Saturday, July 16, 2005

How hard can life be in Singapore?

Met my friend 'Omega ali" on the way back from 2005. He has pretend not to recognize me, of course, consider my er...How to say?

We have our usual greeting, how are you? blah..blah and sort of, and than he tell me bout the life in Singapore. He whine bout the what a usual Singaporean like me would - HDB loan, taxes, jobs, gahmen and so on... Than he say: "life is getting harder and harder here nowsaday, one can no longer keep his dream and at the same time make a living."

I kept quiet....

"Dear Ali, how hard can life be daily? Wakeup 6am, travel 1hr, breakfast 7am, work til 12pm, lunch 1hr, work again til 6pm, OT til 8pm, travel home 1hr, watch TV 1hr, sleep, dream or contribute in national production. Repeat it 10950 times and add retired and wait for my time to go to the eternal world 7300 times."

Thats about it, can it be harder?

not unless you question about the meaning of life everyday.

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Sunbath Day: Slient, and so quite


The Sun is not alone, has got me and everyone waiting.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Taste our home made juice

While we are having our dinner, this boy use a tissue to soak up the water on the table and squeeze it back out again .
Fresh hand made juice! anybody?
Children are the most wonderful, from their imagination any thing is possible.

NKF CEO Day 4: Way of Democracy, power of people united

I am bit late today, but..

Needed to say more?

But I think this not the end, what bout the money that has orredy go into his pocket?

Will our people continue?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

T. T. Durai: Day 3

The hooha of this CEO continue, as I pass by a few kopitiam overhearding quite a few conversation bout him. All negative...

Last nite, the petition site crash, I can't like really go there to sign, tonite I like to try again!

Strang though, in the civil sector you don't catch anything, oh! is there some rats there?

Even the reception of the clinic I went today talks bout it, negative; of course.

Mr Durai, I think you have read this,

By now my anger has turn to empathy, I wonder how do you feel now?

Are you crush? thinking that you have serve, help so many people and yet the same people that you 'care' hammer you back now.

This is how a saint or true patriot would feel now if you consider yourself one.

In the view of the public, carry your cross and go, please!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hire the best man for your cause

As lostin buy another Straits Times to hunt for a better pay job today (again), He cannot help but wonder how was the market now? So while his mind go haywire with monkey thoughts, he was trick by a higher power into thinking that he might actually help the industrial a bit.

Here goes today Straits Times Recruit:

The must-read for blogger applying a job + The 8 guidelines for want-2-be highly successful Bosses:

1.) Fishermen – at least 7 years experience in fishing for whatsoever style. Halfbird PHD is a must and blogger need not apply. (lostin thinks that he is most suited for this position but how the hack he can get a PHD and fish for 7 years?)
2.) Technician – must understand the structure of a nuclear power plant; able to install and maintain electrical wiring for the whole country, preferably will a degree from Oldfolks, we will consider if you are not a blogger.
3.) Retail executive – must be experience in each and every product available in the market, be able to stand under air-con for 14 hours a day; 7 days a week for 3 years without MC. If you still got time to blog we will consider you.
4.) Store supervisor – You must have the licence to drive the following: cargo plane, 100 tons crane and super puma helicopter, process a degree only recognize locally and don’t mind OT. Candidate must not blog.
5.) Manager – at least 30 years experience in managing cleaners, Bangladesh workers, terrorists and your manager. Candidate must process a saintly attitude, ready to died for the company and no matter how many things we ask you to manage, you also must manage.
Blogger please skip this column.
6.) CEO – 45 years in Hitler’s regime, skill in slavery and went through 3 world war and never injured before, as no body will question your ability, certificate is not a requirement but good to have. All blogger are advice not to apply.
7.) National administrator – Public brain washing skill, ability of Chameleons and a profound understanding of hypocritism are all necessary for this position, you must also able to spend a obscene amount of money for yourself to keep the economy stable. But you no need hands and legs because you talk only so blooger cannot apply.
8.) Press-shit-ten – no such position, hard notice by anyone or good only to hang on the wall, so we don’t hire, we outsource, build a clay model or just pick one from the zoo.
Blogger apply at your own risk.

Just what is going on with the world today?

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Would you eat in your own Shit bowl?

Apparently one of this insaint blogger suggest that you GO EAT YOUR OWN SHIT!!

It remind me of a banner I read somtimes ago "Be careful of what you say, keep it soft and sweet, you never know when you have to swallow it yourself".

Not sort of the things that I would said to few of my former boss.

Should all Non-profit 'people' be question

This Tia Teo Duran thing has escalate......

Soon many of those such 'people' would also be question....

The beginning of a new age.

First Pastor Kang and now NKF CEO, next?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Work in Singapore = 1% real work + 99% politic

The Organization that I currently work in is undergoing a major overhaul, as the top management chop off the rotten branches, the left over old bird try to drawn out their own agenda.

My 'bosses' come and ask me nicely to take up extra duty and responsibility, saying that it is for my own good, Lostin disagree, so in an informal dinner gathering, Lostin share:

""In the mid 17th century a ship name MayFlower set sail with 300 pilgrim on board to the new world, they founded New Plymouth. With the blessing of abandon resources there they grow into 13 rich state, at this time their Mother land where they came from demand heavy and unreasonable taxes from them, they boycott the goods and declare independence, a War started. With the help of France they finally win the war. Now we know them as - The United state of America.""

They cannot understand, maybe is too chim! so lostin go light and send them this pic:

They still cannot appreciate and got a little agitated. So finally lostin make it blunt:

""To: Mdm Pheonix
Cc: Mr OldFox
Bcc: Mr BrightStar (at least I still regard them Mr)

I have study my contract and discuss with my (Real) boss, the following are in my discretion, not within my scope of work, so it is not appropriate for me to perform.

1. Blah..blah..blah
2. more blah.. blah.. blah
3. blah.. and blah and so on

yours sincerely always

The hidden code: I work IN your comapany not FOR your company, I Sympathize your position but I cannot help, please be understanding and don't pull me along with you, thanks! ""

Guess what? we end up in a small coffee session.

Ah.....! Office politic, is not about how well you work, is about about how well you work with people.

This battle of Rights has cost me a few friends, not so dear. But I guess our good old proverb is correct that nothing is free in this world, not even your GOD damn given freedom.

The whole thing is like 春秋战国 and 三国演义 to me, very real!

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Straits Times today: Where your blood money go to?

While I have to buy Straits Times to find a better pay job.

Look at this guy!

Gosh! He can shorten my HDB lease to 1 year, and at the same time change a brand new car each year.

Hmmmm.... May be I can start by looking for a position in such organization, "non-profit" doesn't sound so bad after all. Better still, go and register a Non-profit organization, craps! we can all go and register one, so everybody donate to everybody, nobody has to work...

I really wonder how true is this? but if this is true, is this how our Non-profit organization here work?

better than becoming a priest.

Not read yet? Click here and read.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

The misconception of Manga

Menga, generally known as comic or "漫画" in Chinese, is usually regards as a childish or form of bad source to use as education. But as human evolution advance, the quality of manga has also improved considerably, as a lover of comics, I wouldn't deny that my childhood was partly influence by the content of it, as well as cartoon, but wasn’t our best super heroes character came from comics? Look what has they become now. The early pioneer of manga is usually crude, no very well drawn but there are a few with great story line, now you can see there are more and more manga that not only contain mature story plot but great art work follow by intriguing fact, to date some country has officially regards manga as a source for teen education, some has even win awards.

As we human advance in technology, our reasoning power has also increase, so is it time that we really re-evaluate manga? There is a few reasons I believe we should.

First, I wouldn't said that most manga contain violent, pornography, and mis-education on humanity, but there are about 5% of it that not only contain great art work but also accurate historical fact and touching humanity story lines.

Like this one, the story line told an earth apocalypse, earth was turn into desert; one family was separated when they try to make their way back to earth, the mother of three children – Sarah set out to find her children on the anarchy earth.

Too bad the author - Takumi Nagayasu could not conclude the story, but by reading it is not difficult to imagine that if this was turn into a movie by George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, how great a film it will become.

The other good one is by - Murakami Motoka title ‘Ron’. The story told of this main character Ryu and his quest for truth:

This manga has won an education award in Japan. It is a worth read.

Mr Murakami was not only an artist, but he is very well verse in the culture and history of both Japan and China. In this long series of manga (37 thus far), he inter-twisted the history of 2 country and involved some historical figure by fictional tales, just to name a few – 东条英机, 鲁迅, 毛泽东, 蒋介石 are all in manga. And he also talks about the second world war.

For those who read 金庸 novel will certainly know what I meant, to tell a historical figure in a fictional story is not a so so easy thing to do, especially when you need to relate another fictional character created by you to them.

Well, so much I have said, to me these two manga are as good as reading Da Vinci code from Dan Brown, and better than reading 古龙.

Highly recommended, even to mature adult, don’t say I never said

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Who is the King here?

King Ray
Originally uploaded by lostin.
If you ask yourself this question, actually it is not hard to answer.

Just ask who are you working for? Where did all your money go to? And you know that whatever you have and own will finally go to somewhere.

Those who have stay long enough in this country will know what I mean?