Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stone of movie Fifth Element on sale this Sep

Stone of Fifth ElementOn September 2009, you can buy stones of Fifth Element on the Internet. The Fifth Element is missing. Obviously, but then you only have to spend 200 odd bucks to save the World. Worth it!

(Link)Stone of Fifth Element, Nerd Approved.

Note: Interesting remark by Joe there, “two ‘water’ and no fire”

Swine flu tracker on Google map

Link below is a Google map that tracks swine flu on a worldwide scale. Back To Nature kindly pointed out to me on his Twitter. Thanks, Dennis.

(Link)Swine Flu on Google Map. Via Worms & Germs Blog.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intriguing hovering water bridge form in high voltage field

Is water sentient? Scientist is puzzled by the seemingly gravity defiling bridge form by water under a high voltage electrical field. One Particular comment on Neatorama interests me,

“There have been numerous times wherein I ‘felt’ the presence of the sea having more than a passive inorganic existence. I ‘felt’ like it was interested in getting me, I anticipated it’s ‘motives’ to change its swelling and lashing out, and as I avoided getting pulled in while getting close to the edge, I felt it swelling up on the other side of me.”

Such an interesting remark, make me rethink about my long ago post - Emapthy Water… (Link)Floating Water Bridge, Physics dot Org. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Austrian Mangalitza Gilt

SAustrian Mangalitza GiltDo you know there is a species of swine that grows curly hair on their body? I didn’t till today.

(Link) Pig with golden hair, Big Paradise Farm.

Super Meat Boy’s Hitler is a vegetarian ads

Super Meat Boy’s Hitler is a vegetarian adsHere is an advertisement from WiiWare which affiliate vegetarian with Hitler, I believe the designer meant no offend, but nevertheless it will be ban.

(Link)Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement

Text to speech, cartoon characters explain swine flu

Here is a animation of 2 cute little cats talking about the pandemic, but it is not a joke.

(Video) Swine Flu explained by cute talking animals.