Friday, March 16, 2007

Two chios from Battlestar Galactica feature in C&C 3

Grace Park & Tricia HelferOh! Many would play the game just because Grace Park and Tricia Helfer are in it. Go Google about them and you too may be tempted to grab one.

You can now add Gtalk to Google personalized home page

Google talk GadgetGoogle marketing head talks about how cool Google talk has become now. Although short, you will be impress by this little add on. Who has Google accounts? You are most welcome to add me. (Video)

Controversial video of a Muslim ripping Koran

Muslim Ripping KoranThis video sparks some few hundred thousand views and four hundred over comments. The discussions are, however true, it is hard to believe a Muslim would ever destroy a Koran. At least not in the next fifty years. (Video)

Scientist created magma-ice

Fire-IceWith the help of Z machine, Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories made an ice hotter than boiling water, which I think writes a new page in water physic. (Link) via LiveScience

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Emerging elite high school in Singapore

Coke vending machineHave anyone heard of NUS High? This Secondary school offers very impressive education, so good that I imagine it breeding, sorry, nurturing elite. From what I heard, they will even assign a professor for ultra bright kid, one to one teaching. As I say, impressive. (Link)

Wacky How to: Hack a coke vending machine

Coke vending machineI never try this, watch your back when you are hacking. It should be fun if not thrilling from such delinquent act. (Link)

Update: Thanks! Domo-kun
Really old news. Was on hackaday at least >1 year already.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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