Friday, August 25, 2006

Consult me, I had 14 years of marriage experience

Today is my our Anniversary, would need to do/buy a little something before I step into my home door step, or else....

Dennis and CP, If you happen to come across here, you have my Blessing too.

Hundreds of Unification Church members protest against Dong-A Ilbo

Unification church protestUnification church, known as Moonies by the general public, is usually non-violent and passive when they are ridiculed. The protest would not be a surprise as the Korean people are known to take more drastic action when they face injustice. (Link)

Subliminal picture of an apple

subliminal imageErotic apple from Eros Blog site, click on the link if you are not offended by obscene photos. (Link)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Images of Jesus pickup in an baby ultrasound scan

Jesus Ultrasound imageSo, now can we take it as he will be reborn again as a man? Or is this a sign? The image could also be a photoshoped product. No matter what it is, mankind would not change a bit, they will just ignore and carry on with their whatever they thought is meaningful life. (Link)

Script to ward away pesky telemarketing sales person

How many times a week you receive nuisance telemarketing calls?

Well, I came across Lifehacker today and got this script, ask those pesky flies back with this counter-telemarketing question, let them have it:

To whom am I speaking to?
Can you spell your name for me?
Could you tell me how you got this phone number?
Is this your full time job?

Anti telemarketing counter script – (Link)

Shaolin monk awarded with luxury car for promoting tourism

Monk awarded with carMany monks we know in the past are very different now, they lead a very comfortable live, use high tech equipment, received tons of cash from their temple, and, they do not have to pay taxes. I call them the "modern" monk, maybe we are just too narrow minded, maybe they can attain enlightenment faster this way, or maybe it is not about enlightenment anymore. (Link)

Interesting idea in hair saloon

This is a photo I took at a hair saloon in Compass point, the sit is made of a arcade toy car so children can sit still and enjoy their motor car ride and at the same time, have their dreadful haircut. We parents know how difficult it is to get them to sit still, great idea!

New bill to restrict religion in Republic of Uzbekistan

Republic of UzbekistanRepublic of Uzbekistan, which has recently deported a baptist leader who refuses to register his youth group with the authority, seek too past a bill. This bill, if in effect, will further restrict the practises and propagading of many personnal beliefs, one can be fine up to 600 times minimun salary and jailed up to eight years. (Link)

Human always likes to compare, and then envy, and than it will leads to…..
What will Human be like without Religion?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wacky howto: make a Bra Purse

Bra PurseWhat is good way to show off your good bra without embarrassment? Wiki Howto today teaches you a way you can put to good use for your worn out en... inner beauty.

Wiki Howto: How to make a Bra Purse?

Smoking scene censored from classical cartoon

Tom & JerryTom & Jerry, The famous cartoons that we are familiar with, will soon receive a full review and censorship. All smoking scene in this classical cartoons will soon be no more. So, you see, now smoking also banned in the cartoons, it is really bad for your health. (Link)

Hey, Tom, you hear me?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nifty gadget for cooking telephone porridge

neck restThat give me a view of a office girl tendering to her nails while answering some customer's call. It also reminds me of my teen's times, wasting all my precious hours talkiing to friends about nothing. Now, at least you can reduce your neck stress. (Link)

Mummy, are you reading this?

Ranking of Nanyang Technological University in the World

Nanyang Technological UniversityVia MSNBC, they ranked and listed the top 100 Universities of the World:

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
71. Nanyang Technological University

This is a little surprise to me, I always thought that our education system is among the top 10 of the World. Now, this is not even half way through. (Link)

Hmm... should we send our children to other Uni? We are taught to be the nothing but the best by our gahmen.

Kissing: how it works?

KissingNo matter we think that kissing is a learned behavior or instinctive, we agree that kissing is a very natural way of expressing love.
some things interesting I read about this are:

Osculum was a kiss on the cheek
Basium was a kiss on the lips
Savolium was a deep kiss

Go and read more.... (Link)