Friday, November 24, 2006

Reuters news on Singapore couples whom exchange sexual partners

Reuters photo They are known as swinger. I am a little surprise at this report, consider many conservative Singaporean wouldn’t even share ice-cream; it is hard to imagine such a club with thousand of members existed.

Excerpt from Reuters,

“In Sydney or Seattle nobody would bat an eyelid, but the couples are part of a thriving underground swinging scene that is an anomaly for a country where oral sex is illegal and Playboy magazine is banned.”

This is a piece of news that TCS, Straits Times, or other Singapore MSM wouldn’t want to propagate.

Read more (Link)

Riddle of the lamp 5 – A World without them

Don't botherMy Chinese word riddle, guess it and email to me.

A World without them

Member of SDP started fasting to protest against PAP

Mr Yap Keng Ho Member of Singapore Democratic Party Mr Yap Keng Ho, online blogger known as Uncle Yap, started a hunger strike last night while he was in jail. In his blog he also speculated SDP web site may have been hacked recently to achieve some political agenda. (Link)

State demolished homes of local minority faith group

Republic of Kazakhstan The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan sends hundreds of riot police and tear down numerous home of Hare Krishna, minority faith of that region, as President Nazarbayev tries to gain support for his bids to chair the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. (Link)

Some locals also capture video footage of the event on Youtube.

1000 years old coin about Chirst on Ebay

1000 years old Christ coinI suppose someone can authenticate this. If this is genuine, the bids should go up to more than ten times. 10 US dollars is too cheap for a coin like this. (Link)

I will watch it for a while.

Butcher fired for lack of “Jewish” skill

According to Jewish tradition, animal must be slaughtered and prepared in a manner acceptable in their discretion. Leo Maruani was sacked as deem unqualified for the job after 10 years of doing the “wrong” things. (Link)

So, he helps the local Jews to “sin” for the past ten years, they should also sue him for the “damages” he brought.

Top 10 geeky gals by CNET

Top ten gals are always more interesting than top 10 guys, especially we men usually wish we have a gf/wife/sister that is as geeky as we are, do you have one? (Link)

Frankly say, I think the last one doesn’t fit in quite well, she is there for some other reason unknown.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thai Buddhist monk discerped own sexual organ to affirm faith

MonksHe did it because of the wild imagination he has that causes an erection. He further disagree to fix it back, says that he disconnect all worldy things. God bless him! Hope he can also purge that something from his mind. (Link)

20 plus “shaolin” monk vs hundreds of China police

ShaoLinThis is a hilarious event in China Chengdu. About twenty bald men suspected out to con the public have a confrontation with the local police. They claim to be monks from shaolin. Local authority mobilizes hundreds police men to stop the act and arrested them. (Link) to the Chinese news.

Two warning gun shots was fire, probably because their Shaolin Gung Fu was unstoppable.

Video of formidable car drifting technique on Youtube

Awesome performance! Which I also believe that car got special modification, and the floor may also be condition to yield such effect.
Ultimate car drifting technique(Video)

Teen created Nuclear Fusion in his underground lab

Thiago Olson and his Fusor
Thiago Olson, 17, after spending 2 years and 1000 hours of research work, builds a machine in a basement at Oakland Township, his home. The “Fusor” which he calls combined atoms and create Nuclear Fusion. (Link)

South Korea faces mass strikes and protests in multiple cities

Among the 70 thousand demonstrators, there are teachers who are not happy with some new policy; there are workers who move against FTA. A man also tries to burn himself to protest against the protester. More than 2000 riot police men were mobilize nationwide, a chaotic moment envelopes South Korea. (Link)
Mass protest and riot in SK

Down here, as usual, quiet like a swan lake.

Update: Situation escalated, now they deployed 50000 riot police, read more

CPU unit designed like toilet bowl and others

Toilet bowl CPU unitI like this intriguing design. The site also contains some others cool design like CPU in a brief case, toaster CPU unit which will make you a talks among friends if you own one. I really love to touch one of them, just an urge to feel. (Link)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SIA B757 Dragon wing collection on Ebay

SIA B757This is beautiful! What else can I say? (Link)
Also take a look at this colorful B747.

Rich Jewish woman married a dolphin

woman Married dolphinDolphin is a mammal right? Then we can say this is beauty and the beast. The marriage includes everything except, off course, the Human intimacy part. Sharon Tendler is 41-years-old and she is ok even if Cindy have children with other dolphin. (Link)

Never see lostin at down town east again

Escape Theme ParkThe total experience sucks!
First, we waited for 45 minutes just to check in. The air-con in the unit emits radiation instead of comfort. We have a $%^@ don’t know from where neighbor whom think less of fellow infant sleeping next door. The Xbox disc we rented didn’t work. The queue for extreme kart in escape theme park is damn long ok! But we only get to enjoy for 5 minutes, and I lost my wallet in the process.

Fortunately, the working staffs there were friendly and helpful, and my family was there with me.

The boys wanted to go back again for more, they have to tie a rope around my neck.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Toddler beats grown up in Bomber man game

William and bomber manAt first I thought he just stand behind me and space out, so I place a bomb and begin to move away. Before I could take another step, he drops a boomer behind me. The things went off and he says, “Haha! Papa stupid!”

I should have listened when his brother warns me, “William is very tricky one!”