Saturday, July 22, 2006

Everything you can see and feel will one day perish

Jalan jalan at Shaw building and spotted this. Save up as many as you can and bring it together with you to grave.

Sunbath day - crowded Taman Seresi food garden

William has been coughing for months, we brought him to Gleneagle child specialist. After that we lunch in at this newly open food garden, the place is damn crowded, but the food, to my surprise, was good, contrary to the myth that food would de-improve after renovation.

You got to be fast to "chop" sit, the place is 人山人海.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Monarchy is better than Democracy

I establish the colony on the first site by the sea and some rivers; I know this small little fishing village will eventually grow into a thriving city, housing many specialists and professional. That was the vision and hope.
The red barbarian from the North keep pestering me, I would have to send two legion of Phalanx before they vanish for good.

I never bother about my state religion selection; they are lame and serve no purpose. Who cares about the spiritual well being of a Nation when you have built many wonders? And who would bother with happiness when you hold the most advance military technology in the region?

My workers have no problem with slavery, all I have to do was secure some luxury resources and bring in from some trade route and they work like minks for me.

When I was asked to select a government type, I choose Universal Suffrage, where all man and women have the equal rights to choose and vote. Frankly said, although I like and would choose democratic for my people, but I am the only person who make all the major and minor decision, I tell them to build gambling den, they would not build a school; I say go to war, they dare not chicken out. I don’t even have to ask them to vote for me.

I love that kind of feeling. I am the King and everything in the Nation belongs to me.

The only emancipation my people will get is when I am gone, or when it is 2 am in the morning and I have to click the “Quit Game” button.

I can never have enough fun with Civilization IV.

The Gizmo Project!

While my whole office have essentially convert to using Skype, the Gizmo Project looks good! and even claims that it will overshadowed Skype Soon. (Link)

Lets test it out!

Road block again for the major fireworks festival

major fireworks festival is coming again starting from 6th August 2006. (Link)

Want to go there, take public transport, private cars are not allow. Better still, avoid going there all together.


I did a silly research, whether will ranking of a blog affect personality of the author.

I found out thus far, holding a General or Colonel on some third class statistic site doesn’t really make you:

Smarter or wiser
More interesting and understanding
More handsome or beautiful
Better.... etc

For example, if you are a big mouth bitch or some kind of low class adult content provider, hitting number 1 in the box office this week doesn’t automatic make you very important to the world we live in. Just look at yourself in the mirror, did any thing change?

Off course, this research is from some low ranking loser, you can safely ignore this.

Vaccine for chaos?

Imagine what would happen if Human is immune to HIV? Suddenly multiple sex partners would not be a problem anymore. The culture of free sex will prosperous. Prostitution will become a norm, even engaging in unnatural sex wouldn't scare people off.

Thinking along this line, developing a cure or vaccine for AIDS/HIV some how doesn't seem like a wonderful ideas, is like giving a immunity passport to the demon, allow it to wreak havoc among man. No hell for sinner, so you don't have to repent.

Otherwise this is a good news. (Link) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is pumping 15 million into the research for a HIV vaccine.

90% of affair outside marriage never work

Cut hime loose, silly girl!
No man, especially single, are serious in building a everlasting relationship with a married women. This is more true if he is rich.

What have he got to gain? think about it!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Singapore 2 oddly enough news

1. There was a debate on whether Newton Food Court should be name “牛顿” or “纽顿”. Actually in Chinese it doesn’t make any different, but one ‘smart’ Auntie says: “Newton? The one who invented apple!” Hahahahaha!

2. Hong Kong government administrator 曾荫权 visited one of famous Bak Gu Teh food store, the service crew refused to serve him, because there was not enough sit. After a few rounds of publicity, the stall customer's volume increases by a 20 ~ 30%. Uncle got guts hor? Haha! But actually he also dunno.

Dun give me no stupid excuses

The first time you said no warning, 200000 deaths. Now again no warning! @#$% what are all the experts doing? (Link)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Silly putty cannot stand

When I read Boingboing post about silly putty, I didn't expect it to be so much fun, until I've got hold of some myself, that is.
Silly putty is in a solidify liquid state always, it looks and feels like plastic clay, but go ahead, make a great pyramid, in no time it will "melt" down into a pool of goo. Stick it under a ceiling, slowly the silly goo will drip down, like watching slow motion movie. Paste it to a wall, tomorrow you will see a long stretch of dry goo from where you paste down to about 4 feet long.

I play it again, I played for whole day. The only other thing that I am tempted to try, but yet to try is heating it up to see whether it will turn to a real solid.

This goo makes you look silly. (Link)

You can watch my video of how a putty drip from the ceiling in 5 minutes time. (Link)

Christian book store promoting Jewish culture?

I caught this at Mount Zion store in Tampines, and I ask myself, what is a Jewish candle holder doing in a Christian Books store? Inter-Religious collaboration?

Map of Gaza probably from Google Earth

I stumble upon this map of war stricken Gaza while Googling for Beth Callender's blog. I don't know how recent was this map, but Gaza doesn't looks good, or it never has been.

Beth is an American living in Lebanon, read her daily weblog on the everyday bombing there, and pray for them.


A visit to Skype weblog reveal this Emotional wall that your wife would not allows you to have it but your children would love to own it. (Link)

India recent stance on weblog

India's gahmen, the Telecommunication of India has order ISP in the country to block all access to a few major weblog domain and sites, include, and is no official release to this news yet, but this extreme measure has since spark a little India blogosphere protest.

Full story. (Link)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Japan super size indoor beach site

One of my US friend send me one of this photo.
It appears to be one of Japan famous indoor beach, the site looks spectacular, through my whole 30 plus years of life, I never came across nor heard about this. I would appreciate if someone can fill me in with some details of this wonderful place.

The only info I have is some blog sites and this particular one. (Link)

Dell weblog hilariously similar to a porn site

Dell recently launches a weblog One2one, aim to have a direct conversation with their client, probably to recoup their bad publicity on the web recently. But, if you go to google one2one, you will see few different one2one, the first one, on top of Dell, is a porno web site. Try to resist from clicking on it. (Link)

Bad choice of weblog name, Dell!

Audi show off their new model Quattro

Take a look, a few pictures show how the new Audi Quattro driving up a snow filled slope of almost 40 degree. I wonder if this will be the official release of the Audi ads? (Link)

Another email scam

This time you can even see the Shell's logo.


Ref: SHL/9420X2/68Batch: 074/05/ZY369.
DATE: 11TH JULY, 2006.


the prize director representing the Shell International Lottery Corporation's Un-Claimed Department. On October 20th, 2005 at approximately 3:45pm, I tried contacting you, but unfortunately was unable to get a hold of you. The main reason for electronically mailing you this letter is to inform you of the reason for my call. Every year we receive over 5,000 entry forms from different lottery players from around the world. Precisely speaking, I was just looking at our network to find out that you were selected as a prize winner on November 24th, 2005 and you havn't claimed your winnings, for the sum of US US$500,000 . Usually when a winner doesn't claim their money there should be a note that says why the winner has not claimed their money, and the client file will be closed. So I am mailing in regards to know why you have not made any effort to claim your money. You have $500,000 sitting here, waiting for you. I dontknow why somebody will wait that long to claim their money?? To elaborate more, this draw was held in Australia, where our head office is located. Moreover, if we did not hear from you within 3 weeks from the day this letter was sent, your file will close and you will no longer be able to claim your winnings. Our main payment office is located in North America. This is where you will be receiving your amount of winnings US$500,000 DOLLARS from. Nevertheless, according to the federal and international law concerning the personal collection of prize winnings, your bonding fees, broker fees, and tarrif fees, have already been deducted from your winnings. So congratulations once again. For more information concerning your winnings, please contact your Claims Agent Rev James Smith using:
When is a better time to get a hold of you. Due to security precautions, we advise that you keep your winning information confidential until your claim has been processed and you have received your certified bank cheque of US$500,000 paid out to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and Lot numbers in every correspondence with your agent. Furthermore, should there be any change of your address, do inform your claim agent as soon as possible. Congratulations once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being a part of our promotional program.Congratulations from me and members of staff of THE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY.Yours faithfully,Mr Sam PeterOnline coordinator for THE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY Sweepstakes International Program.

Confidentiality Notice:
Please note that this email, and any files that may be attached to it,is/are confidential and is/are intended for the sole use of the individual(s) or entity(ies) to which it/they is/are addressed. Any use,distribution,copying or disclosure by any other person or entity is strictly prohibited under applicable law(s). If you received this email in error,please notify the sender by return email and delete the original message (making sure it is also deleted from the Deleted Items folder of your mail client).
Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to official business of INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY and insurance shall be understood to be neither given nor endorsed by INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY finance and insurance when addressed to comet finance and insurance clients; and any information contained in this email is subject to the terms and conditions of the governing client's contract(s