmm blogger wanna be. My.. 1957, I was not here yet.

(Video) History of Internet, Youtube.

Youtube: If human evolves like this

Text link to a Youtube video, via Laughing Squid and BoingBoing. If human evolution was that fascinating, I wouldn’t mind embracing Darwinism, job of the big Man will be easier too. Hell, I can even throw in some algorithm of my own.

(Video) Youtube, Evolution of Technology

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

iPhone exploded misdirection

iPhone exploded viewI was misdirected to this site, hoping to see flying bits and pieces of this glorious mobile, and I did, so you must.

(Link) iPhone exploded view, Cult of Mac.

Atheist advertised ‘No God’ on London buses

There is some “Religion” competition in London. As Churches displayed their “Come to Jesus”, “believe in God” on street and public transport alike. Non believer is also doing their stuffs. Many bendy buses in London now have ads that say,

"There's probably no God"

These ads will be put up in 600 more buses across the nation. Local Christian welcome the challenge, saying this sets people into thinking about important question in life, the method may backfire.

(News) Christian Today, Atheist bus ads say 'probably no God'

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

As obscene as it will get on my blog

(Link) to an absolutely safe to watch sex music video on Youtube. What ever traffic directed here is blessed. This pleasure that lasted for only 50 seconds may cause pain for a life time.

Christian denomination that eat monkey meat?

A Liberian woman, Mamie Manneh, after charged with smuggling monkey meat for consumption, argued with court that this is in consistent to the practice of one Christian denomination among Liberian immigrants,


“Manneh was charged with smuggling the meat of two endangered species. As her case moved toward a trial, her lawyers argued that she and other immigrants in Staten Island’s thriving community of Liberian Christians ate monkey meat for spiritual reasons, particularly during holiday celebrations, and were thereby protected by the First Amendment and federal religious freedom law.”

(News) Found them in Google news.

Human ignore sign until it is too late

Here is a list of top ten signs which prove that we evolved from that hairy tree dweller you see in zoo. What do you say?

Monday, January 05, 2009

This Korean sushi is naked

Poster at this unnamed restaurant shows a new delicacy that will rally misunderstood people to queue or peep inside just to get a glimpse of this special dish. (Link) Flickr photo (SFW), Korean nude sushi.

How to make your washing machine twitter

Follow the video link to watch a house hold hack, which shows you how to tell that clothes spinner to tweet about it’s status. Machine now can talk on the Internet. (Video) Youtube, Washing Machine Hack - Basic Stamp – Twitter

Here is the machine’s twitter – (Link)

Too skinny you cannot get pregnant

pregnant stick figureI browse the web this morning to find something for Monday morning blues. This is my favorite. (Link), stick figure.