Friday, March 28, 2008

Hate what I hate if you love me

Recently one of mine relative strikes 4D big time and offer to share a portion with us. I declined, and want no part of this. Wife calls me a goat. (Link)


TGIF lostin choice of documentary

For Christ sake, claim back your nation. It is in Singapore now. (Link) After that, you might just believe that you can do anything in the name of God. Most important, I think some parts in this documentary may not have survived their scissors.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Subliminal table lamp

This is a night lamp, with a big round bulb on top and concave wooden stand holding it. You guys are beyond hopeless.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

They extinct because they were smarter

On Discover mag, psychiatrist Gary Lynch and cognitive scientist Richard Granger makes some interesting remarks about an extinct species – Boskops, whom resembles modern humans but had small, childlike faces and huge melon heads that held brains about 30 percent larger than our own,

“Just as we’re smarter than apes, they were probably smarter than us,”

” they speculate. More insightful and self-reflective than modern humans, with fantastic memories and a penchant for dreaming, the Boskops may have had “an internal mental life literally beyond anything we can imagine.”

Such a “race”, I like to call them, maybe the peak of human evolution. We can logically conclude that a race like this can emerge from our next few generation. You want to call this evolution, then evolve lor. (Link)

Amusement “Hit me” machine features bad policeman in Russia

This is a picture taken from an amusement park in Russia. EnglishRussia posted a while ago, with bad cop now becomes victim to amuse the public. LOL details,

“And the built in speakers of it repeat phrases like: “I am a big fat nasty cop! You hate me so hit me! I lie to you! I bribe you!”

This may becomes an interesting culture when it comes to Asia, featuring corrupted politic leader or self centered religious figure, ahem.. (Link)

How to make a beachhead landing without enough man

Bloody OmahaRichard Hammond and team tell how they manage to make an exciting beach assault video scene, bloody Omaha, with limited budget and resources. Watch the Youtube video here if you like.

Underwear for geek girl

If you are an IT gal, get one of this to protect what’s still there. Please refrain from using “password123”. More here… (Link)

Illustrations of dos and don’ts for handling babies

This is how cats are lift, not babies. Here is a link to dozen of illustrations on the obvious. Seemingly good if you intend to get domestic helper, teach them common sense, which cannot be taught. Or get book of David Soop from Amazon.

lostin poem: ninth spirit









Tuesday, March 25, 2008

lostin HowTo: carry less keys

I noticed how human hung a bunch of keys or carried with them. Bedroom keys, store keys, study room keys, server rm keys, even toilet keys. In Vulcan’s sense, this is not logical way of how to organize keys. A more efficient and safer way would be a de-centralized method, like leaving room keys within your living room, hid them separately. I reckon with this method, you only need to carry max 3 to 4 keys.

Another mobile Web 2.0 service

Someone introduces Fring to me sometimes back. Recently I switched my ISP, changed router to WPA-PSK setting. I have to give up Fring. I was thinking about Nimbuzz, but am not sure whether they support enhance wireless? Try? (Link)