Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am suppose to write a Chinese review. But I got so many Korea culture shock from this movie that I decided to write a bit in English. You know, I never really watch a Korean movie, but the title and the casts, and reviews from the web push me to watch. I was also mistaken in many occasion as one who dislike Korea. I do not. I admit I was so much intrigue by Japanese culture, but after this movie, I can say Korea can be as fascinating as you want it to be.

There is this thing about their language, if you are Chinese who speaks good Mandarin, I swear you can understand Korean by just listening it for many times. It's a strange feeling.

Here is my Chinese review.

妈妈,韩国电影 (Madeo)。如果你想在这部戏里找感动,不要迟疑了!我重头到尾只稍微感动了五分钟。希望你能找到更多。

不过,这是一部好电影吗?当 然,我只是觉得它轰轰雷声响,却下毛毛雨。不够过隐,也不足回味。要是重看,我绝不重看。

戏里倒有几个纳罕之处,比如说,原来韩国的车辆没 有警报。有一幕晉久,演正泰的那位,飞腿把一辆豪华型轿车的望后镜给踢断了,那辆车哼都不哼一声。也就是说,没有防盗警铃。想来是偏僻乡村,运输困难,所 以全部的车都懒得装。另外,我个人觉的花文字幕,翻译会比英文来准确,我当然不懂韩文,这只是单纯个人的感觉。你看过了就会明白。

从开始 到戏结尾,妈妈故事桥段都篇排的不错,没有冷场,剧情一步一步的解开金惠子如何解救的儿子。整场戏的重头,其实就是金惠子。元斌演的弱智儿子也瞒好的,就 是不哭不笑也不怒。这角色难演。

我蛮喜欢戏的开场,它说明了这部戏是带点轻松幽默的,而戏也办到了。你有是会让戏里一些搞笑的韩国文化惹 得微笑,如果你哈韩的话,更能体会。


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother, the Korean Movie

Mother The Korean MovieI am watching this tonight. Saw it on the shelf of Laser Flair, did some work on the web, decided to purchase. I kinda wish the cinematography is as good as the told story. You should watch with me. I will be writing a review, in Chinese off course, later. See ya!

Oh, almost forget to mention, it is rated M18 in Singapore. You know lah, Singapore MDA rating.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Piracy is not theft, poster of Havard.

Civil Dsobedience downloadThey said it all, nuff said.

An accurate anatomy guide of all human races for artist

Not all, but almost. This is by far the mot detail illustration of human body for artist I came across. Click to enlarge, click to the actual page. Via Stumbleupon.