Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Egypt Blogosphere and Human rights activists

In Egypt, 48 activists demanding freedom of speech and public assembly has recently been arrested and held without trial, much like the Singapore ISA, they are view as a dangerous political opponents.
The local authority are much likely to push the matter even further, according to the news report. (Link)

Among the activists, Alaa Seif Al-Islam, a prominent Egyptian blogger, also believe to be the head of the group, was among the detainee.

- My Opinion -
The recent years, or should I say generation, there is a wake in Humanity awareness, Human rights, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion etc etc.

Science and Technology cannot quench our thrist for knowledge of Human and the Nature.

Religion and Theology cannot answer our question about the forever suffering Humanity and never ending war among man, race, tribe, nation and world.

I suddenly remembered a old poverb from don't know who, it goes like this:

When you drink, you get drunk, when you are drunk, you commit no sin......
So, lets all go and drink to our heart content and go to Heaven, who needs a religion, what we need is Tiger!

Reference: for those who like to follow up the matter, here is the blog, and another site.

Singapore Human Rights rank 147 out of 167 meh? I don't quite believe leh! How come I live here feel like living in a luxurious fish tank, other than the four invisible walls that block me from outside world, 钱来伸手,饭来开口,not bad what!



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