Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunbath day back date – water family

Now with Mummy and Will also learning to swim, my family can officially be call aqua tribe. I wonder will my next child evolve and develop grill or not?

How to pop a few corn with mobile phone

There is quite a numbers of Youtube video now gaining popularity. They demonstrated how you can combine the energies generated through mobile and pop a few corn. True of myth, it attracts some attention and worth some muse to watch (Video)

You watch and tell me..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Buddha in us

I passed a bush of unknown flower this afternoon during lunch near City Hall. I cannot help and pluck one, admire it for almost 20 minutes of so. I couldn’t make out my Pondering thoughts. It is just so fascinating. I was so enchanted by it, as if the world begins with it.


Meet Gordon – Robot with biological brain cells

First CyborgNeedless to debate, the next generation of robot may have human brain cells. Scientist could argue that it is still a long way for it to happen. That’s what happens with cloning, then electronic chips implanted into human body. Could this be the beginning for scientist to make cyborg legally?

I know, I know. This is for the betterment of Humanity.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pill that works like you just have a workout

Freak MedicineFreak PS photo? I wonder what it would be like if one day scientist invents medicine that can change your skin color, or give you orgasm. Would it be consider illegal as heroine?

The Salk Institute recently develops a pill, after consume, will render effect like you just have a sweat out session. So, you swallow a pill, skip whatever sport session, then spend more time with your love one. Sound like not a bad idea. (Link)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The more you stay on Internet, the heartless you become?

Google makes you ruthlessUsability “guru” Jakob Nielsen said in a BBC interview, the more you Google, the more likely you become ruthless. You want thing faster, straight to the point, not bother to listen to option, finally everyone that says more than 3 sentences to you, you give them a lead in the head. (Link)

No wonder lah! So many companies retrench people, gahmen and commercial groups hike charges without think twice, even a plate of fried noodle also every month rise 10 cent. I think they also Google.

I think we should ban Internet. No, ban Google. For the sake of Humanity, it makes us become less sensitive to each other.

Come to think about it, I remember once while chitchating nicely to a 'friend' online and he suddenly blunt out “Buzz the f@#k out of my way”.

I reckon he Google too much… too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

See Disney in high resolution via Google earth

Disney land on Google EarthI didn’t know now you can see them via Google earth. Too bad I am not so well know that people around the world will send this kind of news for me to blog.

At least now I got to see them first before I buy an air ticket.


Amy Blogzine, from chopping tree to cyberspace

AmyblozineAnyone reads Amy? I don’t. I just find that it is note worthy that a real life paper printed magazine coverts itself to 100% cyber version. No paper, save the earth. Put those printing firm out of business. A very humane move.


Better than Crtl Alt Del – Winternal process explorer

There 3 keys are arguably the most use by an average IT profession. Although I did come across some who didn’t know about it, like, my wife, even my 10 years old son knows this.

Can it have a better version? I present you with Winternals process explorer. It is Sysinternals, it is Microsoft certified. Better still, it requires no installation. The only bad thing about this utility is I don’t get pay promoting it.

So, go download here – (Link)
Winternals process explorer

lostin poem - who can I ask?

Ask Heaven不为人道







Monday, August 11, 2008

Night with a fallen temple

Wife took this photo. It not only shows my thinning temple, but a crumbling structure. How long can I do this? I really cannot tell. Maybe I can talk like a hero once in my life time, till my last breath!