Friday, February 16, 2007


Magic Download Accelerator 2.2
Speed up your download

Final Burner
This tool can replace Nero, go try it

Auto Windows Manager

Trend Micro Rootkit Buster

Adlock Plus

Free DVD Ripper

Chinese Typing Tutorial 1.0

Hide Windows

Some kind of USB device manager


Totally free FTP tool, with more functions than many usual FTP programs

Video of Rock n Roll Kitten

Rock and ROll KittyThis ecstasy-doped kitty keeps nodding its head, so hard I fear its might drop in the next minute. (Video)

War machines and weapons weave into tapestry

Afghanistan has non-stop war for nearly 2 decades already. So long it has becomes part of their culture. They even knit armor cars and grenades onto tapestry to remind themselves of that. (Link)
War Tapestry

New Mexico deploys talking urinal cakes to fight drunken driver

Talking Urinal Cakes5 hundred of these talking gals will station in gents across the country. When a drunken man step up to urine, a sexy voice says “Hey, big guy, yours is like a peanut” ….. I am joking. She will nag at the drunken driver in hope to make them come to their senses. (Link) Where can I get one of this in Singapore?

Super Tonio double whooper baby

Super TonioA baby name “Super Tonio” was born in Mexico, Cancun; he weights 14.5 pounds (6.6kg) at birth, double the size of any regular baby, making him the first nearest to Guinness record. He causes quite a media frenzy in Cancun and there is a Youtube video for him here. (Link)

Bloglines fascinating blog’s images wall

Bloglines Image WallThose who are using Bloglines may have got this news by now. I always believe that blog post without picture reduces the readability by half, what about you can view pictures on blogosphere first before you read the post? Bloglines Image wall do just that for you, the images keep changing and every click brings you to that post, wonderful add from bloglines. (Link)

Note, little suggestion for Bloglines, if user can customize the images they want to see, than it would have been much better.

Scientists studies on love activities in Human brain

BrainDr. Lucy Brown, a professor in the department of neurology and neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and her colleagues believe that the caudate and the ventral tegmental areas in our brain are responsible for most of the emotion we have about love. They found out that when we are in love, ventral tegmental floods the caudate with dopamine that makes us high, just as if we have taken cocaine.

Few interesting points learned from the team,
That brain in love and brain in lust does not look alike.
That falling in love makes someone becomes extra sexy.
That men’s brain are more active in the area of visual stimuli.
That women remember things about men is her physical ability to choose a good husband and father, as when they are in love, not in lust.
When we did crazy thing for love, we are high on dopamine.

(Link) I wonder, if they could do the same study on animal? Like monkey.

Man enter final of Russian beauty contest

AngelaAngela Adamou, gets highest vote during the final entry of Miss Virtual Yakutia. Judges later found out that she is male, disqualified him from the contest. Look at this photo; even now, I cannot believe he is man.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ancient coin reveals true beauty of Cleopatra

Ancient coin from 32BCAnd, she is not beautiful. From image of the coins and words from the director of archaeological museums, that the beautiful queen of Egypt was only intelligent and charismatic. (Link)

Everything has its first time

Intorducing the bookI recall the first time when I was introduce to a personal computer. New wine cannot pour into old wine skin, now I just laugh at those ill literate end users. (Video)

Korean fear factor facial mask

Croakcoach face maskFriend of mine sent me gross photos of a new Korea beauty solution, which they use, insects of the Order Blattodea as part of the recipe. You can see there are still parts of the insects on that woman’s face. This might be a hoax, but I have no information. BTW, they are high in protein, and I heard fried cockroaches are very tasty.

More propaganda posters of Russian-Japan war

Russia-Japan War PosterRemember my last post about these rare posters? Today Tim at EnglishRussia did me a favor by putting more on his site. In those posters, you can see that Russian is generally optimistic about this war. The one you see here portrait Japan as a winged Barlog, and Russia as Angel warrior. (Link) Thanks! Tim

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Belgium court rules Google infringed news site’s copyright

BelgiumGoogle just lost a legal copyright case with Belgium, which rules that the number 1 internet search has to remove all link to the site. That Belgium news site claims google never seek permission to link, nor have they paid for the use of site content, hence the copyright infringement. Quote,

“"It is important to remember that both Google Web Search and Google News only ever show a few snippets of text," Reyes added. "If people want to read the entire story they have to click through to the web publisher's site where the information resides. We believe search engines are of real benefit to publishers because they drive valuable traffic to their websites."

Many experts predict that this may have profound impact on how internet site link and quote each other, as well as blog site. (Link)

Maybe they did not know who drives the entire Internet's traffic. Maybe they will proceed to sue Wikipedia next.

Bible in popular comic format

The Manga BibleI like the look in this Jesus's eyes, the way an uncompromised warrior should have. If this Manga got notice, it would stir up some trouble. (Link) and I guarantee it will not sees its light here.

Update: there was news recently on Singapore TV that said it will debuts here soon. I am anticipating. This Manga is created by British leading comic book/concept artists - Siku.

Oddity clock

Oddity ClockOdd clock only has red second pointer, or at least I see no others. You never notice how times slip by. (Link)

Valentine festival culture talk

I came across a very interesting read today about some festivals Japanese and Korean celebrated.

Japanese has a White Day, also celebrated in Korea one month after VD, which women/men give white gift like marshmallows to whom he/she received VD gifts. It is getting quite popular in Hong Kong now.

Korea has Black Day one month after White Day, not consider as unlucky, where single people get together to eat noodle with black bean sauce to commiserate their singledom.

So, if you have a Korean or Japanese partner, you can return their favor next month.

Go to Wikipedia and find out more about this day.

Shadowy 4th dimension image seen with satellite

4th Dimension on Satellite
I cannot entirely understand the explanation on this image. Since it is on Science journal, it can be trusted, or not? (Link)

Women whom suffered up to 300 orgasms a day

Michelle ThompsonThis rare condition is called PSAS. Unthinkable with my puny imagination, I did a simple calculation and it was like, 300 / 24 = 13~16 times per hour! Gosh! This is not a joking matter, thing like this makes me feel how nature was cruel to women.

Read about this America woman and Japanese woman whom with our medical advances still find no cure for their disturbing condition.

News on Russian soldiers forced into gay prostitution

Russian Gay SoldiersRussian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov promises an investigation. Quotes from 365gay,

“"The officers would beat us on the arms and legs. We were sent out to the park to earn money ... I was tortured with electric shocks," said one. "

“The soldiers were allegedly paid about $50 for each "trick" with most of the money going back to the officers.”


Safe food restaurant opened for endanger vultures in Nepal

Vulture's restaurantSince 1990, the number of nesting vultures dropped from 50 thousands to a mere 500. Conservation group at Kawasoti, about 100 kilometres southwest of the capital of Kathmandu, setup a feeding ground that brings in diclofenac free animal for the birds. (Link)

Photo for loving couples on Valentine’s Day

Ancient LoverI dedicate this photo to all couples on VD. Till death we will not part. Archeologists decided not to separate this ancient lover, love triumphs!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mice born from Human cell

Human Cell's miceScientists from Rockefeller successfully cloned mice from an adult Human cell. The method was called Nuclear Transfer, sound like some magic word.

“Greco, Guasch and Li compared the cloning efficiency of adult skin stem cells with that of more differentiated skin cells and also with cumulus cells -- the cells that surround a developing oocyte and have traditionally been the preferred cell type for nuclear transfer. The stem cells gave the best efficiency, yielding 19 pups, nine of which grew up into normal, healthy, breeding adult mice.”


Can they clone any other things, like Griffin?

World smallest Bible found in boot

World Smallest BibleThe Holy Scripture is an inch big and less than an inch thick. It is a full Bible, said it was use to trap evil spirit into the footwear. (Link)

Scientists rediscovered worm like subterranean snake

A blind snake or Xenotyphlops mocquardi was captured during a usual specimen collecting by Scientists in Madagascar. Only able to sees shadow, worm snake hunts with a special organ located at the roof of their mouth. Quotes from an expert at Harvard,

“You can’t just go out anytime you want and collect these things. You can dig forever and never find them.”
Worm Snake(Link)
I say it looks more adorable than any snake I ever see.

Youtube pornography gimmick receives 300 thousand views

No PornWe know the drill. Anything on the web tagged with sex, porn or any tempting word; netizens will flock there just to have a glance. I am no exception, but I assure you, it is just curiosity, ya right. (Video) 100% SFW, no gimmick

Anti VD ecards for the defiant spirit

Unhappy Valentine's DayIf for some reasons, you are heart broken or blue during this VD, gosh! The word VD sounds like tragic already. You can use these mischievous Icard to share you broken spirit. Hey, what is Valentine’s Day without some sorrowful mood? Just remember, you did not get the idea here. (Link)

Informative video on global warming

Global WarmingPropaganda video by BBC spans 40 minutes. Some scenes may be disturbing, where it tries to strike fear into us. Soon, Scientists around the World will enter into hot debate about whether global warming is as bad as we thought. For now, we just live in bliss. (Video)

Edible RFID tag invented to probe human digestive organ

RFID TagImagining giant Kodak invented RFID tag that is covered with harmless gelatin, when consume by patient, takes some time to be dissolve by stomach gastric. Patient only have to sit beside a receiver for medical people to study the signal. (Link) via New Scientist

Macdonald pro student style breeds inconsiderate youngsters

Inconsiderate studentI really would not mind you order just a drink and study here for whole day; I also do not care you come in-group. I do concern though, you came alone but occupied six sits. When people around you start staring, you act blur as if the right of way is yours.

It is NOT, my dear, and I despised every time when I think we have such leader in Singapore.

Italy banned spectator from soccer match

Giovanna MelandriDue to the recent riot in stadium which 38 were arrested, Sports Minister and government move to disallow spectator from entering stadium for any future soccer match. I think clubhouses that profited from ticket sale will be the most affected. (Link)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Panda short video ticked my Humanity

PandaThis Panda video has been on Youtube most viewed for consecutive 2 weeks. It is a mere 15 seconds but with a very interesting twist. I shall not spoil the show, watch it and tell me about it. (Video)

Stories and illustrations of how men were treated in Russian Army

Russian SoldierEnglish Russia has a post and some cartoon drawings about how rookie soldiers was awfully mistreated in Russian Army, things like hang upside down, electrocuted via toe, spank with wet towel etc, this recruits, will give their new recruits same kind of treatment after they gone through all this. (Link) there are also some video footages, good eyes opener.

Site shows you what your job will do to you

I had so much fun with this site. Just upload a picture and answer some stoopid questions, then the site tells you how you will look like after many years of working in that shit hole. Hilarious! (Link)

Valentine day special – duct tape rose

Duct tape RoseI just love duct tape stuff. I think it is not only cool, but save the earth as well. This coming V day, make a duct tape rose for her, and ask her that important question, will you? (Link)