Friday, June 30, 2006

Watch Ferenc Cako performance again on youtube

Remembered I blog about an amazing sand animation by Ferenc Cakó in March?
Now someone put it on Youtube, thanks hor!
Revisit this spiritual experience, again. (Link)

700 over Israel site kena hacked

A group of Pro-Palestinian hackers, consist of 6 -7 members, unhappy of Israeli troops moving into the Gaza area, hacked and shutdown seven hundred over sites operating in Israel. Sites include BMW, Subaru and Bank of Hapoalim.

Message from Team Evil: "You kill Palestinian, we kill your server."

Patriotic and, extreme.

You hate my post?

I have a post at which title "Do you really believe literally the Bible?". It was meant to be a joke but it seem to me that someone couldn't take it and start to spasm me.

Although I am not bother by it and certainly don't know who is it, but I sincerely hope that he/she is not a Christian, because that would tarnish the good name of Christianity.

At first, I have a good time editing the comments. After a while the fellow show no sign of stop, instead, the number of spam increases to about 20 per day, what a compliment!

As much as I think that Christianity is a very comfortable religion, I will not offend them intentionally. My casual attitude about life must be the cause.

I have deleted the rest of the comments and disallow future's.

I am sure my rumbling never cause any impact in the blogosphere, I mean, if you know the number of visitors on my blog.

But, if you prefer, you can continue to spam me here.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maps of hate groups in America has a complete geographical coverage of active hate groups in U.S. The site aims to education people about racism and its impact in the country. Very informative. (Link)

How to retrieve your stolen laptop?

With the increase usage of laptop by us, the rate of losing one also goes up significantly.
Advatrack is a invisible software that, once install on your laptop, will send the IP of that laptop to a site for tracing purpose. The software is hidden deep within the system that even you perform a uninstall, it will still send the IP.

You get the picture? The tracking of laptop is world wide. So, no matter where the burglar goes, the admin site will update its IP once he go online, without him knowing. Great software for those who travel frequently with their laptop. Go download and test it out! its free! (Link)

Read email and make money in Singapore

Usually I don't like to advertise for people or stuffs, but this is too good to ignore.

Singapore EmailCashPro, still in Beta, go read about it. (Link)

Funny Jesus Parody

What happen if Jesus never died? Would you "save" him if you can travel back in time?
"I am supposed to died."
"Because its God's plan."
"In order to save all mankind."
"Why?".............. (Link)


Sex drive, libido and ginger

It would be helpful for man to know about this. Women, as helpful too. (Link)

Don't you go google for ginger's image, you have been warn.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Drowning yourself in Singapore just got more expensive

If you wanted to commit suicide in Singapore
You may drown yourself. Please choose a smaller bucket. (Link)
Because our @#$% ultility board just hike the price, again! precisely at the right moment!

Dream watch

Got this from Wired news.
Great watch, can talk within 3 KM. Good for military implementation. (Link)

WTF proverka2006

Recently there is a stranger fellow that leaves some pretty peculiar comments on my blog.
Recently there is a stranger fellow that leaves some pretty peculiar comments on my blog.

The comments say nothing, have no link, but only consist of a word “proverka2006”.

I am so curious, and say to myself: “pal, if you want me to look for you, you come to the right place.”

Firstly, I try to google for “proverka2006”, attempt to find out what it means. I discovered that this “genius” also go around leaving the same comments on every blog he/she come across. See the results.

Next, I google for “” and “”. This time around I am able to get close to the origin, Without a doubt, those comments are spasm. My search indicated that it was in fact, some kind of pharmaceutical spasm, like enhance your performance etc. The search also leads me to some site which I will not mention here. One thing I don’t understand is why he/she only leaves “proverka2006”. My search results are here and here.

Lastly, is time to see where this cyber genius came from? I used VisualRoute Server to trace the IP, and I got more than what I want. The spammers are from South Korea and Japan, whatever the IP shows.

I will delete the comments now. Although it is “不痛不痒”, this has to stop here.

Poem: 当呢喃还在耳边缭绕

当呢喃还在耳边缭绕 --- 烈子







(本诗於 29-12-2005 刊在新加坡《联合早报》《文艺城》)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Google China kena hacked!

This is a little late, was hacked on the 24th June. the full story by (Link)

Magazine maker

Just for fun, not that I am egoistic. (Link)

Spoiler by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter last 2 books will have some little surprises.
Die by all means, I don't like them anyway. (Link)

Another too many party talks from our local MP

Mayor Matthias Yao Chih of Singapore, says: "Too much politics is a hindrance to national development". (Link)

With MPs like that in Singapore, we are doom to have one party rules here, forever and ever.

All this one party policy is getting my nerves now, the view points of minority not being heard is also getting my nerves. Maybe I should become a angry liberal individual.

Love your nation, without condition

All the MSMs (Ch5, Ch8, ST, LH) are so mum about this. I wait and wait now cannot tahan, so lostin makes up his mind.

lostin is going to boycott this, to shows his love for the country.

(lostin PS: Seriously freek this)

What are you seeking?

Joke aside, what are you looking for in your life?
Wealth? Power? Success? Misery? or waiting for your time to come and say bye bye to this hopeless World?

While you are seeking for Truth and the "purpose of human race", I can tell you, the thing that you are looking for is none other than Happiness.

Who define that? I think you have the answer.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Shifter bomber

Pentagon developed a bomber plane that can takes different shape during mision. (Link)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New choco-blended drinks

Chocolixir from Godiva, other than a indulgence, it is also a stab in your heart. S$8 per carry. (Link)