Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sunbath Day: Wet my pant

Blogger don't support Categories...

So I shifted some of my post HERE.

But I will still post here, you know, old habit dies hard, haha!

Friday, February 17, 2006

What kind of great news required membership to login and read?

I am sorry, maybe your news is so exclusive, and there is so many award winning article in there, not any ah beng or ah lian can anyhow read one.
Or maybe there are some secret so profound that is beyond the comprehension of our puny mind.

Anyway, anyhow, it is to leceh to sign up! I guess I just skip it.

Link to the must sign up than can read "award winning" news

When are they going to do this to us?

Did you read about my past post on world wide web unite? or you don't know what is web 2.0?
Thats right, when Web 2.0 become a hype, and got fully adopted by most of the internet user, than P2P file sharing will become legalize, even in Singapore. (or it is now?)

I know, I know, many Singaporean are doing it now, but you think the gahmen dunno? they just close one eyes only, but now they are looking into this already, watch out hor!

Follow by this news:
System helps university stop P2P downloads

Soon many school, organization, your gahmen and even your parent will implement this system when it become cheaper, take heart.

Will they be able to battle the trend of Web 2.0?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Have faith and stop complaining

No matter how faithful you are to your God, please do not try this at home.
Stop telling me how great your religion is, stop telling me that only by accepting your Lord that I can go to Heaven, stop saying how right and good your religion is and they have suffer a great deal for mankind, you never see any real suffering.

Stop telling me that you are doing this for the people, it is only for you to stay in power and fill your pocket.

Free car wash

Don't know where this 'clean' water comes form?
But look like someone is having a free car wash, clever idea!
next time I bring my tower and soap and washing powder along.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Open sex survey coming to Singapore street

There is a news about a self styled sex guru going to launch an 'on wheel' sex survey in Singapore.
The survey are going to be targeting shopping malls, nightspots, neighborhood coffee shops, among other places, to survey 5,000 people in a year.

Excerpt for
"If you have a choice of different environments like bathroom, bedroom, garden, sofa in living room, pool, balcony, kitchen, to have sex, where would you choose?"

Wei also said that Singaporean usually perfer not to discuss sex at our dinning table, true enough, as over 50% of Singaporean are Taoism, we are more a less a consevertive society, although the topic was open up recently, but that is still not enough to open up Singaporean mind.

The result of the survey is much forseeable.

Don't come and ask me leh! I will siam one hor!


Struggle for live, live for blogging

There are many people out there who believe that they can make a living out of blogging, do you have the same aspiration?
To me, Blogging is just a freeky form of self expression, if you want anything out from it, than you are in for big, big disapointment, might as well sit at home and watch TV, it is more enjoyable this way.

Let Harold Davis enlighten you:
How to Almost Live on Blogging, if that is your piece of cake.

Personnel daily here, read it if you are free, leave a comment when you are interested, F**k off when you are piss, flame the blogger if you want to make him famous....

Thats about it, all blogging.

No title

While Googling I came across this Middle East Cartoons Blog.

If you are interested can click on and take a look, since this has cause quite an stir up in world event, I am sure it would strike many concern about racism, Iraq war so forth..

Oh! is this the wake of Human? I hope not in this way.

Cult news claim the richest religious leader in the world

At least, the richest Guru in the world
Rick Ross, One of the 'so call' cult expert has a news on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who global portfolio of assets has reportedly been estimated at between $5 to $9 billion dollars.

Mr Durai, compare to him, is small witch see the big witch.

I am quite critical about religious leader, especially when they are rich, probably because I struggle in life and only make enough to survive. But than again, which religious leader in the world are not rich? and without the help of $$ and fame, one really can't claim that he has a vision to save the world, who would listen to a beggar who can't even pay for his fellow's daily food, wait long long! maybe 1 thousand years.

would you go to pray or attend mass in an old, poor church?
would you pay you respect to beggar even if he speak the truth?
would you, burn an incense in an worn down, deserted temple?

I think the answer is clear.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finder keeper

The rule of truth is, whoever said it first, he or she become the owner
And the rule of the land are, whoever is here first, they own this piece of land, the land of China has since follow this rule till the Qing dynasty, until the will of the people speaks, and once it is spoken, none can turn the tide back, for this is not only the will of free humanity, but also the way of Heaven.

It will not be long before we can truly smell the free air.

I think, I am drunk, to say of such, meaningless and fruitless.......

Till the end of time, till then.

Love is in the air


h@ppi V@lentine's D@y ~~~

Wanted to tell you this for so long...................

Dear, Next Valentine day, ok?

Engadget has a news and short review on this Sony Ericsson's new 4GB W950i Walkman phone.
Which I has set my eyes upon, cool and sleek, if it is half as good as it claim, we shall..I mean, I shall get it for my...oh I mean, our next Valentine's day.


But, I think by that time it will be outdated already, technology advance like nobody business nowsaday.

My World Cup companion

Although this is not the high tech kind of game, but
It is at least interactive, and to my surprise, more fun than I first anticipated.

Even William sit quietly beside to watch, another surprise, he even cheer for his always kena bully Koko.

I feel closer, and dearer ever, to them.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Addicted to Google Personnel home page

I notice recently I have been relying on this quite heavily
From checking mail, reading news and persuing my interested topic on the internet, this has never fail me, but there was something missing.....

Maybe not comprehensive enough, just not good enough yet.

Funny sign on toilet

Deep shit, dive in, do not look back, or turn to salt.

Science or religion? chicken or egg?

The Pope as the highest figure of the Catholic faith, must be very sure of the Bible, or esle how can he lead the general laity like us?
Few hundred years ago, there was still prosecution of scientist by those head strong religious figure and the same thing too, happen to many religious person.

Now, even the Pope has declare that there is no conflict between Spirit and material.

Laity like us, what can we do? you say no conflict, no conflict lor! you are the leader and we just follow whatever you preach, this world belongs to you what!

Link to read....