Friday, July 21, 2006

Monarchy is better than Democracy

I establish the colony on the first site by the sea and some rivers; I know this small little fishing village will eventually grow into a thriving city, housing many specialists and professional. That was the vision and hope.
The red barbarian from the North keep pestering me, I would have to send two legion of Phalanx before they vanish for good.

I never bother about my state religion selection; they are lame and serve no purpose. Who cares about the spiritual well being of a Nation when you have built many wonders? And who would bother with happiness when you hold the most advance military technology in the region?

My workers have no problem with slavery, all I have to do was secure some luxury resources and bring in from some trade route and they work like minks for me.

When I was asked to select a government type, I choose Universal Suffrage, where all man and women have the equal rights to choose and vote. Frankly said, although I like and would choose democratic for my people, but I am the only person who make all the major and minor decision, I tell them to build gambling den, they would not build a school; I say go to war, they dare not chicken out. I don’t even have to ask them to vote for me.

I love that kind of feeling. I am the King and everything in the Nation belongs to me.

The only emancipation my people will get is when I am gone, or when it is 2 am in the morning and I have to click the “Quit Game” button.

I can never have enough fun with Civilization IV.


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Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.