Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best of me, worst of me. Past post revisit

I thought this is fun, and for those who just know me. I still stand by all my past opinion, only regret my loose language ability. My past Posts,

4 points which usually means "better offer"
Who are you working for?
please let go
Yaya! work to become the perfect steak
hey dude! My pod is bigger than yours
Work in Singapore = 1% real work + 99% politic

During this recession time, it is like histories revisit, and prophesies.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don’t waste your money on motivational workshop

I have a theory. You can never be inspired by any amount of motivational speech when you are down, not even when it was delivered by Anthony Robbins. When you are inspired, you don’t care much even facing thousands of obstacles.

Bottom line. You don’t need to attend any power talk when you are not ready.

How to know? Juice yourself everyday, like what this Wikihow taught.

(Link) How to Create an Abundance Mentality, WikiHow.

A phrase there I cannot agree less – “Cut down on watching the news.

China “fake” Pentagon seen in Google Earth

China PentagonThis is Google Earth image of a real Pentagon in China Shenyang, Lat 41°36'30.02"N, Long 123°31'58.43"E. China can copy anything, I will not be surprise if someone find a durian like building there, or maybe one day they copy Eiffel tower.

(Link) Pentagon in China discovered via Google Earth, via 煎蛋 Digg Digest.

I sortta like one of the reader comment, let me translate,


“Strange enough, I never seen it in Shenyang. Maybe it is a secret agency.”

You can never know…

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why we pay so much for medicine

An intriguing, light hearted video at Youtube, from Humana, tells why health care expenses are @#$% high. Off course, it does not apply to every country, but most of it. It is especially true in developed nation, like us.

(Video) Humana, Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chinese hacked White House email, disturbing..

China Hacked White House?Multiple sources reported hackers penetrated the email system of the White House, speculation that China government was behind these attacks. It is said that hackers used "Grain of Sands" technique which is adopted by Chinese. If this is true, no nation is safe from them…

(Link) News via Defence Tech, China Hacks White House Email?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fire extinguisher mod into speaker

Fire Extinguisher speakerHere is how you fight fire, save the earth, and enjoy music at the same time. From Russia with love.

(Link) Fire extinguisher turns into speaker, and EnglishRussia

Gong Li, Li Gong. Doesn’t it sounds weird?

Li GongCongratulation! Ms Gong. You must be very excited now. I think this piece of news is nothing to you. What I think will piss you is, IMDB wrongly translated your name. Gong Li to Li Gong. Don’t they have a slightest idea of how Chinese name works? Just because Lee Ang is Ang Lee they believe it can be apply to all Chinese name. Don’t they know Li Gong in Hokkien means “you S*****”.

(Link) click to see Li Gong, before they change it, or will they?

Youtube, Transcandere, beyond self actualization

Is there a level higher than the highest of Marslow Hierarchy? In this interesting video, an attempt is made to explain transcendence – a level supposing higher than self actualization. Time for new thoughts, anyone?

(Video) Transcendence, above and beyond Self-Actualization.