Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mysteries of the 145-million-year-old meteorite in Morokweng crater

It is considered a relic as there is no meteorite fragments ever recovered that is more than a few thousand years old.
Roughly 10 or so kilometer in diameter, once impact it generates a “supernova” type of heat that reaches 13,000 Degree Celsius or more, equivalent to 66,000 times of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. (Link)

At the center of the explosion, everything become one, melted and fused together, so it is typically impossible for anything to remain its original state.

This changes all theories that the scientist derived from studying the past meteorites fragment. (Link)

View point:
I am neither Scientist nor Creatism freek.

I remembered reading a Science article that said to have traced Human DNA origin back to an Africa woman, and now there are debates on where is the Garden of Eden on the web.

Read this (Link)

My point, could the meteorite contain substances that alter the DNA of living mammals reside at the Cretaceous period, and hence forth creating the chance that certain numbers of early primate in Africa can evolve to modern men?

If my guess correct, which is not likely, than God is a visionary Scientist, I tell ya.


The Da Vinci Truth or Fear

After the circulation of probably million of copies, The Vatican also cannot take it any longer.
Look like my guessing about Singapore Movie rating was right after all. The Vatican has officially call for the books to be ban! while the movie is going to hit big screen soon (hopefullly), I think we can say, too late! dude! (Link)

What to do next? go and buy a copy of The Da Vinci Code, and, get the DVD for Christ's sake!
If I am wrong, why are you so angry? If I am Right, then you have no rights to be angry.


Sound like a kult theories to me

The most authentic interpretation of the Bible, the Astronomer of the Vatican Pope has spoken:
That God created the Universe in 6 days was a Myth, that if you say God is a magician you are superstitious. (Link)

So, Brother Consolmagno, I am too KPO and need to ask some stupid questions, just ignore me if you cannot answer, after all, you all are the boss, can said whatever you think is right.

The fruit, in the garden of Eden, that brought about sin to the whole world, is not real, right? Because for million of years there never exist a fruit that contain "Original Sin".

There is no talking serpent, hence Adam and Eve "eat the fruit" at their own account, right?

Nobody can survive 3 hours in the stomach of a whale, so Jonah make up the story, but why?
He wanted to make God more real to the layity? Out of good will, or he delibrately lied to gain his prophetic status?

Last but not least, Science has proven how a baby is concieved in a mother. The question, who was the biological father of Jesus? Or Heaven send a sperm that was as resilient as Tartigrade, and crawl its way into Holy Mather Mary's womb?

I tell you, please believe that the Bible is true, all the changes made by whoever in history are God's will, the lost scriptures are not important, sounds familiar?

Although you never heard it, but God has spoken to so many in history, the Bible has the record.

So many question.... So many doubt....... ahhh, please go and study your Bible and pray, is all there, don't listen to me.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Computer game "directed" by John Woo

Also Starting Chow Yun Fatt (周润发) and his famous quotes: "我发誓不再让人家用枪指着我的头". One can also expect all the stylish stunt that you saw on the movie by him.
John Woo (吴宇森) really know how to choose his actor, even in the computer game, he select his favourite man.

The Title of the game will be Stranglehold, first person shooter with a twist of vengeance and lots of fire fight action, like Max Payne. It is schedule to release on don't know when, but all goes well, Chow Yun Fatt will be the first ever Chinese actor celebrity to make an appearance in a computer game, some more what? as a main cast. (Link)

干得好! 老周! 成龙和周星驰都没份儿!

Robo roach developed to "brainwash" real roach collective thoughts

If you had read Gizmodo post on the 7th April this year, they mentioned how Garnet Hertz, a computation engineer created "Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot", Then maybe you wouldn't said cockroach are absolutely useless.
Although Science and Religion cannot make this pest less scary, they have now developed a robot roach that can influence the real roach. So, you set a trap, and you release the robot, and soon you can see they all come for their doom. (Link)

My opinion: - (Ya, I have lots of opinion)
If Human had a "collective intelligent" like the roach, the world would be more easy to manage. When the Borg come for Humanity, I will volunteer to be assimilated.


The best of the world web site by New York Times

The Winners and the nominees, also known as the Oscars of the Internet or the Webby Awards:



Marc Cuban

Others nominees for best cultural blog are we make money not art, BoingBoing, Cute Overload, Rocketboom, TreeHugger etc..... (Link)


So desperate, they created a PC game out of it

Many of you might have know about this, but I just stunble upon this. (Link)
Men are implacable, thats why they create 'Desperate Housewives' to satisfy your insatiable desire, and thats why some of us love our computer game more than our partner in bed.

Now, women can claim the same, I guess.

Sorry boys, Da Vinci code is not for you.

So, MDA has decided that Renaissance Man is just too "Naked" for our kids in Singapore.
The movie Da Vinci Code has been rated NC16 by the "majority" of the censors board members, I guess "majority" means 50 or more members, and include people from different religious background like Muslim, Hindus and so forth, or else how can it be a fair rating view? (Link)

You know what I mean, Christian and Catholic are generally against Dan Brown, In The US, they even take legal action against him, and the "facts" that Leonardo Da Vinci may be a gay was more so disturb the public.

MDA also afraid some children might see it as a factual movie, this is 狗屁不通!

Santa Claus is fictional; we should ban all books and movie that contains myth about Christmas.

Power Ranger and Pokemon are not real, stop them from showing at Kids Central, or at least rate them NC16, sorry, should be NC7. My child is 8 and he thinks Blaziken is real.

What about the Ark of Noah? None has seen an Angel and yet it is taught to our future generation throughout the world that Jesus is golden hair and blue eyes and wears clean white robes. Who had seen all this?

Lets also destroy all 孙悟空 (Monkey God) statue we come across, because he was merely a fiction literature makeup, not to forget about books and movie that talk about Thunder God and so forth......

My guess is MDA rate this movie because of "Religious" concern, Facts: about 12% or more of Singapore population is Christian and Catholic, and you know, many are high official.

What MDA means? if you are a Christian and Catholic for a certain number of years, you will be so "well inform" about the "facts" in the scripture that you have no doubt anymore. You will not ask question like: What happen if Jesus Christ had a bloodline?

But hor! I am neither pastor nor bishop, I guess guess only, you should think yourself.

The best age for the development of critical thinking started at 3 and peak at 16, after that we gradually bog down by our social regulation, nation duties and too much waste of spirit kind of activities.

Please do not put up another wall for yourself, they have the rights to go and buy the DVD and watch, learn and compare.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mighty mouse hold secret that could be the saviour of million

Via Digg, this good news is too good to be true.
Not only the mouse would not get cancer no matter how they try, the white blood cells from the scion of the mouse can cure cancer, even at its last stage, don't be too happy yet, it only works for mice. (Link)

The next step, to find a super human that gene are immune to cancer disease.

Uncle! you smoke 2 packs per day for 40 years and never get cancer huh? Quickly go test your white blood cells, they may cost million you know?

Somehow, smoking does have its advantage, provided you don't die of cancer, your next generation should get stronger, like the cockroach.

Who said gene cannot be change?


Egypt Blogosphere and Human rights activists

In Egypt, 48 activists demanding freedom of speech and public assembly has recently been arrested and held without trial, much like the Singapore ISA, they are view as a dangerous political opponents.
The local authority are much likely to push the matter even further, according to the news report. (Link)

Among the activists, Alaa Seif Al-Islam, a prominent Egyptian blogger, also believe to be the head of the group, was among the detainee.

- My Opinion -
The recent years, or should I say generation, there is a wake in Humanity awareness, Human rights, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion etc etc.

Science and Technology cannot quench our thrist for knowledge of Human and the Nature.

Religion and Theology cannot answer our question about the forever suffering Humanity and never ending war among man, race, tribe, nation and world.

I suddenly remembered a old poverb from don't know who, it goes like this:

When you drink, you get drunk, when you are drunk, you commit no sin......
So, lets all go and drink to our heart content and go to Heaven, who needs a religion, what we need is Tiger!

Reference: for those who like to follow up the matter, here is the blog, and another site.

Singapore Human Rights rank 147 out of 167 meh? I don't quite believe leh! How come I live here feel like living in a luxurious fish tank, other than the four invisible walls that block me from outside world, 钱来伸手,饭来开口,not bad what!


AjaxWord to replace Microsoft Words

What's so good about AjaxWord?

1.) It is online, means you can access your files anywhere. (with internet access off course)
2.) It is Free! for now. MS office simple package will cost over hundreds, but most people only get to use words, excel etc.
3.) Save your hard disk space.

They don't pay me to advertise this, so I am going to stop here, but hey! I already start using it.

It has some simply features of MS words, I guarantee you will pick up in a minute. (Link)

Other web base words processor please take a look at Writely, which I think is very "Dao", cas wait long long already still cannot sign up.

News source: (Link) via ITWire


Google Alert not from Google

Do you know that there is currently a site name Google Alert, but not in anyway affiliated with Google. It do the same thing as the official name of Google - Google Alerts did, further more, it top the ranking of the keyword "Google Alert" search.

I think Google is looking into this now. How? Buy it or simply ignore it? (Link)


Site for Star Trek fans

Discovered this site via Wired News
What to say? if you are a fans, go there, I am too tired to talk about Star Trek - TNG right now. (Link)

Free TV show

There are BBC news, Cartoons, Comedy and even four Adult Channels(Parents take heart!), hail the the next generation of internet TV show. (Link)

Bye bye! Boring channel 5, 8, U and whatever TV programme you have, we just need a boardband.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Korean Miss Data - another Android

Her name is EveR1(what do you expect from the Korean?), developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. The head, Baeg Moon Hong.
EveR1, cost three billion won and toke one year for Beag to build. "She" can make four types of expression with the fifteen tiny motors embedded into "her" face. (Link)

This is the second Android the world has ever made, the first Android is by Japan.


A thousand beautiful under water life at Bermuda

Reveal by LiveScience, many are new species, most of them are just plain beautiful.
Six seconds to view one, you will take about a day to finished seeing all. Who got the time? (Link)

Join the fray at your own risk - New internet disclaimer

TechDirt discovered and put up this New Internet Disclaimer, great! I cannot help but wanted duplicate it here, in more readable form, for dummy like us:

1. Business is unpredictable and unsafe. The Internet is dangerous. Many blogs have been written about these dangers, and there's no way we can list them all here. Read the blogs.

2. The Internet is covered in slippery slopes with loose, slippery and unpredictable footing. The RIAA can make matters worse. Patent trolls are everywhere.

3. You may fall, be spammed or suffer a DOS attack. There are hidden viruses and worms. You could break your computer. There is wild code, which may be vicious, poisonous or carriers of dread malware. These include viruses and worms.

4. E-mail can be poisonous as well. We don't do anything to protect you from any of this.

5. We do not inspect, supervise or maintain the Internet, blogosphere, ISP's or other features, natural or otherwise.

Go and read the comments there, its funny! (Link)

The myth and real story of a billion dollars space pen

Have you ever heard of a pen that is created for astronauts and cost a million dollars?
lostin, as a mountain turtle never even seen a Mont Blanc pen.
By the way, the word Mont Blanc means: the highest mountain peak in the Alps; on the border between France and Italy south of Geneva (15,781 feet high) by definition of Google.

Dwayne A. Day, writer of The Space Review has written this article about the myth and story of this pen, which I find worth reading, hope you too enjoy it. (Link)

Robot painter that create and sign its own work

Robot that can creates it own paint work, by using the complex AI algorithm that is build within, further more, after it felt that the art work is ready, it will proceed to put its signature at the bottom right corner of the work, just like the real artist.

Another great step od AI, when can we see the robot in action? (Link)


Electric shock lie detector

Don't be deceived by its cool outlook, this thing can send shock through you finger if you are not telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. (Link) via Gizmodo
Singapore CID and ISA department should get one, what other gadget can do a better job that giving you suspect a shock to make him tell the "true", especially those extreme regilious freek, like JW or Falun Gong.

Human Rights concern? Who cares about that when I have a million dollars in my pocket?

Minority groups? Take the advise of Orinoco flow lor!

I want to suggest one to be place at the witness stand in the court room, it would be fun as everyone take the witness stand, put their figers inside the machine and recite: "everything I say will be truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth...." Guess what happen next?

To the Religious extremist:
"Is your God real?"
"I ask you again, IS YOR GOD REAL?"
"This is final, Does God Exist?"
"Ah! he fainted!"

Since no body is 100% sure God exist nor able to proof it, any answer would do.

This is a sure win gadget, I endrose it!