Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunbath - feel old

Sunbath - feel old
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The pool is fill with people, but I somewhat felt lonely

Friday, October 07, 2005

Compromise, before it happen!

I am sure you had done your best for the safety of your worker.

When I stand beside this MRT and look up, I can see this thing swinging right on top of me! I cannot help but think of my wife, my kids, my insurance etc..

This also remind me of this shock the nation accident some time back.

I look around and see number of people standing around the station, never notice that death had swang just above them every 5 minutes or so..

Cold sweat I cannot help....

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Night of two - Raffles place

Somewhere there, dunno what street.

So long no eat 牛肉面 already.

So we go.

2 of us only.

Secret Weapon

While googling I came across this little piece of nifty gadget.

I am Surprise I didn't recognize this when at first glance.

As a father of two and the third one coming, I have seen my Misses Doing this countless time, but still, I cannot figure out how this can be of any other use except maybe, collect fresh milk and keep the milk generator warm.

Maybe some good Mummy out there can tell me.

I cannot live without my gahmen

William is like our gahmen, any action or word that is slightly against his will, he surely sue you.

His favourite words are:

“Papa ort-ti(naughty)! Mami ort-ti! Koko ort-ti!”
(like everybody is against him!)

I want milk milk and Na-na!”
(ribe-na, and yes, you must make one milk and one ribena for him to choose. **FAINT**)

“Go back! Go back!”
(As in when you offended him anywhere even at home)

“Hm-ga! Hm-ga!”
(Universally means power ranger, super hero or monster etc.. he invented one!)

I know, I know, as a father you are not suppose to whine about you children, but this type of 又好气又好笑又温馨 memory, how can I not blog about? In case I get old and become Dementia, this can be electronically deposit somewhere...

Occasionally our gahmen will share with us his toys, sweets and joy, than start to tell us that this is just a little price to pay for patriotism.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Monkey see, monkey do

Tell me not because I am born in the year of monkey that make me act like this, but everything I post today got something to do with monkeys.

I got a quote today:

"We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true. - Robert Wilensky"

A! Rob-boy! the history of internet is still very short leh! don't pass your judgement so fast, you go live another 100 years than we talk, OK?

nothing belongs to you here

One of my friends has actually email about "money not enough" , and he also ask me who invented money? so far it has been one of the main cause of misery here.

Well! you cannot live without it. But I will quote the famous quote from Jesus:

"Let what belongs to the nation goes to the nation, and let...."

I sort of like the monkeys on the note, it reminds me of peanuts, something that happen not so long ago....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Freedom and nature

Recently I have for no reason develop a very keen interest in hummingbee.

Probably because I read from an article:

"They rather lose their innards if you try to remove them from extracting the honey."

This is merely bird's instinct? I don't think so.

The taste of freedom that it is greater than life itself, the drive to almost every human revolution.

If monkey can quit, so can you

Via Google Personalize homepage Reuters Oddly Enough


"The zoo keepers tried every way to divert the chimp's attention from cigarettes: a walk after breakfast, a music session after lunch and gym after dinner....."

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Effulgence? Chim sia!

Monday, October 03, 2005

hmmm... carry on blogging

Courtesy from Dilbert
Suppose to be encouraging or what?

Maybe is time to packup and do something esle.

If you listen to this then you are a fool, I am just trying to chip off some blogs, reduce competition tatics, Hahaha!

Blog secretly lah! Don't get caught hor!

never trust what you cannot see

Sunday we went to Junction 8 Cystral Jade because we heard that the "主厨" is here, so as food craze we purposely stop there for our dinner.

Stop the myth now, the main chef don't cook there but only dine there.

We continue our meal with bit of disappointment.

The "川汁龙凤球" still very nice, the other what tofu I forgot name already, good too.

The only person who is not happy is William, he keep on saying "go back! go back!"
Wife didn't enjoy it very much either.

In Singapore, just going out for dinner with your whole family also very tiring, probably the weather, this time cannot blame the gahmen.