Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Open sex survey coming to Singapore street

There is a news about a self styled sex guru going to launch an 'on wheel' sex survey in Singapore.
The survey are going to be targeting shopping malls, nightspots, neighborhood coffee shops, among other places, to survey 5,000 people in a year.

Excerpt for
"If you have a choice of different environments like bathroom, bedroom, garden, sofa in living room, pool, balcony, kitchen, to have sex, where would you choose?"

Wei also said that Singaporean usually perfer not to discuss sex at our dinning table, true enough, as over 50% of Singaporean are Taoism, we are more a less a consevertive society, although the topic was open up recently, but that is still not enough to open up Singaporean mind.

The result of the survey is much forseeable.

Don't come and ask me leh! I will siam one hor!


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